Top Activity Books For Kids For Summer

Here’s a conundrum. You’re a parent, it’s late in the afternoon, and you’re running on caffeine and chocolate digestives after a day of keeping the little one entertained. You just want some quiet time to recharge before dinner time - what do you do?

Well, a go-to for parents has always been children’s activity books.  You can pop them down on the floor and let them bury their head in the book, knowing they won’t need too much supervision and the damage they could potentially do to the house. There are also the developmental benefits of activity books, but they come in secondary to the above.

Yep, you can never have too many activity books. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite activity books for kids this summer. Check them out below.


Our Favourite Kids Activity Books For The Summer


 #1 Barbie Sticker Book

Barbie Sticker Book

Why we love it:

- Multiple Barbie scenes to choose from.

- Reusable stickers for an array of Barbie looks.

This is the summer of Barbie, so why not let your child step into her world with this delightful sticker book? Packed with beautiful illustrations and an array of stickers, kids can create their own Barbie adventures and design fabulous outfits for their favourite doll.

Price: £3
Enjoy all that this Barbie sticker book has to offer here.

#2 Barbie And Friends Colouring Book

Barbie And Friends Colouring Book

Why we love it: 

- An easy way for kids to get creative with colours.
- A fun way to get to know new Barbie characters.

Barbie is such a big deal this year that we’ve decided to feature two products around this absolute star. This Barbie-themed colouring book is filled with iconic scenes that crave some colour. It’s up to your little ones to try to make it as colourful and vibrant as the world Barbie and her friends live in.

Price: £3
Check out this Barbie colouring book for yourself here.

#3 Bluey Play Pack

Bluey Play Pack

Why we love it: 
- Great for the summer holidays away with the kids.
- Lots of activities to choose from, all in one easy-to-use play pack.

Your little ones will have a great time adventuring with Bluey, Bandit, Bingo and pals with this play pack. The pack is filled with colouring sheets, stickers, and crayons, perfect for on-the-go fun during summer travels or quiet summer afternoons outside. 

Price: £3
Check out the Blue Play Pack here.

#4 Neon Scratch Art: Awesome Dinosaurs

Neon Scratch Art: Awesome Dinosaurs

Why we love it:
- Bright colours with easy-to-create, intricate designs.  
- Plenty of dinosaur scratch art to choose from.

If you’ve got a little budding Paleontologist who’s obsessed with Dinosaurs, then this is the perfect activity book for them. Your little ones can bring dinosaurs to life with this engaging scratch art book. With each scratch, they uncover colourful designs making it an exciting and interactive way to learn.

Price: £4
Explore more of this awesome dinosaur scratch art book here.

#5 Back to School: Sticker Dolly Dressing

Back to School: Sticker Dolly Dressing

Why we love it: 
- Easy to apply reusable stickers for hours of dress-up fun.
- A brilliant way to get little ones feeling positive about returning to school.

Help get kids excited about the upcoming school year as they help sticker dolly characters get dressed for school.  Perfect for future fashion icons in the making, as they can choose outfits, accessories, and backpacks for the characters, with a range of fun stickers throughout. 

Price: £6
Check out Sticker Dolly Dressing for Back to School here.

#6 Holiday: Sticker Dolly Dressing 

Holiday: Sticker Dolly Dressing

Why we love it: 
- The perfect activity for going away and getting excited about their own holidays.
- Inspires a world of creativity for little ones.

For families planning a summer getaway, this sticker dolly dressing book is perfect. Children can dress up characters for various holiday destinations, sparking excitement and anticipation for their own adventures.

Price: £6
Check out Sticker Dolly Dressing for a holiday here.

#7 Harry Potter Colouring Book

Harry Potter Colouring Book

Why we love it:
- All you could want from a Harry Potter colouring book and more.
- Multiple scenes from the beloved books and characters.

This magical Harry Potter colouring book will enchant young wizards and witches. Packed with intricate designs inspired by the wizarding world, it's a great way to immerse kids in the enchanting universe of Hogwarts. 

Price: £7
Explore the wizarding world with this Hary Potter Colouring book here.

#8 Best Friends: Sticker Dolly Dressing

 Best Friends: Sticker Dolly Dressing

Why we love it:
- Another reusable sticker book, perfect for getting creative. 
- Multiple outfits to put together for multiple best friend activities. 

Your little ones will be occupied for hours as they get best friends Sophia, Amber and Lacy ready for all sorts of fun activities, including horse riding, swimming and many more. Plus, with reusable stickers, they’ll be able to have endless fun creating new outfits with this creative sticker book. 

Price: £6
So get dressed and check out this exciting sticker book here.

#9 Barbie Sticker By Number Activity Book

Barbie Sticker By Number Activity Book

Why we love it: 
- Fun and colourful, just like Barbie herself.
- Helps to develop numeracy skills in your little ones
Featuring three times on this list so far, we are truly living in a Barbie world, and everybody better get used to it. This book combines stickers and numbers to help kids practice counting in a fun and colourful way. The stickers are also reusable, so it’s not a one-and-done thing.

Price: £3
Check out the Barbie Sticker By Number Activity Book here.



This summer, ignite your child's imagination and creativity with these top activity books. From designing Barbie's wardrobe to uncovering colourful scratch art dinosaurs, these books offer endless entertainment. Whether at home or on the go, these kid-friendly activity books will keep your little one's mind engaged while giving you a little peace and quiet amidst the chaos of summer. So, stock up on these delightful books and let the summer fun begin!

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