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This thrilling collection of puzzles introduces adults to the magical world of dot-to-dot, where the simple making of pencil marks produces detailed images that miraculously appear before your eyes. Using a minimum of 300 dots per picture, artist David Woodroffe has taken the world around him as inspiration. Completing these pictures will give you a great sense of satisfaction and will surely help you to relax and unwind after a long day. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781784049737 • Author: Arcturus Publishing • Publisher: Arcturus Publishing • Format: Paperback • Pages: 128 • Dimensions: 28 x 22.5 x 1cm

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Delve into a new vegan lifestyle with Rita Serano as she takes us on a health journey into the most irresistible recipes...This is the perfect companion for easy-to-make, delicious dishes everyday! From weeknight supers, lunches for work or perhaps a weekend brunch, this book covers everything you need to create the best dishes for whatever occasion, the right way. With chapters split into weekdays, weekends and occasions, create a heart-warming Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup or a delightful Raspberry and Coconut Cheesecake to share with your friends. Enjoy Rita's friendly guidance into various distinct dishes and snacks and learn how to create wholesome vegan masterpieces everyday. 'Page after page of delicious-looking plates' - Independent on Vegan in 7. Product Information:• ISBN: 9780857838056• Author: Rita Serano• Publisher: Kyle Books• Format: Paperback• Pages: 176• Dimensions: 24.5 x 19 x 2cm

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The World's Fittest Book is set to become every fitness enthusiast's bible. Dubbed the body's complete user guide, it will become the go-to resource for learning all you need to know about building muscle, losing fat, eating (healthy) cake and unlocking your superhuman physical potential. Packed with workouts the author tried and tested in the pursuit of multiple world records, it's more than a book, it's the greatest training tool ever written! Designed for anyone who wants to make permanent and lasting changes to their food and fitness, it's the first book to combine the teachings, tips and tricks of Olympic and World Champions into one, easy to follow resource. Product Information:• ISBN: 9780751572544• Author: Ross Edgley• Publisher: Little Brown• Format: Paperback• Pages: 319• Dimensions: 23.5 x 19 x 2cm

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Renia is a young girl who dreams of becoming a poet. But Renia is Jewish, she lives in Poland and the year is 1939. When Russia and Germany invade her country, Renia's world shatters. Separated from her mother, her life takes on a new urgency as she flees Przemysl to escape night bombing raids, observes the disappearances of other Jewish families and, finally, witnesses the creation of the ghetto. But alongside the terror of war, there is also great beauty, as she begins to find her voice as a writer and falls in love for the first time. She and the boy she falls in love with, Zygmunt, share their first kiss a few hours before the Nazis reach her hometown. And it is Zygmunt who writes the final, heartbreaking entry in Renia’s diary. Recently rediscovered after seventy years, Renia’s Diary is already being described as a classic of Holocaust literature. Written with a clarity and skill that is reminiscent of Anne Frank, Renia's Diary also includes a prologue and epilogue by Renia's sister Elizabeth, as well as an introduction by Deborah E. Lipstadt, author of Denial. It is an extraordinary testament to both the horrors of war, and to the life that can exist even in the darkest times. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781529105049 • Author: Renia Spiegel • Publisher: Ebury Press • Format: Paperback • Pages: 464 • Dimensions: 22.2 x 14.4 x 4.1cm

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How to Cook Healthily is the only book home cooks will ever need to teach them the basics of healthy cooking so that they can take control of their long-term health – starting in their own kitchens. Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock is the perfect teacher and he starts by explaining the benefits of types of ingredient like wholegrains, oils and meat and poultry, as well as cooking methods like stir-frying. The second part of the book is packed with 80 easy, everyday recipes that anyone can make and adapt in order to take a healthier path, now and forever. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781849499538• Author: Dale Pinnock• Publisher: Quadrille• Format: Hardback• Pages: 191• Dimensions: 25.5 x 20 x 3cm

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Operation Overlord was one of the greatest ever military offensives, working to free Europe from the yoke of Nazism. Starting with the landings on D-Day, Victory in Europe traces the Allied struggle to create a foothold in "Fortress Europe". Overcoming initial setbacks, the final crossing of the Rhine and the advance into Germany changed the course of European history forever. This gripping story is told from the perspective of the service men at the centre of the operation, and how their bravery and doggedness made the defeat of Hitler's hordes possible. Illustrated with over 100 black and white photos and maps, Victory in Europe is a thrilling read on the final offensive push against Adolf Hitler. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781839402692• Author: Karen Farrington• Publisher: Arcturus Publishing• Format: Paperback• Pages: 144• Dimensions: 178 x 252mm

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Rocketing energy prices look set to be a fact of life for the foreseeable future but fortunately there is a solution... This Home Insulation Manual shows how to check your home's energy performance, save money and boost its saleability! Covering everything from simple measures that anyone can tackle through to major refurbishment works. Saving energy is now achievable in your home and it is cost-effective! Product Information:• ISBN: 9780857332752• Author: Ian Alistair Rock• Publisher: Haynes• Format: Hardback• Pages: 139• Dimensions: 28 x 21.5 x 1cm

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Although meat used to be the key ingredient in all meals, this is no longer the case. Plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular ad this isn't just for the health reason... Taking meat out of your diet can help you save money, lessen your environmental impact, lose weight and have more energy! Whether you want to avoid meat for a few days or go completely vegetarian, this book is the perfect companion for you! With 100 easy-to-follow tips to tackle the meat-free cause, enjoy this stress-free, guilt-free guide to transforming yourselves to the meat-free miracle today! Product Information:• ISBN: 9781838610494• Author: Stepfanie Romine • Publisher: SevenOaks• Format: Paperback• Pages: 127• Dimensions: 17.5 x 13 x 1cm

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A Simple Guide to Eating Real, One Meal at a Time! In One Part Plant, Jessica has a friendly request: that you eat just one plant-based meal each day. There's no crazy diet plan with an anxiety-inducing list of forbidden foods. Or pages filled with unattainable goals based on an eating philosophy that leaves you feeling hungry and deprived. Instead, Jessica offers you the tools to easily and deliciously make plants the star of your plate - no matter how much junk food occupies it now. Featuring her top ten pantry basics, practical advice, and colorful bold photography and a foreword by Girls star Lena Dunham, One Part Plant is an inspiring and educational guide to eating real and feeling your best. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781509812646• Format: Paperback• Author: Jessica Murnane• Publisher: Bluebird Books• Pages: 238• Dimensions: 23 x 18.8 x 2cm

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From how to make cider to how to buy the best ciders around, Eve Cox shares 50 ingenious tips within this perfect pocket book. With recipe suggestions, such as a cider apple sauce, cider bread or cider jelly, and ideas for cider cocktails (cider punch anyone?), in this little book you will learn how to get the best from the ciders you stumble across. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781472973597• Author: Andrew Langley• Publisher: Absolute Press• Format: Hardback• Pages: 112• Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 1.3cm

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What do we expect from the best whiskey producers in America today? Whiskey America showcases some of the most exciting new styles of whiskey and why they are so special. With interviews with some of the leading characters in the recent distilling revolution. This book relates the stories of how succesful lawyers, doctors and city slickers made the life-changing decision to turn their backs on conventional careers to pursue the 'good life' of making spirits! Product Information:• ISBN: 9781784724351• Author: Dominic Roskrow• Publisher: Mitchell Beazley • Format: Hardback• Pages: 288• Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 3cm

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Following the critical and commercial success of Absolutely Foxed, Graeme Fowler returns with a stunning new book that takes the reader inside the mental side of cricket. Few sports can be played as much in the mind as cricket. When bowlers are hurling the ball down at your head at 90 mph, or fielders are crowded round the bat waiting to snap up an edge, only the most resilient can thrive. In Mind Over Batter, former Test batsman, commentator and coach Fowler looks into all facets of the game to assess the mental aspect of cricket. What is mental strength? And how can you improve it, or why do some people suddenly lose it? When a game builds up to a dramatic climax - how do you train yourself to cope? Can pressure really lead to catastrophic decision-making and even lead players to bend the rules? Told with his familiar mix of brilliant insight, hilarious anecdotes and moving personal experience of his own mental demons, Fowler delivers a superb portrait of the game. Mind Over Batter will not only shed light on the top echelons of cricket, but it will also provide the reader with many useful ideas on how they can improve their own game and performance - in cricket or in other walks of life. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781471174285• Format: Hardback• Author: Graeme Fowler• Publisher: Simon { Schuster• Pages: 320• Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 2.4cm

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Join YouTube fitness superstar and personal trainer Rob Lipsett as he sets out to help everyone find the insta-ready body they desire... as it only takes abit of know-how and work! Transform your lives in just three easy steps... A Can-do Mindset, Good Eating and Train Like You Mean It! So what are you waiting for? The Rob Lipsett Game Plan is on! Product Information:• ISBN: 9780241352939• Author: Rob Lipsett• Publisher: Penguin Books• Format: Paperback• Pages: 208• Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 1.5cm

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Open your eyes to local foods and the making of them, reduce waste by using every last bit of each ingredient and enjoy well-raised meat and fish! Try your hand at traditional techniques that have become popular again - yoghurt-making, preserving, pickling, fermenting. Join one of Australia's brightest young chefs, Matt Stone, and create breakfast, weeknight meals or feasts for friends in this masterpiece for making sustainable foods full of flavours. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781743365915• Author: Matt Stone• Publisher: Murdoch Books• Format: Paperback• Pages: 239• Dimensions: 26 x 21 x 3cm

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This new updated edition is the householder's complete DIY guide to plumbing-in, maintaining and repairing domestic dishwashers. With step by step photographs and diagrams, this book divides into clear sections including installation, understanding electricity, care and repair, wiring and fault finding. Each component part photographed and explained in full detail. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781844255559• Author: Graham Dixon• Publisher: Haynes• Format: Hardback• Pages: 168• Dimensions: 27 x 21.5 x 2cm

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From fresh to fruity and for anything with a fizz, mix up your bubbles with this collection of classy recipes! So pop a cork and raise a glass in this bubble-tastic celebration of sparkling drinks and great times. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781789057515 • Author: Igloo Books • Publisher: Igloo Books • Format: Hardback • Pages: 26 • Dimensions: 21.4 x 14 x 1cm

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