Best Disney Princesses Reimagined

It’s no secret that we’re massive Disney fans here at The Works – we have whole page dedicated to Disney over on our website. So, you can probably guess how excited we are when we see Disney Princesses reimagined as new things – whether that’s as modern day women, with different costumes or even as food (no, not kidding you, scroll down if you don’t believe us!). So we thought we’d collect our favourite ones and let you see them. Plus, scroll down to vote for your favourite “Disney Princesses’ Style Through The Ages”!


Disney Princesses Reimagined As Vogue Covers

disney princess vogue

These utterly beautiful creations by Hayden Williams reimagined Disney Princesses gracing the cover of Vogue magazine. They all look so *fierce*! How cool is Ariel here?!
Disney Princesses Reimagined As They’d Look Today

disney princesses present
As timeless as Disney films are, it is nice to be able to see some realistic ageing of Disney Princesses in this really clever update on our heroines from artist Memo Aponte Mille

Disney Princesses Reimagined With Modern Jobs

disney princess modern jobs

Many Disney films are set in bygone eras.. but what would happen if our favourite Disney Princesses lived today? What would they look like and would they just be princesses or have a day job? In these gorgeous illustrations by Anoosha Syed, each Disney Princess gets an updated look and a new modern-day job.

Disney Princesses Reimagined As Hot Dogs

disney princes hot dogs

OK, even we were a bit weirded out by this one. Quite how or why this came back is neither here nor there. This is amazing. Who doesn’t want to see Disney Princesses reimagined as hot dogs? Disney princesses as hot dogs?! But for some reason it works and we love it. Which do you think works the best? We were especially impressed by Ariel and Pocahontas. Rapunzel is a bit weird. But top marks for originality by Anna Hezel & Gabriella Paiella!

Disney Princesses Through The Ages

Go on then, which one do you like best? Disney Princesses are shown in typical costume from various decades through the ages. But which one do you like the most? These awesome illustrations are by artist Basak Tinli.