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Discover the magical world of caticorns, unicorns, purr-maids and much more in this unique colouring book. Featuring all the trendiest animal mash-ups, grab your pens and get ready to complete these enchanting scenes. You’ll find llama-corns, panda-corns and pug-icorns all waiting to be coloured in. Every page features an inspirational quote destined to spark your imagination. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781780556376• Author: Imogen Williams• Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books• Format: Paperback• Pages: 64• Dimensions: 24.5 x 19 x 1cm

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Dive into the mystical land of Unicorns with this dazzlingly-special book - My Unicorn and Me! Fill the book with all your thoughts on you and your Unicorn, from your dreams and adventures to Unicorn names and drawings of your magical friend. Grab your favourite pen and enjoy hours of entertainment completing this journal to treasure between you and your Unicorn companion. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781780556345• Author: Ellen Bailey • Publisher: Buster Books• Format: Paperback• Pages: 96• Dimensions: 24.5 x 18.8 x 1cm

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Since the debut of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the Harry Potter film franchise has become one of the most popular and successful in the world. Beautifully crafted and presented in a deluxe, large-format with lavish production values, these pages present a visual chronicle of the work by artists and filmmakers to bring the wizarding world to life onscreen. Bursting with hundreds of rare and unpublished works of art, including production paintings, concept sketches, storyboards, blueprints, and more, this collectable book is the definitive tome on the visual legacy of the Harry Potter films. Fans will recognise beloved characters, creatures, locations, and more as they embark on a journey through the wizarding world, from Gringotts to the Quidditch pitch. Perfect for muggles everywhere! Measures: 34 x 25.5 x 4cm approx.

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Twist and Shout as we present to you this shining celebration of the Beatles in all of their beauty with Brian Southall, so take a leap into each era of the Fab Four's existence!With many individuals having worked with the iconic group, including Ray Connolly, Barbara Dickson, Tristan Fry and much, much more, learn all about A Day In The Life of the Beatles!Including all specialists commenting on a variety of subjects, how they had Come Together to record songs as well as being released, received and reviewed. Take a trip down Abbey Road and reminisce like it was Yesterday.Product Information:• ISBN: 9781838610500• Author: Brain Southall• Publisher: SevenOaks• Format: Hardback• Pages: 304• Dimensions: 29 x 25 x 3cm

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Give Santa your jolliest ho-ho-ho! Enjoy plenty of fun with this fantastic Christmas Peek-a-boo book! Use the fold-out mirror to help little ones see themselves smiling, laughing and making funny-faces. Perfect for children this Christmas. Measures: 18 x 15 x 1cm approx.

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Batman discovers a trail of bodies but no leads. His detective skills are put to the test as the Mad Hatter begins kidnapping Gotham citizens for an unknown purpose. But as the Dark Knight delves deeper into this mystery, he soon realizes that this is unlike any Mad Hatter case before. The Hatter's gory past will be revealed and Batman's resolve will be put to the test. Collects: The Dark Knight #16-21 of and Batman: The Dark Knight Annual #1 Product Information:• ISBN: 9781401242473• Publisher: DC Comics• Format: Hardback• Dimensions: 26.5 x 17.5 x 1.5cm

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Be prepared to re-balance and harmonise your life with 50 easy and instant exercises that are sure keep your focus! Take a step back from the busy-ness of your lives and pause. Allow yourself a moment to be with the world and reflect on what is happening around you, how you are feeling and what you are doing. The perfect size to keep in your bag or pocket, this guide is the ideal companion to be a tool that you can always keep close by. Product Information:• ISBN: 9780857629685• Author: Kim Davies• Publisher: New Burlington Press• Format: Hardback• Pages: 160• Dimensions: 17.5 x 14 x 2cm

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The Caped Crusader is challenged by the mystery of the 900 in a special tale celebrating the 900th issue of Detective Comics! Plus, Batman faces two new foes: Emperor Penguin and the deadly vigilante known as The Wrath, a dark counterpart to the Dark Knight. Collects Detective Comics #19-24 and Detective Comics Annual #2. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781401246334• Author: John Layman• Publisher: DC Comics• Format: Hardback• Pages: 264• Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 2cm

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From Tuscan tomato and bread soup to monkfish stew, simple spaghettis or lemon and pistachio polenta cake, Made at Home is a colourful collection of the food that Giorgio Locatelli loves to prepare for family and friends. With recipes that reflect the places he calls home, from Northern Italy to North London or the holiday house he and his wife Plaxy have found in Puglia, Made at Home is a celebration of favourite vegetables combined in vibrant salads or fresh seasonal stews, along with generous fish and meat dishes and cakes to share. Early every evening, Giorgio’s ‘other family’, the chefs and front of house staff at his restaurant, Locanda Locatelli, sit down together to eat, and Giorgio reveals the recipes for their best-loved meals, the Tuesday Pizza and the Saturday ‘Italian’ Burger. Product Information:• ISBN: 9780008100513• Author: Giorgio Locatelli• Publisher: 4th Estate• Format: Hardback• Pages: 314• Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 3cm

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Wine comes in many forms and flavours, and has been a part of man's social history for thousands of years, the earliest evidence of a fermented drink based on grapes originating from China around 7,000 BC. Today, winemaking is big business, both in Europe and the New World. This down-to-earth, extensively illustrated book brings the successful Haynes Manual approach to the world of wine, providing a fascinating insight into how wines and winemaking techniques have developed around the world, and offering practical advice on how to produce successful homemade wine. Essential reading for all wine fans, from drinkers wishing to learn more about the wine they drink, to potential master vintners. Product Information:• ISBN: 9780857338044• Author: Tim Hampson• Publisher: Haynes • Format: Hardback• Pages: 152• Dimensions: 28 x 21.5 x 2cm

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Wonderfully retro old-fashioned foods revamped for modern times. Retro in style and theme, but very much a contemporary cookbook in its approach, Milkbar Memories is Jane Lawson's ode to wonderful old-fashioned treats connected with her 1970s childhood. Food strongly associated with memories of simpler times: juicy burgers and the maltiest of milkshakes; golden fish and chips; flaky-pastry meat pies and sausage rolls; vanilla slice and custard tarts. T hese 'fun foods', 120 in total, are all made from scratch with real, healthy ingredients for a 21st century audience. A fascinating part-social history part-cookbook, Milkbar Memories will transport you back to delicious food from much simpler times. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781743363195• Author: Jane Lawson• Publisher: Murdoch Books• Format: Paperback• Pages: 239• Dimensions: 25 x 23 x 2.5cm

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Please note this book contains adult content. Laugh-out-loud with this hilarious unofficial Donald Trump Yearbook with some of the funniest and wackiest gags and amusing activities all revolved around the man himself...President Donald John Trump. 'No way' they said, 'he won't last 100 days'! But steaming full-force into his final year of office, Trump has survived until the 2020 election year. Biglier! Boldlier! Betterlier! Including Trumpfulness health { wellness tips, cut-out-and-keep Trump { Putin masks, dazzling Donald pin-ups { pics, chronicles of mel-narnia fake news fiction and quizzes { questionnaires, political puzzles { games. Dive into this outrageous and comical yearbook full of the funniest Trump topics of them all! Product Information:• ISBN: 9781911622321• Author: Adam G Goodwin { Jonathon Parkyn• Publisher: Portico• Format: Hardback• Pages: 80• Dimensions: 29.5 x 22.3 x 1.5cm

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