How To Beat Blue Monday

When, why and how to beat Blue Monday 2019!


New order once asked, how does it feel? In their hit song, Blue Monday and let us be the ones to tell you, Blue Monday feels absolutely rubbish!

Now we know your January blues might have already kicked in on January 1st, but don’t be fooled, the 21st is pegged as the most miserable day of the year for a reason. So you’ll still need to be prepared.

First, let’s talk about why this particular Monday is sooo blue. It seems to be a mixture of many things, the weather is rubbish, Christmas feels like a distant memory, you have very little motivation and to top it all off, you’ve broken one of your New Year’s resolutions already. And of course, it’s a Monday!

So yes Monday the 21st is going to be pretty blue, but we’ve devised a solution to add some positive vibes to this dreaded day.


Here is our 3 step plan to turn your Blue Monday into a Mega Monday instead.


1. Get smiling

It sounds simple but it’s a well-known fact that each time you smile your brain throws a little feel-good party in your head. To be more specific, each smile spurs a chemical reaction that releases certain hormones, including dopamine and serotonin.  Dopamine increases feelings of happiness and Serotonin is associated with stress reduction.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

—Thich Nhat Hanh


2. Try something new

Now we know this might be a sore spot if one of your broken New Year’s resolutions was to do something new every day, but don’t beat yourself up. That tends to be a pretty unrealistic goal for most people. However, the idea was great, you probably just needed to lower your expectations to maybe one new thing a week or even, a month. At the end of 2019 you’ll still have done 12 new things and that’s pretty impressive.

So this Monday let’s jump back on the brand new band wagon! Why not take a different route to work or start a new relaxing hobby? Crochet is a great way to relax, as is drawing and of course, Yoga.



3. Have some YOU time

If you’re feeling down then the most important microgaming thing to do is look after you! Why not get cosy with a book? Maybe there’s one you’ve been meaning to read for months and just haven’t had the time to start it, or an old favourite you’ve been desperate to read again? If so, then today is the day!

If you don’t have a book to read then there’s still no reason to be blue… all of these books are brand new online casino!

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