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The Works sells a vast range of great quality, amazing value Gifts, Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, Stationery, Toys, and Books for the whole family.

The perpetual updates to The Works product range is why customers keep coming back. The Works buyers are always on the lookout for exciting new items to add to the 40,000 different products sold each year.

The Works buyers are always looking for clearance purchases, including remainder books, end of lines, over-stocks, bankrupt stocks and cancelled orders. When buying from suppliers, the sky is the limit if the product available is good. Typical purchases can be anything from 50 to 100,000 units.

The Works booking-in system is quick and efficient, and the scale of the company's extensive 100,000 sqft warehouse means the business is able to bring in large quantities at a time. It also gives suppliers a single delivery point.

The Works buying team have the skill and experience to make instant decisions and on the spot purchases, they source directly from factories in China and India. In some categories, up to 90% of products are own-brand products imported directly from factories in China, India and other countries in Europe and South America.

The business ships more than 1,500 containers and deals direct with factories abroad. Whilst the company always look to support business partners, The Works is constantly looking for new and better deals. Shipping lines and freight forwarders wishing to quote should contact the Import Manager Michelle.Hegarty@TheWorks.co.uk - 0121 313 6029.

Every year The Works has three major Sale events to clear end of line products: January Sale, Spring Sale and End of Summer Sale. The Works buyers are always looking for one-off WOW lines to support these promotions.

If you have an exciting new product to present, please contact the Buying Department on 0121 313 6000 and ask to speak to the appropriate buyer for your product type. Or come to the supplier's open day every Tuesday at the office in Boldmere House, Coleshill, no appointment necessary.

Social Responsibility

The Works Stores Ltd recognises the responsibility that we share with our suppliers in ensuring that the people who produce our products are treated fairly and work in safe conditions. We encourage our suppliers and business partners to treat their employees with respect for human rights, which includes providing them with appropriate working conditions.

The Works Stores Ltd have developed a Code of Conduct to ensure that when our customers buy from us, they can be satisfied in knowing that the goods have been produced without exploitation and in acceptable and sustainable working conditions. Our Code of Conduct clearly outlines our social and ethical requirements, which include but are not limited to; Child Labour, Forced Labour, Safety Standards, Health and Hygiene, Associations, Discrimination and Coercion, Working Hours and Wages and Environmental Impact.

In order to ensure that these standards are achieved, The Works Stores Ltd has implemented a monitoring system which requires all suppliers to sign our Terms and Conditions of Purchase which state the supplier has read, understood and conforms to our Code of Conduct. These Terms and Conditions of Purchase must be signed before The Works Stores Ltd will place any orders and must be signed for each and every order which is placed.