Fun Creative Rainy Day Activities For Kids

As the wind howls and the rain pelts against the windows, the idea of coaxing your little ones outdoors becomes increasingly daunting. However, fear not, as in the face of these dreary and damp days, we have a backup plan: indoor activities.

While the benefits of fresh air are undeniable for your little bundles of energy, there are countless engaging activities you can organise for them that will allow them to burn off some energy, all within the comfort and dry of your home.

In this post, we've pulled together a selection of great rainy-day activities that not only spark creativity but add a little bit of sunshine to those rainy days, even if there is no sunlight. 


Our Favourite Rainy Day Activities

#1 Cupcake Decorating



What you’ll need:

- Plain cupcakes
- Various coloured frosting
- Sprinkles, edible glitter, and toppings
- Decorating tools (pastry bags, tips, spatulas)

Cupcake decorating is the perfect indoor activity that transforms a rainy day into a burst of creativity. It not only enhances their artistic skills but also allows them to enjoy a delicious treat afterwards. All you’ll need is a simple cupcake recipe or a fancy one if you’re feeling it, and then a few of the essentials listed above to get started. This may not be the cleanest activity, but we know you’re kids will enjoy this creative and tasty activity.  


#2 Paint Rocks

Painted Rocks


What you’ll need:

- Smooth rocks
- Acrylic paints
- Paintbrushes

Embrace your kid's artistic side by painting rocks on a rainy day. This simple yet entertaining activity lets them explore their creativity while also providing a tangible piece of art to display. The simplicity of the craft is what makes it ideal for a rainy day when the thought of the outside is a bit daunting. You may need to step outside for a few moments (brace yourself) to collect the rocks, but then you can let your kids go wild with paints to create a masterpiece.  


#3 Build A Fort

Build A Fort


What you’ll need:

- Blankets or sheets
- Cushions and pillows
- Clothespins or clips

Building a fort is a classic rainy-day activity that sparks imagination and teamwork. Construct a cosy hideout using blankets and pillows, creating a magical space for storytelling or relaxing. All you need is a few cosy essentials and an area of your home big enough to start building. One of our favourite additions to this activity is creating a cosy cinema experience with their favourite snacks and films; you really can’t go wrong. It's an excellent way to get creative while also lifting spirits on a dull and rainy day. 

Don’t want the effort of tidying all your bedsheets away after building a fort, then check out our 75 piece build your own den kit.


#4 Make Sock Puppets


What you’ll need:

- Old socks
- Googly eyes
- Glue
- Felt and buttons for additional features

Transform old socks into adorable characters with this entertaining indoor activity. Making sock puppets is not only a great way to recycle old items but also encourages creativity in a fun way. The fun doesn't stop with the creation of these adorable characters. Once the sock puppets are ready for the spotlight, your children can become puppeteers by staging their very own puppet show. With a bit of storytelling flair, those sock puppets will embark on adventures, crack jokes, and maybe even perform a dance number or two. 


#5 Scrapbooking



What you’ll need:

- Scrapbook or plain paper
- Glue sticks 
- Tape
- Coloured pens or markers
- Stickers
- Scissors

On a rainy day, why not sprinkle a little sunshine into your home with a nostalgic journey down memory lane? Rainy days are the perfect excuse to pause and celebrate cherished moments with your little ones. So grab your favourite memories, whether that's photos or mementos, and some colourful pens and get scrapbooking and whats better is this can be added to over time to create the ultimate memory-filled scrapbook. 


#6 Make Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets


What you’ll need:

- Embroidery thread in various colours
- Scissors
- Tape
- Safety pins

Ready to add a pop of colour and a little bling to a rainy day? This hands-on activity not only improves fine motor skills but also serves as a heartfelt gesture when exchanged with friends. Imagine the joy on your kid's face as they exchange these handcrafted gems with their buddies, cute, right? With no right or wrong way to design a bracelet and a few simple tools, this is the perfect craft to have your little ones occupied for hours. 



Let dull and boring rainy days be a thing of the past with these fun and creative indoor activities. From cupcake decorating to building forts, each activity will raise spirits and keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. Plus, each activity requires only a few things to complete making them perfect for those unpredictable weather changes. 

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You can also explore our arts and crafts section for yourself to find even more craft kits and supplies to help you out on a rainy day. 

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