Take Our New Harry Potter House Quiz Now!

There are four houses you could potentially end up in and each house resembles different personality traits. We’ve had words with the Sorting Hat and he’s let us in on the key traits from each house so we can accurately match you to the Hogwarts house you should be in.

Gryffindor traits: A Gryffindor is loyal but stubborn at times. Courageous and daring, Gryffindors often go far in life.
Slytherin traits: Slytherins are sly, cunning and very clever. Like Gryffindors they are likely to go far in life but they won’t always choose the right path.
Ravenclaw traits: Ravenclaws are extremely intelligent and have a thirst for knowledge. They’re creative and witty, too.
Hufflepuff traits: A Hufflepuff is fair and hard working. They tend to be patient and kind and are great listeners.
Think you know which house you’d be in? Put it to the test, take the Harry Potter house quiz now!
Which Hogwarts House Would You Really Be In?