Make Your Own Personalised Clay Gift Tag

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Now we know Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time for anyone in or out of a relationship.

Whether you’re buying for a friend, a child or a partner you want to make sure you get it right. Now, we don’t want to alarm you but sometimes getting it right involves more than just the gift, a great way to show that special someone just how much you care is to take some time on your wrapping.

Now you might not be sold on special wrapping yet get but we can assure you, even the most thoughtful gift can be ruined if it’s wrapped in tinfoil.

Starting to panic now? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this super easy personalised clay tag. which will add a personal touch to any gift the moment they receive it.

Step by step video guide

You will need

1, Red clay

2, Alphabet stamper

3, Heart shaped cutter

5, Rolling pin

6, Rope or ribbon

Step by step guide

1, The first thing you need to do is get your red clay, now using your rolling pin, roll it out until its flat and the exact depth that you want your tag to be.

2, Next you need to get your cutter and cut out your shape, we used a heart as its valentine’s Day but you can use any shape you like.

3, As it’s a tag you’ll need a hole to thread your ribbon, so go ahead and create that hole, we used a tool from our basic clay set, but you can use anything small and round. Just make sure it’s big enough for your ribbon.

4, Now you need to bake your clay!

5, Finally thread your ribbon or rope and present your gift.

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