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Break out the needles and yarn and start working on your next masterpiece with one of our Knitting Books. Whether you know the difference between a Garter Stitch or a Stockinette Stitch, we've got the perfect knitting pattern book for you. Our range has everything from books with nice, easy patterns to the more complex. Just use the filters below to find the perfect Knitting Book.


The humble granny square gets a fresh new look in this collection of 100 3D granny square crochet patterns.  Choose your favourite from 100 different designs including flowers, animals, food and drink, and motifs; whether it's a fragrant rose, a cherry pie or a jellyfish. Each motif features a 3D element that is integral to the granny square design. There are also ten bright and beautiful projects showing you how to use the squares to make unique gifts for friends and family including an animal themed baby blanket; a fruity cushion and a decorative garland. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781446307434 • Author: Celine Semaan • Publisher: David & Charles • Format: Paperback • Pages: 128 • Dimensions: 27.31 x 20.96 x 1.27 cm

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Discover the latest fibre art trend, macraweave, a combination of macrame and weaving using mixed fibres to create colour and texture. Learn to create stunning woven wall hangings and inject a dose of 'bohemian luxe' to your living space. Macraweave combines the crafts of macrame knotting with weaving to create eye-catching projects that really pop with texture and colour. There are 18 projects to choose from including woven wall hangings, table mats, plant hangers and cushions as well as accessories such as jewellery. All the instructions and projects will be illustrated with step-by-step photography. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781446308059 • Author: Amy Mullins, Marnia Ryan-Raison • Publisher: David & Charles • Format: Paperback • Pages: 128 • Dimensions: 20.96 x 0.64 x 26.67 cm

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Learn to make an adorable collection of knitted animal toys with these new patterns by the author of My Knitted Doll, Louise Crowther.  Louise, brings her unique style of coordinated knitwear with cute colourwork details to this new collection of toy animal knitting patterns. There are a total of 13 knitted animals - each with their own unique personality and style. The animals all have the same basic body, with a few colour variations and tail additions, so the clothes can be mixed and matched between them to create endless outfit possibilities. Choose your favourite animals and outfits and have fun making the perfect gift for friends and family. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781446307311 • Author: Louise Crowther • Publisher: David & Charles • Format: Paperback • Pages: 127 • Dimensions: 27.5 x 21.1 x 1 cm

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Stitchers who like the sweet things in life will love to create these wonders - and not a calorie is to be seen!  Twenty circular designs are included in this book, and each is accompanied by a full-colour and symbol chart for 14-count Aida or 28-count evenweave linen.  Each design concentrates on tea time: gorgeous cakes, knickerbocker glories, tiered plates of iced fancies, vintage tea sets, a sweet gingerbread house, a scrumptious wedding cake, and a lovely teddy bear's tea party to name but a few.  Product Information: • ISBN: 9786055647605 • Author: Lesley Teare • Publisher: Tuva Publishing • Format: Paperback • Pages: 64 • Dimensions: 22.23 x 16.51 x 0.51 cm

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