How to Make a Tiny Book for a Miniature Bookshelf

There's nothing cuter than a mini version of something you love. Perfect for book lovers and crafters alike, this tiny book diy is the perfect way to switch off and make something fun that can double as

Simple Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Idea for Kids

Plan the perfect outdoor activity with your kids and get creative at the same time! This scavenger hunt idea will encourage your kids to get outside and explore nature and have fun doing so.

Travelling with Kids: 7 Hacks for Long Trips

Travelling with kids on long journeys doesn't need to be stressful. To make travelling a smooth and, somewhat, enjoyable process, it all starts with the right preparation and making sure you pack all the essentials.

What Order to Read Emily Henry Books

Emily Henry is a celebrated contemporary author known for her heartwarming romance novels that blend humour and emotion. If you’re unsure on where to start, we’ve compiled the definitive order to read her books.

51 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids This Summer

While getting outside and playing under sunny skies is arguably one of life’s greatest joys, sometimes staying in is inevitable. Whether it's due to an unexpected downpour or a scorching heatwave.

Summer Holiday Craft Ideas for 6-10 Year Olds

Keep children entertained all summer long with our holiday craft ideas. Perfect for parents looking to add a splash of creativity to their summer fun activities.

Printable Thank You Cards for Teachers

Teachers are the unsung heroes who shape the young minds of our children and inspire their futures, and that deserves to be honoured with a special thank you card.

Top 5 Books To Add To Your Child's Summer Reading List

The sun is out, the days are getting longer, and it is starting to truly feel like summer. With that in mind, it is worth freshening up your kids' reading list with a few books that feel more summery.

What to Write in a Teacher's Thank You Card

You’ve made it to the end of the school year! Exams are over, the textbooks are closed, and students rejoice as the summer holidays beckon. And teachers...

Free Summer Activity Sheets

It’s no secret that British summers can be fickle. The sun shines longer, the ice creams melt quicker, but all of a sudden, the rain clouds roll in, and your outdoor plans are done for. After retreating indoors, you start the desperate search for ways to keep your children entertained without resorting to hours of screen time.

A Beginner's Guide to Scrapbooking

If a picture says a thousand words, then a scrapbook feels like an encyclopaedia about your life. Documenting it by splicing together pictures, words and little mementos that you collected along the way.

30 Easy & Fun Summer Crafts For Kids

Keeping them entertained isn’t always easy, but there’s one thing most kids love to do, and that’s craft. Crafting allows them to be creative, messy, silly, resourceful, and productive and can fill days of the holiday, meaning you can relax a little more and enjoy your summer too.

10 Children’s Books For Cool Kids

If you’re going to get kids into reading, you need to make sure that you pick the right books—cool books for cool kids, not boring old reads that won’t hold their attention and will have them reaching for the iPad.

Top Tips for Families: Making Reading Fun

Reading lets children of all ages discover new worlds, meet new people and learn about the past. It sparks imagination, gets children thinking differently and helps them develop empathy.

How to Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle like a Pro

Whether you’re a seasoned puzzler or a beginner wanting to learn some tips on completing a jigsaw puzzle faster, here’s your guide on how to solve a jigsaw puzzle like a pro.

The Definitive Order To Read Lucy Score Books

If you're a fan of romance novels, you've likely heard of Lucy Score. Best known for her heartwarming contemporary romances with her signature blend of humour, steam, and small-town charm, Lucy Score's books are utterly irresistible and impossible to put down.

The 10 Best Julia Donaldson Books To Read

There are Children’s authors, and then there’s Julia Donaldson. Her books, with their colourful characters, repetitive rhyming patterns and beautiful illustrations, have made them the perfect bedtime stories for kids for the last 40+ years.

15 Super Easy Spring Crafts For Kids

Spring is that awkward shoulder period. The weather feels like it has turned, but then it can still catch you out with the odd shower here and there and temperatures that are cold enough to make you want to stay indoors.

Guess the Book from the Quote!

In this fun quiz, we challenge you and your kids to guess which classic children’s book a quote is from. By making a game of it, your children are sure to enjoy books more and pique their curiosity if there’s a quote from a book they’ve not read before.

Free Bunny Vs Monkey Colouring Sheets

Getting children excited about reading can be a hard task, so why not introduce them to the world of Jamie Smart's popular children’s comic series Bunny Vs Monkey through some fun activity sheets?  Colouring is great for unwinding and keeping kids busy, whilst helping to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, focus, and patience. Sounds like a win-win!

What to Read After A Court of Thorns and Roses

So, you’ve just finished A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR), a fantasy full of spice, romance, magic and war, and now you’re feeling numb. You’re pining for another book, anything that will transport you to another fantasy world. We've got a list of books you should read after A Court of Thorns and Roses.

What Order To Read Hannah Grace’s Books

Hannah Grace is fast becoming one of the most popular contemporary romance writers around. She’s written two bestsellers which have been devoured by thousands of bookclubs up and down the country.

The 9 Best Garden Toys For Kids To Play With This Summer

With spring underway and the weather getting better each day, it’s time to start thinking about getting you and your little ones back outside and having some good old-fashioned family fun.

What Order To Read Sarah J. Maas Books

Sarah J. Maas has become a pretty big deal when it comes to fantasy fiction. She’s been catapulted into a new level of fame thanks to her book series A Court of Thorns and Roses

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books in Order

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are one of the most popular children's book series ever written. With its comic-style format, humour and relatable characters, it has become a staple on children's reading lists since it was first written by Jeff Kinney in 2007.

What to Read After Diary of a Wimpy Kid

If your little ones are big fans of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but have devoured all of the books and are eager for more, where do you go for something similar?

What Order To Read Elsie Silver Books

If you're diving into the world of Elsie Silver for the first time, then get ready for some steamy small-town romances. Since 2021, the Canadian author has been creating romance novels with flawed alpha males and strong, independent women that have been getting people's hearts racing.

7 Best Fidget Toys for Sensory Play and Focus

Fidget and sensory toys can be great for stress relief, sensory play, and focus. Puzzle cubes, brain teasers, squashy balls, and light up games offer kids a way to improve problem-solving skills and keep little hands busy.

Three Ingredient No-Bake Recipe: Easy Chocolate Easter Nest

Indulge in a simple yet delightful treat with this three-ingredient chocolate nest recipe, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings. Combining rich chocolate and crunchy cereal, these no-bake nests are quick and fun to make, offering a delicious snack for Easter.

Beyond An Egg Hunt: 8 Fun Easter Games For Kids

While the thrill of searching for hidden chocolate treasures remains a timeless tradition every Easter, injecting some fresh and exciting games into the mix is never a bad idea.

5 Fun And Simple Easter Craft Ideas

We’ve made it, gang! We’ve survived those dark wintery months, and Easter is just around the corner, so we can turn our minds to chocolate, mouth-watering roast dinners and, most importantly, crafts.

7 Free Printable Easter Activities for Half Term

The Easter break can offer days of fun-filled activities for you and your little ones. So if you're on the lookout for engaging and budget-friendly ways to keep your little ones entertained, look no further!

5 Easy Homemade Easter Card Ideas

Normalise giving homemade Easter cards! Yeah, they’re not the first thing we think of when it comes to Easter gifts - that’s usually chocolate - but they’re a brilliant and fun little addition to the day. And with it being in spring, there are so many cute little designs with bunnies, chicks and eggs to choose from.

What Order To Read Freida McFadden’s Books

Freida McFadden is an impressive individual. She's not only a practicing doctor but also a bestselling author who has mastered the art of creating a pulsating psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns.

What Order To Read Ana Huang’s Books

Ana Huang is one of the most popular authors in the world right now. She has become a bestselling author, and her books are constantly recommended on BookTok and shared among friends and book clubs.

How to Make a Book Bouquet with Flowers and Books

This Mother's Day, surprise your Mum with a heartfelt gift: a book bouquet that combines the beauty of flowers with the sentiment of her favourite reads. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a stunning arrangement that will make her day extra special.

The Best Mother's Day Gifts Under £5

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. But if you’ve not got a lot of cash to splash, finding a budget-friendly gift that still screams, "I love you" can be tough.

10 Children's Books You Should Read On World Book Day

Reading presents the perfect opportunity to slow down and spend some quality time with your little one as you follow along with the antics and adventures of some of the greatest characters ever invented.

10 Simple World Book Day Costume Ideas For Busy Mums

Mums have a million different hats they have to wear every day. They’re a shoulder to cry on, organiser in chief, full-time entertainer and food provider - and that’s on top of looking after their own stuff.

Rebecca Yarros Books In Order

If you’re just discovering Rebecca Yarros, then you are in for a real treat. A military wife of 20 years, a mum of six and a hopeless romantic, she weaves many of her life experiences into her books

What Order To Read Tahereh Mafi Books

If you’ve spent any time scrolling through Booktok you’ve probably seen someone recommend Shatter Me or the entire series.

Fun Creative Rainy Day Activities For Kids

As the wind howls and the rain pelts against the windows, the idea of coaxing your little ones outdoors becomes increasingly daunting. However, fear not, as in the face of these dreary and damp days, we have a backup plan: indoor activities.

10 Free Printable Rainy Day Activity Sheets

There’s nothing worse than a rainy day as a parent. Scrambling around looking for ways to transform those gloomy, rainy days into an opportunity for fun and learning.

Valentines Craft - How To Make A Paper Hug

It’s that time of the year again - Valentine's Day! You know, the day when we're all supposed to be all lovey-dovey and shower our loved ones with chocolates, flowers, and cards that cost more than a three-course meal.

How To Make A Heart Shaped Wreath (Valentine's Day Craft)

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. It might sound like a controversial opinion, but a good wreath of hearts is the perfect decoration for this Valentine’s Day.

The Best Romance Books For Valentine's Day

There’s nothing that quite gets you into the mood for Valentine’s Day like a juicy romance novel. The type where the sexual tension builds with each page turn, as you try to find out whether they finally get together.

5 Easy Valentine's Day Origami Ideas

Nothing says “I love you” more than a gift made by hand. Except maybe a Valentine’s Day gift where the person has made a crate that requires a serious amount of patience and the dexterity of a surgeon.

The 10 Best Valentine's Gifts Under £10

Valentine’s Day is about many things - love, relationships, and small gestures that say, “Hey, I appreciate you.”. What it isn’t about is spending a lot of money on your other half just to say “I love you.”

9 Best Books To Read This Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the perfect time to curl up with a book, once the kids are in bed and the presents are sorted. A cosy read is just what you need if you're looking for some me-time.

The Ultimate Christmas Party Games

Get ready to jingle and mingle this holiday season because we've got The Ultimate Christmas Party Games lined up for you! 

Personalised Bauble Ideas For Your Little Ones

Get ready to sprinkle some magic into your festive season with these Personalised Bauble Ideas designed especially for your little ones!

9 Best Christmas Craft Kits 2023

Christmas is a time for crafting. In the run-up to the big event, there are so many things you can make, from advent calendars to Christmas tree decorations.

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Boxes have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years. They’ve become a bit of a tradition with parents and partners up and down the country lovingly filling boxes with small gifts to get the big day started early.

7 Books To Add To Your Christmas Wishlist

Nothing beats getting a good book for Christmas. Something that will have your head buried between the pages so that you won’t even be able to notice those long, dark winter nights outside because you’ll be engrossed in your latest read.

10 Best Christmas Toys Under £10

Are you looking for the perfect gifts that will keep kids entertained this Christmas? You might think that the best toys are going to cost a fortune.

The Best Christmas Gifts To Get Your Family

Picture this. It’s Christmas day, and the family is gathered around unwrapping present after present. They get to your set of presents and start to peel back the paper gently.

10 Affordable Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For Kids

Letters to Santa are definitely helpful when it's time to start stock-piling Christmas presents for the kids. But if you're planning to fill a stocking (or a pillowcase), coming up with ideas isn't always so easy.

10 Best Toys For Kids This Christmas

We’re not telling you anything that you don’t already know when we say that buying Christmas toys is a minefield for parents, families and friends to navigate.

2023 Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

It’s official, the hunt for the perfect Christmas present is on. And if you’re an aunt, uncle, grandparent or just a family friend, that can mean only one thing… realising you don’t have any clue what they want.

Tis the season for regifting…

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. We’ve got the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, we’re rocking around the Christmas tree, and we’re generally wishing it really could be Christmas every day.

Free Printable Christmas Wishlist

There are many things you may be as a parent - a nurse, full-time entertainer and part-time tantrum negotiator - but there’s one thing you definitely are not… A mind reader! So take the pressure off of this Christmas period by downloading our Christmas wish list.

What To Read After Love Theoretically

So, you've just finished devouring Ali Hazelwood's captivating collection of Love, Theoretically novellas, and you're probably feeling a mix of emotions – a sense of fulfilment, a hint of lust, but most certainly a yearning for more of this heartwarming charm.

What Order Should I Read David Walliams Books?

Hey there, fellow bookworms! So, you've decided to dive into the hilarious and heartwarming world created by none other than David Walliams. Read our guide for the definitive order to read David Walliams books.

What To Read After Too Late

If you're like us and you've gotten to the end of Too Late, your heart rate has settled, the tears you've shed have long since dried, and you're ready to move on - you're probably wondering what to read next.

What Order Should I Read Ali Hazelwood Books

Give yourself a literary treat and immerse yourself in Ali Hazelwood's back catalogue of books! With her captivating stories of romance and humour, Hazelwood's books promise exciting adventures alongside characters you'll instantly adore.

The Best Rainy Day Crafts

Imagine the perfect summer day of outdoor activities. Barbeque on, paddling pool full, and all the outdoor toys ready for a day of fun in the sun - but what is that? Rain? Typical!

First Day At School: How To Prepare As Parents

The day has arrived; your child is dressed, shoes are polished, and they’re ready to go. No traffic on the roads, bliss, and they have a massive smile on their face as they enter school for the first time.

Our Pencil Case Essentials For Back To School

Let's be honest, it has probably been a while since you were at school, so it's not easy trying to remember exactly what you need, especially when the list seems to be constantly changing and never-ending.

10 Pocket Money Toys For Your Little Ones

Picture this. You’re out in town, strolling around the shops, you with a coffee in one hand, your little one with their pocket money ready to be spent in the other hand.

Top Activity Books For Kids For Summer

Here’s a conundrum. You’re a parent, it’s late in the afternoon, and you’re running on caffeine and chocolate digestives after a day of keeping the little one entertained. You just want some quiet time to recharge before dinner time - what do you do?

The Best Reads For A Staycation

With a staycation, there’s no need to worry about packing or weight limits; you can ram your bags full with what really matters. Books!

Top 10 Outdoor Kids Toys

Summer is here, and with the school summer holidays, every parent is probably feeling that pressure. The pressure of having to constantly come up with new ideas and ways to keep them entertained.

5 Best Books To Buy This Father’s Day

How do you say thank you to the one who taught you how to play cards or helped you through your first break-up, or even taught you to ride a bike? You probably can’t, but you can at least buy him a decent book that he’d enjoy.

Best Father's Day Games For The Whole Family

Psst! We’ve got a secret for you. What your father would really love this Father’s Day is to spend a little bit of time with the person they love the most in the world - you!

8 Best Books For Easy Summer Reading

Summers are made for easy reads. Think about it. When you’re sprawled out on a sun lounger on some far-flung sandy beach, you’ve usually got a book in hand that you’ve been devouring over the last couple of hours.

What to read after It Ends With Us

Colleen Hoover has taken the literary world by storm with her series of contemporary romance novels. If (like us) you are one of her millions of fans, you’ve probably enjoyed one of her best books, ‘It Ends With Us’.

The Best Chick Lit Books To Read

The phrase “Chick Lit” was popularly used in the 1990s and early 2000s to describe contemporary and popular fiction aimed at young women. Its quirky main characters, who were (more often than not) hopeless at romance, really struck a chord. And why wouldn’t it?

The Best Crime Books To Read

There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a brand new Crime Novel. The suspense, mystery and intrigue are unmatched by any other genre, especially when paired with a satisfying ending.

Decorate your own giraffe mask

Find out how you can recreate this amazing giraffe mask at home.

Decorate your own cheetah mask

We have the perfect quick and easy craft for you! Find out how you can make this amazing cheetah mask at home.

Decorate your own butterfly masks

Check out our simple tutorial for some inspiration on how you can decorate your own butterfly mask.

Decorate your own lion mask

Find out how you can recreate this RAWR-SOME lion mask at home.

How To Knit A Little Penguin (Free Pattern)

Colourful cushions made from squares of floral fabrics create a charming, country-cottage look.

How To Make A Framed Cooks Cross Stitch Picture

Cook something up - This framed cross-stitch picture is so easy but will look impressive in your kitchen.

How To Make Squidgy Bean Bag Cushions

Fancy cushions are an excellent way to add a pop of colour and comfort to any room, but buying them from a shop can often come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, the solution is simple - make your own!

How To Make Floral Patchwork Cushions

Looking to add a touch of personality to your kitchen or send a gift to a foodie friend? This framed cross-stitch picture is so easy to make. With just three simple steps, you can create a unique piece of kitchen decor that reflects a real passion for cooking.

8 Fun Facts For Kids About The Kings Coronation

The coronation is a very special occasion where King Charles III will be crowned as the new reigning monarch, taking over the role of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly passed away in September 2022.

Top 5 Birthday Gifts For Kids Under £5

Kids' social lives are hard to keep up with. It feels like almost every weekend, they’re being whisked around multiple birthday parties filled with cake, games and presents.

How to make your own coronation bunting

Check out our 10-step guide or watch our video to find out how to make your own Coronation bunting!

Make your own paper crown

The coronation of Charles III and Camilla is almost here! We know lots of you will already be planning on celebrating over the weekend so why not be king for the day?

Make your own coronation invitation

Check out our step-by-step instructions or watch our video to find out how to make your own Coronation invitations!

Top 7 Easter Activities For Kids To Do At Home

Spring is in the air, and the Easter holidays are just around the corner! This can be an exciting time to bond with your little ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Once Upon A Time: The First Books We Remember Reading

Once upon a time, we all read our first book or even had our first book read to us. For many, that would start with the very hungry caterpillar, graduating to wizards, big-friendly-giants and adventures with between five and seven friends.

9 Crafty Ways To Save Money On Craft Supplies

Being a crafter is great. You get to be super creative, you've got this incredible skill, and there are loads of mental health benefits. But the one thing crafting isn't always, is cheap.

7 Budget-Friendly Indoor Family Games

Let's face facts. We live in the UK, so we're going to get the odd rainy day or two, and it's then likely we'll need some go-to indoor family activities to keep the kids entertained.

7 Homemade Costumes For World Book Day 2023

World Book Day is just around the corner, and for parents that means one thing...

Make your own lollipop finger puppets

Discover how to make your own lollipop finger puppets with this amazing printable. The perfect rainy day activity to do with kids.

5 Craft Ideas For Under £5

The beauty of crafting is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy it. Sometimes cheaper is better, especially when times are tight, and you’re looking for quick and fun things to keep the kids entertained.

8 Budget Friendly Half-Term Activities Your Kids Will Love

It’s no secret that keeping the kids entertained during the half-term is no easy thing and the pressure of doing fun and exciting activities can sometimes mean that you end up spending some serious £££’s.

How To Make Your Own Advent Calendar

The build-up to Christmas is half the fun of the holidays, and we all know the best way to track it is with an advent calendar! An advent calendar helps you count down the days and also rewards you with sweet treats and little gifts to get you in the Christmas spirit.

How To Make Your Own Snowman Card

We know that one of the biggest challenges during Christmas is looking for Christmas cards that feel as fun to give as they are to receive. So, this year, instead of choosing generic cards that are shop-bought, stay at home, and have a go at creating your own!

How To Make Your Own Christmas Tree Card

Sending Christmas cards to friends, family, and co-workers has been a classic Christmas tradition for a long time, and all for good reason… it’s the perfect way to show them how much you care about them.

Tips For Making Your Own Christmas Decorations

With Christmas just around the corner, time is running out to prepare for the big day. When you’re shopping for your loved ones, planning your food menu and juggling your holiday parties - decorating your home can easily fall through the cracks. This year, instead of spending your time running around the shops for decorations, have a go at making your own! Filling your own Christmas baubles is a great way to make your tree stand out and gets the family involved in a fun craft activity.

Tips For Making Your Own Christmas Cards

Did you know that us Brits send more greetings cards than any other country? We absolutely love to pop season’s greetings in the post or hand out to loved ones, with an average of one billion Christmas cards sold every single year!

The Best Advent Calendars To Buy This Year

As the anticipation builds for the most magical season of the year, there’s no better time to be organised and decide which of the top trending kids advent calendars you want to get your hands on – ready for when they’re available.

Top 10 Classic Christmas Books For Kids

Often a busy time of year, reading to your children this holiday season presents the perfect opportunity to unwind and let yourself and your child be transported into a wintery wonderland full of adventure and love. With so many incredible stories to choose from, finding the perfect read for your little ones can be tricky, so here are our top 10 Classic Christmas books for kids that are sure to have your home bursting with festive cheer.

Top 10 Christmas Books For Kids

A good Christmas book for kids can be a lifesaver. It can keep them occupied while you enjoy a nice mulled wine and make choosing a bedtime story a little bit easier. But more importantly, your kids will love them because they are fun, silly, beautifully illustrated and packed full of Christmas cheer.

The Best Classic Books To Read In Winter

The cold, wintery evenings make it the ideal time to stay at home and get cosy with a cup of tea, break out a soft blanket, and dive deep into a new book. While there's no shortage of great books that will see you through the winter months, we find that the winter weather puts us in the perfect mood to enjoy a well-loved classic

Top 10 Best Book Box Sets To Read This Winter

As much as we love Summer, for us book lovers, finding the time during the summer months to entrench ourselves in the pages of a good book can be challenging. But Winter! Now there's the time to dive into a good book.

Our Favourite Fireplace Reads Of 2022

With Summer well and truly behind us, we are fast approaching the time of year most want to hibernate and dive deep into the comfort and warmth of a good book. With so many options to choose from, knowing what to read to see you through these long nights can be tricky, so to help you out, we've compiled a list of our favourite fireplace reads of 2022

Top 10 Best Books To Read In Winter

On a cold, grey winter afternoon, there are not many things as comforting as curling up on the sofa with a book, a blanket, and a nice hot drink. But which books are the best to read at this time of the year? For us, it's all to do with what gets us into the Christmas spirit or helps us soak up the seasonal atmosphere.

The Best Gifts For Literature Lovers

As gifting season quickly approaches, The Works is here to remind you that a thoughtful book might be the best and most-loved gift of all, this Christmas. The UK’s family-friendly retailer has hand selected its most in demand and top trending must-have books – perfect for the literature lovers or little bookworms in your life!

The Best Family Board Games To Play This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner which means it’s time to get the board games out for some festive family competition. Let us set the scene: you have unwrapped the presents, enjoyed a huge feast, watched a festive movie and now Nana is falling asleep in the corner, sound familiar?

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Parents 2022

There’s no time like Christmas to show your parents just how much they mean to you with some fun and thoughtful gifts. You may be racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect present to gift these truly special people – but fear not as the UK’s leading family-friendly retailer, The Works, has done all the searching for you.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Kids 2022

The sound of jingle bells is just around the corner and that means one thing…it’s time to start Christmas shopping for your little ones! Choosing the most joy-inducing Christmas gifts for your kids isn’t always easy. Get it wrong, and you’ll soon know about it. Most children have yet to learn the socially necessary art of hiding disappointment so if they hate your gift, it will be painfully obvious.

Top 10 Books For Your Secret Santa

Sometimes Secret Santa can feel like an impossible task. Buying a gift for someone that you don't properly know isn't the easiest thing. So you usually play it a bit safe. But what if you didn't? What if you got them something they really wanted, like a good book?

Top 10 Funny Christmas Books For Kids

You can do hundreds of things with your children to get into the Christmas spirit. But there isn't anything quite as magical as reading Christmas stories. And nothing says Christmas more than filling the house with laughter and joy. That's why we've pulled together a list of the funniest Christmas books for kids. So get yourself curled up on the couch and get ready for a few belly laughs together as a family.

Top 8 Thriller Books For Winter

The upcoming dark evenings call for one thing- an equally dark and eerie thriller to get your heart racing. Prepare to raise your body temperature this wintertime with a thriller book that is sure to have you double-checking whether you remembered to lock your front door. We've compiled a list of the best thrillers to read this Winter so you can discover a few new favourites to read. So grab your blanket, settle and get ready for some twists and turns.

Top 10 Mystery Books For Winter

It's no secret that wintertime is the ideal season to curl up with a blanket, a hot chocolate and a great mystery book. Whilst the rain and snowfall are heavy outside, you can keep your body warm with a heart-pounding, nerve-jangling mystery.

Top 10 Christmas Romance Books

With the cold winter weather just around the corner, it really tis' the season to get cosy around the fire with a steamy romance book. That's why we've created a list of our favourite Christmas Romance books. So if this holiday season you're looking for a bit of passion, sexual tension and the odd kiss under the mistletoe - you'll at least be able to get it from this collection of books.

How To Make Your Own Snowflake Decoration

When Christmas day comes around, there’s nothing like sitting around a well-decorated tree. While you might be tempted to fetch the same ornaments out of the attic year after year, why not be a little more creative this year?

How To Make Your Own Christmas Star Decoration

If you’re anything like us, there’s just something about the festive season that makes you want to transform your home with lots of decorations, lights, and, most importantly - the Christmas tree. But making your home into a festive winter wonderland can put a big dent in your wallet if you’re shopping for ready-made decorations

How To Fill Your Own Christmas Baubles

With Christmas just around the corner, time is running out to prepare for the big day. When you’re shopping for your loved ones, planning your food menu and juggling your holiday parties - decorating your home can easily fall through the cracks.

Outdoor Play: 7 Benefits Of Kids Playing Outside

Getting kids to play outside is getting harder and harder. Studies show that they're spending half as much time playing outdoors as they did when we were the same age as them, which is a shame because there are so many benefits to playing outdoors.

What Order To Read Colleen Hoover Books

Colleen Hoover (or COHO if you’re cool) might just be the most popular novelist on the planet at the minute. Thanks to a surge in popularity from the BookTook community, she has seen her novels become bestsellers and spawn a group of fans so dedicated that they’ve got their own facebook page and name – CoHorts.

The 10 Best Outdoor Games To Play

Whether you're young or just young at heart, there's nothing better to do on a warm summer evening than playing some outdoor games.

The Best Summer Reads For Your Book Club

The sun is out, evenings are longer, and in the distance, you can hear the faint sound of an ice-cream truck. All of this can mean only one thing – it's summer reads season at your book club.

Back To School With Dex – Free Printout

Get excited to go back to school by colouring in this amazing image of our new friend Dex on his first day back at school!

Essential Packing List For A Day Trip With A Toddler

If you have small children and babies, you’ll know that sometimes a family day out can be a bit of a challenge. From changing nappies and mopping up picnic spillages, to dealing with meltdowns because the snack box ran dry, one thing is certain - a day trip with your kids requires military organisation and preparation for almost anything

11 Best Pencil Cases For Kids Going Back To School

Pencil cases aren’t just something that keeps all your stationery in one place. They’re also a reflection of who you are. They give a way little bit about your personality – whether that’s what movies you’re into, what your favourite colour or even whether you’re a super organised person.

Back to school checklist

Get ready for the school year with our back to school checklist. Covering all bases from primary to secondary school, our guide will ensure you are prepared.

Best Harry Potter Quotes

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Looking for the best quotes from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?  Look no further, we’ve compiled our list of the best quotes that capture the magic of both the book series and the films! 

Best Homemade Teacher Gifts

As the end of term fast approaches, parents and pupils will be looking out for gifts to show their teachers and teaching assistants just how much they appreciate them. Most kids will opt for a ‘thank you’ mug or maybe a box of chocolates. But the one’s that really care will make a homemade gifts.

The Best Adult Novels To Read

Adventure books give us the perfect escape from everyday life. Romance novels delight us with the happily-ever-after we long for. Fantasy books It’s that pure unrivalled escapism that makes fiction books so popular.

Top 10 Facts About Dinosaurs for Kids

Whether you’re a dinosaur fanatic yourself or are just on the lookout for some fun dino facts to share with and impress your little ones, we’ve got 10 roarsome dinosaur facts that won’t leave you dino-snoring.

Free Heart stopper colouring sheets

You can now relive all your favorite Nick and Charlie Heartstopper moments from both the graphic novels and the Netflix series in these amazing pintables.

The Best Detective Books To Read

There is nothing better than curling up with a gripping detective novel. Whether you’re in your PJs, commuting to work or laying by the pool - everyone enjoys putting on their detective gear, pulling out the magnifying glass and trying to discover exactly whodunnit.

The Best Self Help Books To Read

Self-help books provide readers with brilliant advice, new life skills and increased self-belief. With all those benefits, it is no wonder they are so popular- selling millions of copies a year! ...

The Best Adventure Books To Read

Whether your taste for adventure lies in battling alongside witches and elves or sailing the seven seas, there’s a story for everyone. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of the 10 best adventure books, so you can quickly scan the page and pick out which one you want to read next.

The Best Animal Books For Kids To Read

Animal books are usually one of the first ways to introduce reading to your kids. That’s why it is so important to choose the right one. One that has that perfect balance of fun whilst still delivering important life lessons. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite animal books for you and your little one. So settle down and take a look through the 10 best animal books for kids...

The Best Autobiography Books to Read

We’ve pulled together a list of the best autobiographies to read. So whether you want to learn more from a public figure, your favourite celebrity or just someone with a lot of life experience, then this list will have you covered.

The Best Children's Books To Read

A passion for reading can be built from an early age as the books that shape your childhood are likely to be remembered forever. Magic is unleashed from cover to cover when a book is opened! Reading when you’re young improves imagination, creativity and unlocks doors to places you’d never think of. Instil the love of reading into your little ones with our selection of the best children’s books

The Best Humour Books To Read

We all love a good laugh, don’t we? Whether it’s a funny anecdote, a clever turn of phrase or a joke that’s a bit close to the bone - laughter truly is the best medicine! That is why humour books are a great way to relax, unwind and let loose...

Make your own Jubilee bunting

This year the Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, that’s 70 years on the throne! We know lots of you will be hosting your own Jubilee street parties, so why not get creative and make some of your own decorations?

Make your own Jubilee invitations

Thinking of hosting a street party in honor of the Queens Platinum Jubilee? You’ll need to send out invitations! Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this super simple jubilee invitation tutorial.

Make your own spring box frame with Pretty Paper By B

Join Bethan from PrettyPaperByB and create your own gorgeous box frame artwork with a spring theme.

14 Mothers Day Card Ideas for Kids

We've pulled together 14 of our favourite Mother’s Day card ideas for your little ones to create themselves.

8 Healthy Eating Tips From Our Favourite Health & Fitness Books

We've pulled together 8 super simple tips on healthy eating from some of our favourite books on the subject.

10 Best Books For Anxiety

We’ve created a list of the best books for people with anxiety. These are some of our favourite anxiety books that cover everything from tips from people who have lived it to self-help books that give you actionable coping techniques.

Cute Homemade Valentines Cards

We've pulled together two of our cutest DIY Valentine's day card ideas for a little bit of inspiration. Follow the tutorial in our latest blog.

20 Easy Homemade Valentines Gift Ideas

If you’ve not made Valentine’s gift before, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Easy DIY Valentine's gifts they'll love, so take a scroll through our ideas and start flexing those creative muscles.

Decorate your own wooden heart wall hanging

Hey fellow crafter! Join Bethan (founder of Pretty In Paper By B), a world-leading craft influencer from Yorkshire and learn how to decorate a wooden love heart!

Hayfield Bonus DK Pattern

Make your own stunning blanket using this Hayfield Bonus DK pattern.

Hayfield Baby Bonus DK Pattern

Make your own baby jumper with this amazing Hayfield Baby Bonus DK pattern.

How to make your own Christmas crackers

Add that personal touch this Christmas with our 5 step guide to making Christmas Crackers. Read the full guide on The Works blog.

How to Make a Christmas Eve Crate

This year, you can make Christmas eve extra special with a handmade, personalised Christmas eve box for the kids. Just read our latest blog post to learn how.

How To Make Christmas Wrapping Paper

The right wrapping paper can make all the difference. Discover how to make it, in our latest blog.

Make your own Christmas gnomes cards with Crafters Companion

Sprinkle some extra festive magic onto your Christmas Crafts with the Nature’s Garden Gnomes Collection from Crafter's Companion!

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas To Try This Christmas

Discover some of the best ideas for making your own advent calendars. Read the latest blog post for more details.

How To Make Your Own Book Advent Calendar

By creating a book advent calendar, you’ll create a little bit of excitement for Christmas and reading. Find out how in our latest post.

5 Ways To Style A Christmas Hamper

Building your own Christmas hamper is a perfect way to add a personal touch to this year's Christmas gift. Find out how in our latest post.

15 Christmas Card Ideas

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a DIY Christmas card that you’ve lovingly slaved over. Find some inspiration for your next one on The Works blog.

Best Quotes from David Walliams Books

From heart felt and inspiring to laugh out loud hilarious we’ve got a list of 25 amazing quotes from the wonderful world of Walliams!

The A-Z of Christmas

From advent to the nice list, all the way to getting your ZZZ's before Santa comes to visit, we've got everything you need for an amazing Christmas!

How to Make Clay Gift Tags

If you're looking for a super-easy craft project this Christmas, look no further than these rustic, classic-looking DIY clay tags.

Make your own Autumn blessings card with Crafter's Companion

Whether you’re celebrating a harvest festival, giving thanks or just marvelling at the splendour of the season, the Autumn Blessings Collection is perfect for creating seasonal cards.

5 Christmas Cards To Make With Kids

If you’re looking for something fun to do with kids to get them in the Christmas spirit, then making Christmas cards with your kids is the perfect activity.

Print your own retro fortune teller

To honor our big birthday bash, we’re celebrating with retro revivals and turning back time to the early 80’s when our first store opened!

Jane's Patisserie Lemon Posset Tart Recipe

Who knew that combining sugar, cream and lemon could lead to something SO good?

Jane's Patisserie Salted Caramel-Stuffed NYC Cookies Recipe

These cookies have a molten caramel centre that is absolutely incredible, along with a salted cookie dough.

Jane's Patisserie Rhubarb And Custard Blondies Recipe

Rhubarb and custard is an iconic flavour combination. Add these delicious flavours to a blondie traybake and it wins everyone’s favourite bake!

Top 21 Jack Reacher Quotes

Check out our list of our 21 favourite Jack Reacher quotes from Lee Child’s thrilling series and see if you can you remember which novel they came from?

Print your own garden festival

Festival season is upon us and although we might still have to miss out on some of our original plans we can still have fun! Find everything you need to throw your own amazing garden festival!

10 Father's Day Card Ideas for Kids

Father’s day is fast approaching and we already know you’re dad deserves the best this Father’s day, but today, let’s just start with making sure he has the best Father’s day card!

How to make a Father’s Day Scrapbook

Father’s day is almost here! Are you looking for something thoughtful and personal to make for your dad this Father’s day? Then a Father’s day scrapbook is the perfect way for you to show your dad just how much you care!

11 Bridgerton facts Lady Whistledown Doesn’t Want you to Know

If you’re anything like us, then you’re still probably desperately trying to fill the ball gown shaped hole that Bridgerton series one has left in your life.

Make your own two tone scarf

Keep reading to find out how to make this amazing two-tone scarf using our brand new yarn from Deramores.

Make your own crochet blanket

Keep reading to find out how to make this amazing crochet blanket using our brand new yarn from Deramores.

Make your own mini bean stitch cushion

Keep reading to find out how to make this amazing bean stitch cushion using our brand new yarn from Deramores.

6 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts To Try At Home

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. With more time than ever to get creative why not try out some new crafts and make personalised gifts and cards for your loved ones?

21 new things to try in 2021

From new hobbies to activities to take you out of your comfort zone we’ve got 21 brand new things for you to try in 2021!

Top 10 Self Development Books

If you’re feeling down, anxious, want to find some new ways to be more productive and mindful in your day to day life or just want to see the world through different lenses, then this list of our top 10 self-help books is perfect for you.

Decorate Wooden Items With Pyrography Tool

In this blog post we will show you how you can get started with pyrography and create your own masterpiece.

24 Of The Best Books To Teach Kids To Read

Raising a reader starts from day one, from reading to your tummy to storytime before bed reading is a lifelong journey. So whether you’ve just started on your learning to read journey or just need some extra ideas, we’ve got 24 of the best books to help you teach your child to not only read but to love reading.

Make Your Own Geometric Jewellery box

Looking for an easy at home craft? Find out how to make this colourful geometric jewellery box!

Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog! There are lots of fun things for you to enjoy and get involved with so stick around to find out more!

Print off your own amazing animal masks

Get ready to fill your home with outrageous owls, marvellous monkeys and many more amazing animals.

Hold Your Own 75th VE Day Stay At Home ‘Street Party’

Now it might not be the bank holiday or VE Day party you planned but you can still have fun and Mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day from home, with a stay at home ‘street party’.

Let's learn to draw

Always wanted to be amazing at drawing but never knew where to start? We've got some amazing drawing tutorials to help you learn to draw and become a pro illustrator in no time!

Make Your Own Peg Pals

Looking for something crafty? We’ve got pegs, pom-poms and googly eyes so stay right here and discover how to make your very own peg pals in just 3 easy steps.

10 Printable Activities You Can Do At Home

In this blog you’ll find lots of printable activities to keep you and the kids entertained while you’re at home.

Make Your Own Easter Bonnets With Little Button Diaries

We’ve teamed up with Laura and Tia from Little button Diaries to make these amazing Easter bonnets.

Make Your Own Personalised Clay Gift Tag

we’ve got you covered for valentine's day with this super easy personalised clay tag. which will add a personal touch to any gift the moment they receive it.

Make Your Own Festive Wooden Village In 4 Simple Steps

To us, Christmas means craft and any keen crafter will tell you that it’s never start too early to start your Christmas crafting.

Where in The Works can you get our helium balloons?

Wondering where you can get helium balloons blown up near you? Check our list to see if The Works store near you sells helium balloons!

Make Your Own Toy Story 4 Forky

If you’ve seen Toy Story 4 then this little guy needs no introduction, of course it’s Forky. And if you’re anything like us then you’ll be desperate to get your hands on one, but, if you want to stay authentic you’ll really be wanting to make your own.

Embossing masterclass with Crafter’s Companion

Hey there paper craft fans, did you know we’ve joined forces with Crafter’s Companion?

20 Memorable Game Of Thrones Quotes

We’ve got 20 memorable Game of Thrones quotes to look back on while we prepare ourselves for the end of season 8 and the end of GOT.

Our Top 5 revision tips

Whether this is your first exam season or your third, we can all use some revision tips now and again to help get us back on track.So whether you’re just starting to make a revision time table or you’re coming to the end and need a little extra support, we’ve got a tip for you.

Dirty Vegan Seitan

From the ex presenter of the cult TV show Dirty Sanchez, Matt Pritchard, comes the BBC’s first ever vegan cookery programme, you can now find all his easy vegan recipes in this accompanying book.

Make Your Own Mother’s Day Paper Craft Card

What says thank you more than taking the time to make her a card? You know she misses you coming home from school with your latest paper creations for the fridge

Feed Me Vegan – Vegan Sausage rolls

if you’ve got a space that only a vegan sausage roll can fill then keep reading to find out how you can make your own in just 45 minutes.

How To Beat Blue Monday

Now we know your January blues might have already kicked in on January 1st, but don’t be fooled, the 21st is pegged as the most miserable day of the year for a reason. So you’ll still need to be prepared.

Games To Play On Christmas Day

Check out our top board games to play on Christmas Day.

Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Scenes | Grown Ups Only

The Elf on the Shelf phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular in the UK originated in the US as a fun way of keeping kids on their best behaviour in the run up to Christmas.

5 Book Advent Calendar Ideas

Book advent calendars are a thing and we couldn’t be more excited!

Budget University Essentials

So you’re about to fly the nest and you’re not really sure what else you’ll be needing. Well now you can relax, we’ve got it all sorted.

5 Best Baby Shower Games

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to host a baby shower, or, even better, you’re the mum to be. What a perfect excuse to get all your friends and family round to celebrate!

Kinetic Flow Rings

Set to be one of 2018’s hottest trends, the Flow Rings are 2018’s version of the fidget spinner… and if we really want to do a throwback, I guess we could say it’s a modern day slinky.

Take Our New Harry Potter House Quiz Now!

Have you ever wondered which Hogwarts house you would be in from Harry Potter’s wonderful, magical world? Well it’s time to find out with our Harry Potter house quiz.

Mary Berry’s Eggs Benedict Recipe From Mary Berry’s Cookery Course | The Works

This collection of all time favourite recipes are given the Mary Berry treatment.  Mary guides you through a course of master recipes that give you all the key skills needed to be a great cook.

Wasgij – That’s Jigsaws to You and Me!

Everybody loves a good jigsaw, whether you’re looking for a personal challenge, a way to relax & unwind, or a fun activity with friends and family, the Wasgij puzzle range has it all!

Best Disney Princesses Reimagined

We're massive Disney fans here at The Works.So, you can probably guess how excited we are when we see Disney Princesses reimagined

Davina McCall’s Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

The classic Shepherd’s Pie recipe has been transformed with a sweet potato topping as an alternative to mash and a sprinkle of home-made ketchup to add an interesting sweetness.

Decoupage for Absolute Beginners

We've compiled top tips on decoupage for absolute beginners so if you have questions, we have answers.

5 Reasons To Read Enid Blyton Books To Your Kids

Enid Blyton books are experiencing a comeback. This prolific author wrote some of the best-loved children’s book series. We take a look at some of our favourites and why you should read Enid Blyton books to your children.

The Best ‘Art Attacks’ We Wish We Had Made

Put on your overalls and get stuck in as we remind you of the best Art Attacks we all wish we had made!

9 of the Worst Baking Fails EVER!

Ever had a baking fail? Not as bad as these, surely? Check out the worst baking fails of all time. These are hilarious. The peoplw who made these cakes certainly need to check out to get some lessons in baking!!

How To Have Your Own D-Day Party

With the 73rd anniversary of the D-Day celebrations this year, June 6th is the perfect time to host your own garden party to pay tribute to our country! Party like it’s your last day on earth with some of these top tips to ensure you have the best Blitz celebration!

Fairy Doors – Trends and Inspiration for 2017

If you’re good at drawing you can imagine what might be on the other side of your fairy door…

Ice Cream Truck Quiet Book Page FREE Template

Quiet books are a great way of getting fidgety children to sit still when there’s not really an opportunity for them to run riot!

Disney Craft You Can Do Yourself

We know that you love Disney almost as much as we do. Perhaps more? And we also know a lot of you are sooo into crafts! So what better than Disney crafts that you can do today, with minimal products to buy.

8 Updated Mr Men Characters We’d Like To See

Did you know that there are 85 Little Miss and Mr Men characters featured in 49 different books.

Mary Berry Cooks The Perfect Kedgeree Recipe

Mary Berry (CBE), beloved cook, star of the Great British Bake Off has captured the nations hearts and stomachs

6 Crafty Children’s Party Ideas For Indoor Birthdays

We’re aiming to bring joy to the indoor birthday parties by helping you discover great ways to keep your children and their friends entertained inside this year. Rainy days don’t have to mean cancelled parties – there’s plenty of stuff to do indoors and we’re going to show you how to do it!

GBBO Mary Berry’s 17 Funniest Moments

Our favourite Mary Berry funny moments are all here

Party Bag Fillers You Can Do Yourself

Party bag fillers and pocket money toys are the perfect way to sign off a birthday party. We've handpicked some of the best party bag fillers so that you don't have to.

Mary Berry’s Mexican Buffet Party – Recipes Included | The Works

Everything you need to create the ultimate Mexican feast is here – the recipes for steaks, enchiladas, bean salad, guacamole and more…

5 Easy Christmas Gifts you can make yourself

There are tonnes of reasons why making your own Christmas gifts is better than buying them. Read our blog for 5 easy gifts you can make yourself.

5 tips to clear your mind

Struggling to clear your mind, got a worry you just can’t shake?

10 Easy Scrapbooking Layouts For Beginners

Although it’s not modern, scrapbooking is a traditional way to capture your memories, and a scrapbook doesn’t need to have an iOS update, and it won’t get lost in the Cloud either. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together some easy Scrapbooking ideas to get you started. We have a collection of scrapbook layouts in the below list that are perfect for cataloguing those special moments.