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Delve into the epic story from the pair who stole the hearts of TV viewers everywhere, as Ant & Dec take us on a journey through never-before-seen photography and the very best tales from their 30 years on television! From their modest beginnings in Byker Grove through to their "unique" time as pop stars and an award-laden TV career, those three decades have flown by in the blink of an eye. With an incredible cast of supporting characters, like their first scriptwriter (an unknown comedian called David Walliams), Saturday night games with Hollywood A-listers, the celebrities they work with in the jungle and much more! Told through the lens of every TV show they've made, as well as everything they've learnt along the way, this is the hilarious and funny journey of two ordinary lads from Newcastle who went on to achieve extraordinary things. Ant: As the old Chinese proverb says, 'Good things come in pairs'. Dec: And as another Chinese proverb says, 'If you've been in a double act with your best mate for thirty years, why not write a book about all your most memorable moments in three decades of showbusiness?' Product Information: • ISBN: 9780751580976 • Author: Anthony McPartlin & Declan Donnelly  • Publisher: Sphere • Format: Hardback • Pages: 304 • Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.2cm

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We all know and love the charming elderly man that stole the nation's hearts whilst doing his bit in a time of crisis... but who is Captain Sir Tom Moore? Discover who this inspiring man really is in his new exclusive Autobiography. Where did he come from?  From a childhood in the foothills of the Yorkshire Dales, Tom Moore grew up in a loving family, which wasn't without its share of tragedy. With the storms of the Second World War being threatened, Tom Moore raised his hand and joined the fight.  This war would take him from a country he had never left to the heart of India, and the Far East, to which he would return many years later to view the sight he had missed first time around: the distant peak of Everest. Explore the story we have all been waiting for. This is the story of the past hundred years here in Britain. A time that has seen a lot of change... 'Gloriously enthralling' - Daily Mail. Product Information: • ISBN: 9780241486108 • Author: Captain Tom Moore • Publisher: Michael Joseph  • Format: Hardback • Pages: 400 • Dimensions: 24 x 16.2 x 3.6cm

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Sir Trevor McDonald is an extraordinary man - and he has led an improbable life. Now in his 80th year, he is known and loved by people the world over for his humility, charm and natural ease. As a natural storyteller and communicator, he has few equals. In An Improbable Life, Sir Trevor recounts his personal experience of world events and interviews with globally famous - or notorious - figures. He has witnessed war and death and risked his own life to meet and talk with despots and liberators. We read about his first trip to South Africa, and obtaining the first British television interview with Nelson Mandela; his reflections on the Windrush generation; and experiencing Barack Obama's momentous inauguration as President of the USA. Engaging, intimate and moving, this is the life story of an exceptional journalist and broadcaster who over decades has expertly revealed to us history in the making. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781474614757 • Author: Trevor McDonald • Publisher: W&N • Format: Hardback • Pages: 336 • Dimensions: 23.8 x 16.2 x 3.4cm

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Indeed, Jack Charlton is The Boss - a man whose strength of character has driven him to achievements beyond the scope of his own natural talents or those of the teams who have played under him. As a player, he touched the pinnacle in England's legendary 1966 World Cup winning team. As a manager, he dragged the Republic of Ireland team from the backwaters of international football to compete with the world's best. As a man, he is noted for his forthright personality - one whose views are as honest as they are respected. This is Jack Charlton's full story. Product Information: • ISBN: 9780552178037 • Author: Jack Charlton • Publisher: Corgi Books • Format: Paperback • Pages: 432 • Dimensions: 17.8 x 11 x 2.6cm

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Warren Gatland is one of the world's most renowned and intriguing rugby coaches of the modern era, leading Wales to four Six Nations titles, three Grand Slams and two World Cup semi-finals and masterminding two history-making tours as Head Coach of the British and Irish Lions. As he leaves his post as Head Coach of Wales at the end of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Gatland's definitive autobiography provides a colourful and vivid chronicle of an extraordinary three decades at rugby's dynamic coal-face. Gatland reflects in characteristically forthright and intelligent fashion on a lifetime spent playing and coaching the sport which has been his passion since as a young boy he first picked up an oval ball on New Zealand's North Island, dreaming of joining the ranks of the mighty All Blacks. Along the way we encounter the greatest matches, players and rivalries the sport has to offer, get introduced to a stunning cast of unforgettable characters who grace the story with their humour and humanity, and emerge with a striking appreciation of what makes this outstanding rugby man tick. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781472252463 • Author: Warren Gatland • Publisher: Headline • Format: Paperback • Pages: 400 • Dimensions: 19.6 x 12.8 x 3.4cm

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They called him the 'angriest black man in America' . . . Celebrated and vilified the world over for his courageous but bitter fight to gain for millions of black men and women the equality and respect denied them by their white neighbours, Malcolm X inspired as many people in the United States as he caused to fear him. His remarkable autobiography, completed just before his murder in 1965, ranges from Omaha and Michigan to Harlem and Mecca, and tells of a young, disenfranchised man whose descent into drug addition, robbery and prison was only reversed by his belief in the rights struggle for black America, and his conversion to the Nation of Islam. Not only is this an enormously important record of the Civil Rights Movement in America, but also the scintillating story of a man who refused to allow anyone to tell him who or what he was. Product Information: • ISBN: 9780141032726 • Author: Malcolm X • Publisher: Penguin Books • Format: Paperback • Pages: 512 • Dimensions: 19.7 x 12.9 x 3.4cm

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The phenomenal Sunday Times bestseller by Kevin Keegan, one of the greatest players in English football history, famed for his style on the pitch, his relentless ambition and passion for the game. In My Life in Football Keegan tells the story of his remarkable rise through the sport, from the Peglers Brass Works reserve team in Doncaster to winning a Bundesliga title with Hamburg and captaining England.  Fifty years since making his professional debut, Keegan tells the full story of the exhilarating highs and excruciating lows. From that epic battle with Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United in the 1995-6 season, as well as the pain of managing England and, finally, the shattering truth about his unhappy return to Newcastle in the controversial Mike Ashley era. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781509877232 • Author: Kevin Keegan • Publisher: Macmillan  • Format: Paperback • Pages: 352   • Dimensions: 19.05 x 13.34 x 2.54 cm

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Join our favourite domestic godess in this fabulous insight into the real life of Mrs Hinch - like you've never seen her before! 'Well guys, here we are! What an absolute whirlwind of a journey this has been so far.' 'It's often felt like a fairy tale but it hasn't always been easy, and I'm going to let you in on the highs and the lows as well as my biggest fears and my darkest challenges. Because this book right here, is me. This is me: Soph - the wife, the mother and the person behind Mrs Hinch. So let's do this! Put your Hinch Lists to one side, get comfy and join me on the sofa with a cuppa. Welcome to my world. This is my story.' The must-have read for all Hinchers and those who have fallen in love with the stunning lifestyle she has created for all of us! 'We're mad about Mrs Hinch' - Vogue. 'My new cleaning goddess' - Daily Telegraph. Product Information: ISBN: 9780241454305 Author: Mrs Hinch Publisher: Michael Joseph Format: Hardback Pages: 336 Dimensions: 22 x 15.9 x 2.4cm

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Discover Jamie Redknapp in his inspirational story into the deeply moving and personal account of growing up as Harry Redknapp's second son and how his life transformed into an enchanting love letter to football 'I'm Jamie Redknapp. Chances are my surname rings a bell. I want to introduce you to a colourful cast of characters from my formative years.' 'This book is the story of my childhood and adolescence. Like many others, I guess it's a pretty typical mix of caravans and lollies, sweaty T-shirts and paper rounds, cheese sandwiches and Glacier Mints, The A Team, E.T. and Chinese takeaways. But this is also the story of a journey through an extraordinary childhood obsession with football. One minute it was all about Shoot! magazine, endless keepy-ups and countless impromptu kickabouts... The next, I'm playing for Bournemouth Reserves against terrifying, fully-grown men. Writing Me, Family and the Making of a Footballer has helped me discover so much about myself This book is my way of explaining who and what have made me... well, me.' 'One of the best books I've ever read about what it takes to become a pro.' - Frank Lampard. Product Information: ISBN: 9781472271938 Author: Jamie Redknapp Publisher: Headline  Format: Hardback Pages: 336 Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.8 x 3.4cm

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