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Whether you're a beginner or more experienced, find the perfect Art Sets for you at The Works. Use the filters below to find everything from watercolour sets to acrylic paint sets.

A fantastic complete acrylic introductory set with 18 acrylic paint tubes included inside in an array of brilliantly bright colours. Use your Crawford { Black acrylic paints directly from the tube or mix with water or acrylic mediums for a great finish. Suitable for a variety of surfaces including paper, wood and canvas, add some colour to your art projects with these brilliant paints. Product Information:• Acrylic Paint Starter Kit• Complete set• 18 paint tubes• Bright colours• Each tube: 36ml

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This beautiful high quality colouring and sketch studio features a lovely wooden glossy storage case with fastening mechanisms and everything you need for the full art experience.Includes:• 8 Sketching Pencils• 60 Colouring Pencils• 20 Watercolour Pans• 1 Paintbrush• 1 Eraser• 1 SharpenerThis wooden set makes a wonderful gift for an aspiring artist and an essential item for use at home or school, the perfect on-the-go companion.Product information: • 91 Pieces• Double-level wooden case• Suitable for children and adults.• Measures: 38.5 x 29.5 x 4cm.

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This incredible wooden stationery set is filled with 75 pieces of amazing high quality stationery supplies. The perfect cased set for colouring, drawing, outlining and so much more. All stored in a beautiful wooden case which features a fold out upper level tray and fastening mechanisms to keep items secure when using on-the-go.Includes:• 8 Top grade sketching pencils• 60 Quality colouring pencils• 1 Metal sharpener• 3 Glitter gel pens• 3 Gel pensThis stationery set makes a wonderful gift for an aspiring artist and an essential item for use at home or school, the perfect on-the-go companion.Product information: • 75 Pieces• Double-level wooden case• Suitable for children 10+ and adults.• Measures: 30 x 38.5 x 4cm.

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This fantastic acrylic set includes everything you need to start creating your own paintings, from pencils to sketch out your design to a palette for mixing your paint colours in. Includes: • 12 x 12ml acrylic paints• 3 x brushes• 1 x drawing pencil• 1 x sharpener• 1 x eraser• 1 x plastic palette• 1 x palette knife A fun to use kit that you can experiment with, the perfect gift for those new to acrylic painting.Product Information:• Acrylic Paint Set• Set of 20• All artist abilities• Ideal start up set• Brand: Crawford { Black

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A fantastic set of 12 premium sketching pencils in a handy storage tin. Using high quality pigments to bring out the best and brightest colours of every pencil and is ideal for drawing and mixed media work. Suitable for straight drawing, side shading and layering to produce different shades and hues. Product Information:• Sketching pencils• Pack of 12• Handy storage tin• High quality pigments

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The complete charcoal sketch set has been made to the highest quality standards to give you professional results every time. The set is excellent for colour blending and can be used on a wide range of textured papers and card.Includes:3 x charcoal pencils (soft, medium, hard)1 x HB sketching pencil1 x paper blending stump1 x tortillion1 x sanding paper block1 x metal sharpener1 x eraser2 x hard pastels2 x charcoal sticks.With everything you need to get started this art set is perfect for those new to sketching.Product information:• Crawford and Black• Fine art• Artist grade• Complete set

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Add extra professionalism and quality to your artworks with this fantastic 57 piece Complete Sketch Set. Set includes:• 6 Compressed charcoal sticks• 6 Compressed graphite sticks• 1 Wooden carry case• 12 Colour sketch sticks• 12 Graphite pencils• 3 Blending stumps• 4 Charcoal sticks• 4 Pastel pencils• 3 Charcoal pencils• 1 Sandpaper block• 1 Metal sharpener• 1 Putty eraser• 1 Wooden manikin• 1 A5 sketch pad• 1 Eraser This high quality storage case filled with the best quality art equipment is an essential for all beginner and professional artists. Be the best you can be with this incredible set or artist sketch essentials. Product Information:• Complete Sketch Set• 57 piece set• Wooden carry case• Professional quality • Case measures: 37.5 x 23.5 x 4.2cm

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