Make Your Own Geometric Jewellery box

Crafting is more than just a hobby it’s a way of life.

Here at The Works, we’re craft obsessed, we’re always looking for our next project and deciding which items in our home are due an upcycle.

If you’re the same then keep reading, we’ve got a super-easy crafting tutorial for you to follow.

We love geometric patterns not just because they’re totally on-trend right now but also because they’re so easy to recreate! This geometric wooden box is perfect if you’re looking to add some colour to your home vanity or workspace. It also makes the perfect gift if you want to give something homemade but don’t have a lot of time to make it.

You will need:

Pick up one of our plain wooden boxes, we do them in all kinds of shapes and sizes, in-store and online so take your pick.

Some washi tape to help create those clean geometric lines.

Some acrylic paint in your favourite colours.

And finally, some paintbrushes.

You might already have lots of these items floating around your craft room.

What You Will Need

Step by step instructions:


First, you want to make sure your box is completely clean and dust-free, no need to prime we love the natural light wood of our boxes.

Now start mapping out your shapes using washi tape, your shapes can be as big or as small as you like. Washi tape is easy to remove so don’t worry if you change your mind about a shape just peel off and start again.

Can you believe it? Step 3 and we’re already painting. Once you have your shapes laid out you can start painting. If you need to turn your box at any point to do the sides or underneath just make sure the edge you’re turning onto is completely dry. We found that one layer gave us the coverage we were looking for but you can do as many as you like just make sure to let the paint dry completely between coats. You can also use this time to add any extra embellishments such as glitter!

Once your box is completely dry it’s time to peel off your washi tape, and you’re done!

It’s that simple!


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Happy Crafting!