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Whether it's for sketching comics or drawing portraits, our range of Drawing Pencils are perfect for you. Just use the filters below to find the right one for you.

This beautiful high quality colouring and sketch studio features a lovely wooden glossy storage case with fastening mechanisms and everything you need for the full art experience.Includes:• 8 Sketching Pencils• 60 Colouring Pencils• 20 Watercolour Pans• 1 Paintbrush• 1 Eraser• 1 SharpenerThis wooden set makes a wonderful gift for an aspiring artist and an essential item for use at home or school, the perfect on-the-go companion.Product information: • 91 Pieces• Double-level wooden case• Suitable for children and adults.• Measures: 38.5 x 29.5 x 4cm.

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This fantastic pack of eight Sketching Pencils, are traditional round wood cased pencils, with leads made from pure graphite and the finest clays.Includes:• 6B• 5B• 4B• 3B• 2B• 2• HB• 2HPerfect for drawing and detail work, suitable for students, designers and amateur artists.Product Information:• Sketching Pencils• High quality graphite• Pack of 8• Handy storage case • Measure: 18cm approx.

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Great value pack of 36 mini colour pencils. 100% splinter proof this pack includes a selection of assorted essential colours.Perfect for popping in your pencil case, these pencils are ideal for drawing and colouring at home or school.

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A brilliant artist sketching set with 27 pieces of high quality materials all contained in a beautiful wooden case with metal fastening. Includes: • 12 x watercolour pencils• 8 x sketching pencils (H, 3H, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B)• 3 x charcoal pencils (soft, medium, hard)• 1 x sharpened charcoal pencil• 1 x eraser• 1 x sharpener • 1 x storage caseThis stationery set makes a wonderful gift for an aspiring artist and an essential item for use at home or school, the perfect on-the-go companion.Product information: • 27 Pieces• Wooden case• Suitable for children and adults.• Measures: 12.5 x 21 x 4.5cm.

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A fantastic set of 12 premium sketching pencils in a handy storage tin. Using high quality pigments to bring out the best and brightest colours of every pencil and is ideal for drawing and mixed media work. Suitable for straight drawing, side shading and layering to produce different shades and hues. Product Information:• Sketching pencils• Pack of 12• Handy storage tin• High quality pigments

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The complete charcoal sketch set has been made to the highest quality standards to give you professional results every time. The set is excellent for colour blending and can be used on a wide range of textured papers and card.Includes:3 x charcoal pencils (soft, medium, hard)1 x HB sketching pencil1 x paper blending stump1 x tortillion1 x sanding paper block1 x metal sharpener1 x eraser2 x hard pastels2 x charcoal sticks.With everything you need to get started this art set is perfect for those new to sketching.Product information:• Crawford and Black• Fine art• Artist grade• Complete set

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Create beautiful pieces of art with this great set of Crawford { Black fine artist's watercolour pencils. Each of the 24 pencils will produce vivid colours and when used with water, the pencils create an amazing watercolour effect. This great tin is perfect for artists of all levels and a great gift for beginners and seasoned artists alike. Product Information:• Water-soluble Pencils • Pack of 24• Bright colours• Handy storage tin• Measures: 19.4cm x 18cm

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A fantastic pack of Boldmere fine art pencils to provide the ideal introduction to the world of drawing. Includes: 4 x sketching pencils (H, HB, 2B, 4B)2 x graphite pencils (6B, 8B)1 x metal sharpener1 x eraser A great set for beginner artists and those looking to develop their drawing skills.Product information:• Boldmere• Fine art• Artist grade• 8 piece set

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Details: A fantastic 9 piece set to improve your drawing abilities, making an ideal gift for any level of artist and contains 5 coloured pencils, 1 metallic pencil, sandpaper sheets and an online video for drawing help. A versatile assortment of coloured pencils and accessories. Sketch your subject with the variety of solid and metallic coloured pencils. Use the sandpaper sheets to sharpen your pencils when you need a fine point. Set measures: 22 x 5 x 1cm

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