WWI and WWII Anniversaries

World War Anniversaries

2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of World War I and the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings. The Works has a range of books to commemorate these anniversaries, that show the background and courage of the men that fought for their country.

World War I

It has been 100 years since the start of the Great War. On the 28th June 1914 a shot was fired in Sarajevo that echoed around the world.The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand provided the spark that plunged the world into a global conflict that became known to all as the Great War. 100 years on and the events of the war are still remembered as some of the most devastating and traumatic in history. The names of the battles are etched in the memory, Gallipoli, The Somme, Verdun and millions died on both sides as a generation of young men were lost. We have a range of books to commemorate this anniversary that show the background and the conflict of the war that changed the world.

World War II

This year sees the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings. On the morning of the 6th June 1944 156,000 troops from 12 different countries, 11,000 aircraft and 7000 naval vessels amassed off the beaches of Normandy to commence Operation Overlord, the allied invasion of Europe. The largest amphibious invasion in history is remembered as the turning point of the war, when the allies started the push towards Berlin and the eventual capitulation of Hitler's Germany. It is a privilege to commemorate and mark this incredibly important anniversary with a range of books that show the courage and endeavor of the men who fought and died on the beaches of France and the background to the war that they helped to end.

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