Christmas Wrapping Paper

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Buy your Christmas Wrapping Paper at The Works. We’ve got everything you need whether you’re looking for something sparkly, a gift bag or a hamper to put your presents in.

A great value pack of 200 white self-adhesive labels.Perfect for labelling and organising your home or office, can be used on plastic folders for future reference, for envelopes and even on freezer bags.Product Information:• Self-adhesive Labels• Pack of 200• Colour: White• Stationery essential• Each label measures: 3.5cm x 9cm

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A fantastic roll of high quality plain brown recyclable gift wrap that is versatile and easy to use. Perfect for wrapping up a range of presents for all ages throughout the year, especially great at Christmas time. Product Information: Roll Gift Wrap Colour: Brown Design: Plain Recyclable wrapping paper Length: 4 metres

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A great roll of all purpose bubble wrap that can be easily folded and cut to size.Perfect for protecting fragile items whilst posting, ideal for home and office use. Product Information:• Bubble Wrap• All-purpose• Easy to fold• Cut to size• Measures: 30cm x 4.5m

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