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Our Products

Here at The Works, our buyers are always looking for exciting new ideas to add to the 40,000 different products we sell each year. Books and Children's Books form a large part of our range and our seasonal products include Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Father's Day, sporting events, Back to School, Halloween and Christmas. The areas where we're aiming to expand our product range are Children's books, Food & Drink Books, Fiction and Art & Craft materials. As for our target market - that includes anyone from all ages, because everyone loves to buy quality at a bargain price. We have experienced buyers and they're continually finding and developing new products which we package with our own quality branding. In their quest for new ideas they visit trade fairs across the globe and source directly from factories throughout Asia and Europe. They also visit China as often as four times a year.

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The Works is proud of its 'Good Quality, Great Value' credentials. We work closely with our suppliers to develop high quality and innovative products that our customers can trust. We operate rigorous quality management systems which have been developed with our suppliers and these are supported by a program of regular product testing.