How to solve a jigsaw puzzle like an expert

We’ve gone totally jigsaw mad since lockdown, luckily, we know we’re not alone as our customers have too!

We saw a huge increase in sales of jigsaws over lockdown and you guys haven’t lost the puzzling bug yet! From 300 piece jigsaws to 1000 pieces everyone has been puzzling!

Now if you’ve recently picked up a particularly hard puzzle, or, you’re looking for a new one then stick around, we’ve got brand new jigsaws you’re going to love and some top tips for completing them.


Tips and tricks to puzzle like a pro


Choose a puzzle you want to complete

Don’t just pick up the first puzzle you see, make sure it’s an image you want to finish, we have a huge range of jigsaws for all ages and tastes. You’re sure to find one you love.


Choose your puzzling place carefully

Now you might want to get going with your jigsaw straight away, but make sure you take a moment to decide where you’re going to puzzle. It’s likely your puzzle will be out for a couple of days, so is your dining table really the best fit? Don’t worry if you don’t have a clear spot you can take over for days on end, you can still puzzle. Pick up one of our amazing portapuzzle boards, they’re specifically made to help you puzzle on any surface then pack away your progress ready for another day.


Prep your puzzle pieces

Make sure all your pieces are facing upright, this can take a while but being able to clearly see all your colours is worth it in the end.


Find your corner pieces

We probably didn’t need to tell you this one as it’s usually the number 1 rule of puzzling, but just in case you’d forgotten. Corners are key!  


Sort by colour

Again this can be a little time consuming but you’ll be glad you did it! If you have space separate them into bowls or on different areas of your mat. We even have some super handy puzzle shaped trays that you can easily stack away when you’re not using them.


Go in small sections

Now when you sit down to do a 1000 piece puzzle it can be hard to know where to start, so just pick a part of the jigsaw you like and go from there, once you’ve done that section move on to another and before you know it you’ll have a completed puzzle picture!


Never give up!

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! If you’re getting frustrated, tired or bored of puzzling, take a break. Puzzling is supposed to be fun so take a moment and come back to it, you never know, your fresh eyes might suddenly spot that edge piece you’ve been looking for!

Now you know how to puzzle like a pro check out our amazing new jigsaws, with classic mages and characters from your favourite TV shows and films like Friends, Harry Potter and Peppa Pig there’s a puzzle for everyone online and in store now!


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