5 tips to clear your mind

Struggling to clear your mind, got a worry you just can’t shake?
Try some of these tried and tested techniques to help clear your mind from daily worries and take a true break.

Talk to someone

First of all, if you’re really worried about something then try talking to someone, tell them what’s on your mind. It might sound cheesy but a problem shared really is a problem halved!

If you don’t have someone you feel comfortable talking to then there are lots of great organisations set up for problems just like this, give them a call and talk through your issues. Try your local Samaritans.

Write it down

If you really don’t feel able to talk through your problems with someone, or you don’t feel like they warrant a call then why not try writing it down.
Release all our pent up anxiety’s and worries on to the page.
Try taking your time with it, don’t just scribble it on some paper, let your mind be free and create a beautiful page using all your favourite stationery . This way, if you enjoy making and looking at a page full of your worries, you might just start to see the words in a different way.

*top tip: Blues, violet’s and greens are great calming colours.

Use a colouring book

Try colouring, a colouring book is a great way to switch off your mind, and take some time for you. Follow the pattern and let yourself drift. Pay attention to your breathing, let your worries melt away, all you need to focus on in this moment is the pattern on the page in front of you.

Adult colouring books have made a huge comeback in recent times, which has lead many psychotherapists to realise that adults do in fact need creative outlets to relieve the stresses and strains of modern living, colouring is a great and healthy way to achieve this.

Still not switched off? Try reading a book, whether it’s an old favourite you haven’t picked up in a while or the newest thriller you just can’t put down. Lose yourself in a different world and soon the problems of your own might not seem so big.

Try meditation

Why not try some meditation? Meditation is known to have huge psychological benefits such as the reduction of many stress related conditions like anxiety and depression. Prolonged meditation could even increase stress resilience.

If you’re unsure or don’t quite know how to start then there are plenty of books and apps to help you through until you feel confident enough to try it out on your own.