Free Summer Activity Sheets

It’s no secret that British summers can be fickle. The sun shines longer, the ice creams melt quicker, but all of a sudden, the rain clouds roll in, and your outdoor plans are done for. After retreating indoors, you start the desperate search for ways to keep your children entertained without resorting to hours of screen time. Well, don’t worry! With these free printable summer activity sheets for kids, you’ll have plenty of fun options ready for rainy days. 

Featuring our favourite Dex the Dino and his palaeolithic pals in everything from colouring sheets to puzzles, these activity sheets are perfect for keeping the kids entertained while also being educational. After all, when school’s out, it’s nice to know they can exercise their brains as well as their bodies!

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Free Printable Activity Sheets


Summersaurus Dex

Summersaurus Dex


Perfect to get you in the mood for the seaside, Dex is on his holidays at the beach in this sunny summer colouring page. You don’t have to just use pencils to colour it in - try getting creative and bring the scene to life with watercolours, sequins, or even glue on some sand for a real beachy feel!

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Dex’s Last Day At School

Dex's Last Day At School


School’s out for kids and for dinosaurs! Celebrate the start of the summer holidays by decorating this colouring page of Dex on his last day of school. This would be a great end of term activity, or for a fun activity after working hard at school all year long.  

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Dex and Friends

Dex And Friends


This colouring page has rolling hills, a gorgeous sunset, and - of course - Dex with all his dino pals enjoying the long summer days!

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Summer Word Search

Free Summer Wordsearch For Kids


Simple, portable, and battery-free, the word search is equally fun to do at home or out and about. It’s also a great way to sneak in some educational content while your kids think they’re just having fun. Your little ones will love helping Dex find these summer-themed words, and you will love the look of pride on their faces when they complete

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Dinosaur Maze

Dinosaur Maze



Mazes are a fantastic way to develop problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination, but let’s face it, getting lost in giant hedgerows with your little ones isn’t something that you’re going to be able to do all the time. Instead, try our printable maze and help Dex find his way to the summer picnic with his brontosaurus bestie, Flo! And don’t forget to colour in all the things you find on your way!

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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List Activity Sheet For Kids


Dream big and plan the ultimate summer with our printable bucket list. You could build a sandcastle, have a picnic, or visit a dinosaur museum - the possibilities are endless! With their own summer bucket list, kids will get a sense of purpose and anticipation as each item checked off is a win. Print it out, colour it in, and fill up the bucket with your best ideas so that you’ll always have something to do to fill the long summer days. 

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Happy printing!

The summer holidays can be a testing time for parents. It’s a balancing act between keeping the little ones entertained and maintaining some semblance of sanity. Printable activity sheets are a great option because they are simple, educational, and can be used at home or out and about without resorting to screens to keep the kids occupied. We’ve got all sorts of art and craft supplies, so you can stock up on all the bits you need for colouring in. You can find more from Dex the Dino including everything from paint-your-own suncatchers to stickers here. And if you can't get enough of printable activities, check out our rainy day activity sheets

Happy printing and happier holidays!


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