Top 10 Outdoor Kids Toys

Summer is here, and with the school summer holidays, every parent is probably feeling that pressure. The pressure of having to constantly come up with new ideas and ways to keep them entertained. The pressure to claw back a half-hour here or there to grab a coffee and maybe even read a book.

But don’t worry we’ve got you covered with a list of the 10 best outdoor kid's toys for this summer. So when you want a little bit of me time, you can just break out the play set and send them to the garden, safe in the knowledge they’ll be having fun and getting some sun.

So break out the sun cream, grab them their sun hat and check out our list of the best outdoor kid's toys.


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Best Outdoor Toys For Kids


1. Family Fun Box

Family Fun Box

Kids' toys aren’t just for the kids. With this Family Fun Box, the whole family will be able to have some fun and entertainment outdoors. Whether you fancy a bit of competition with a water balloon fight or a classic game of catch or even practise some new skipping skills, this box has got something for everyone. The only problem is deciding where to start! 


2. Wooden Mud Kitchen 

Wooden Mud Kitchen

This one is for the little culinary geniuses out there. With a chalkboard to display the day's specials, plant pots to grow their own herbs as well as a hob to do the actual cooking on - your kids will have a great time setting up their own little outdoor kitchen.


3. Build Your Own Den

Build Your Own Den - 75 Piece Kit

Every kid needs their own little den. A place where they can escape into their own little world and let their imagination run wild. This 75-piece build-your-own den kit is the perfect toy for allowing that. The set comes with 50 poles and 25 connectors, so they create whatever structure their heart desires. Then all you have to do is drape a sheet or blanket over it and send them off into a realm of endless possibilities.


4. Grow Your Own Flower Pot - Assorted

Grow Your Own Flower Pot: Assorted

Not only will your kids enjoy getting their hands dirty with this fun Grow Your Own Flower Pot, but their creative juices will be flowing with paints to decorate and make the pot their own. With the seeds included, this is the perfect way to get little ones into nature and at only £3, it’s a bargain too. 


5. Zoom Ball

Zoom Ball

If you’re looking for something that will have them burn off a little excess energy before dinner - then why not try Zoom Ball? With two handles at either end and a ball in the middle, they have to try to get the ball to hit the other person's handles. The end result is that they’ll be outside, flapping their arms about frantically, knackering themselves out, trying to beat each other.  


6. Bubble Machine With Bubble Solution

Bubble Machine With Bubble Solution

Don’t you wish you loved anything as much as kids love bubbles? I mean, they really love them, don’t they? That’s why a bubble machine is a perfect go-to as an outdoor toy for parents. You just set it up in the garden, let it fire out some bubbles and sit back and watch your little one run about trying to pop them.


7. Kids Garden Set: Pack of 6

Kids Garden Set: Pack of 6

This isn’t quite going to be an episode of Garden Rescue, but you can start your children’s love of gardening early with this little garden set. With 6 practical and colourful tools, this set will get their green fingers going while aiding their learning development. Gardening is also a great way to get your little ones outside whilst learning all about nature and its wonders.


8. Paw Patrol Space Hopper

Paw Patrol Space Hopper

Your little ones will have plenty of fun bouncing with their favourite pups with this Paw Patrol Space Hopper.  So hold on tight because this hopper is great for outdoor excursions and will have your little ones bouncing for joy throughout. It is also perfect for those spritely little ones who need to burn off some energy - Just saying…


9. Giant Snakes & Ladders Game

Giant Snakes & Ladders Game

A classic, just on a larger scale. Perfect for the outdoors, with ground pegs included, this giant snakes and ladders game offers hours of fun. With room for up to four players, it’s the perfect addition to a summer party to keep your little ones (or not-so-little ones) occupied. 


10. Explore Your Own Bugs World

Explore Your Own Bugs World

Another nature activity for your little ones to explore. Watch as they become immersed in the life of bugs and insects while continuing to learn about the nature around them. The set includes a plastic viewing tank, so your youngsters will be able to create their own ecosystem and learn all about a bug's life.  


Have Fun!

Finding fun outdoor activities for your little ones doesn’t have to be hard when you’ve got all you could ask for at The Works. So with this great collection of fun and affordable outdoor games, you’ll have outdoor activities sorted in no time. 

Want to still have fun even on those rainy days? Check out this post, where we give you 7 of the Best Budget Friendly Indoor Family Games.

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