5 Book Advent Calendar Ideas

Book advent calendars are a thing and we couldn’t be more excited!


There’s nothing more exciting than waking up each day in December and remembering you have a special surprise waiting for you, well maybe waking up on the 25th is a little more exciting but we all know that the run-up to Christmas is almost as exciting as the day itself.

So why are we talking about advent calendars already? Well, we know our customers are always looking for new ways to get creative and to get children reading, This Christmas is no exception. We also knew this calendar might take a little more planning than popping to your local supermarket so we wanted to get the idea out in time.

So why not create your very own book advent calendar! We can’t think of a more exciting way to spend our cold December mornings than opening a new book each day.

What’s really fantastic about this idea is that it works for everyone! Whether it’s a young child, a teen, yourself or even a friend, you are sure to find 24 books to excite everyone in your life.


Creating your book advent calendar

Now, I know you’re sold on the concept but maybe you’re having second thoughts about the price? Don’t worry, yes, it is going more than your standard 1 pound choccy calendar but it still doesn’t have to break the bank!

We have some amazing deals on our website! right now you can grab 10 children’s books for just £10 or for the same price you can get 6 adult fiction books, and with over 3,000 books to choose from we know you’ll find 24 new favourites.

Now we’ve got a plan together for picking your books we can move on to how to present them, we know half of the fun of an advent calendar is not knowing what you’re going to get so we wanted to find the best ways to decorate your calendar and keep that special surprise. Here our 5 of our favourites.