Winter Warmers

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A luxuriously soft and cosy tartan fleece throw blanket with red and green tartan pattern. Perfect for snuggling up and keeping warm at home, ideal for picnics or for use in the car when travelling. Product Information:• Fleece Blanket• Luxury• Red Tartan• Measures: 150cm x 125cm

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Help to relieve aches and pains with UK treated wheat grains and dried lavender flowers inside this Microwaveable Heat Wrap. The soothing heat relieves discomfort and gently helps to relieve sore necks, joint pain and muscle stiffness. Made from highly comfortable, fast-heating fleece material, the bag slowly releases heat while you relax and may also be used to relieve headaches, tension and anxiety. Product Information:• Heat Wrap• Microwaveable• Lavender • Design: Pink Tartan• 100% natural wheat• Dimensions: 41 x 10.5 x 4cm

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