What Order To Read Elsie Silver Books

If you're diving into the world of Elsie Silver for the first time, then get ready for some steamy small-town romances. Since 2021, the Canadian author has been creating romance novels with flawed alpha males and strong, independent women that have been getting people's hearts racing.  

To help you decide which Elsie Silver books to read and where to start with her back catalogue, we’ve compiled the definitive lists of her books in order. So pour yourself a glass of wine, settle down, and get ready for romance, drama, steam, and the occasional bit of dirty talk.



Elsie Silver Books In Order


The Gold Rush Ranch Series

Off To The Races (2021) - Gold Rush Ranch Book #1

Off To The Races (2021) - Gold Rush Ranch Book #1


Why we love it:

- We loved this debut novel for its amazing banter, steamy scenes, and feel-good atmosphere.
- It is the perfect story for lovers of small-town, enemies-to-lovers romance.

This first instalment of Elsie Silver is a captivating romance novel set within the thrilling world of horse racing. You’re drawn into the dynamic world of Billie, a passionate horse trainer, and Vaughn, a determined ranch owner striving to restore his family's legacy. Their magnetic chemistry and vibrant personalities leap off the pages, promising an engaging journey filled with love, challenges, and triumphs. With its unique setting and compelling characters, this book offers an irresistible blend of romance and equestrian intrigue, making it the perfect place to start and an exciting entry point to Elsie Silver's back catalogue.  


Out Of The Gate (2021)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #1.5

Out Of The Gate (2021)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #1.5


Why we love it:

- Despite being a short novel, we loved it for the emotional journey and quality storytelling.
- It's a perfect read with a good amount of sweetness, sensuality and the odd tear-jerking moment. 

Off to the Races by Elsie Silver centres on the blossoming romance between the ranch owner's daughter and a ranch hand. As Ada and Dermot navigate their feelings for each other amidst family expectations and personal insecurities, their story unfolds with passion and depth. Silver manages to weave together themes of love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of dreams, creating a captivating novel that will keep you engrossed until the last page. With its compelling storyline and loveable characters, Out of the Gate offers a heartwarming tale that will leave you eager to delve into the next instalment of Silver's series.


A Photo Finish (2021)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #2

A Photo Finish (2021)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #2


Why we love it:

- A beautiful small-town healing love story. 
- We love the slow-burn romance as the chemistry really ramps up.

As the romance between Cole, a grumpy ex-army soldier dealing with PTSD, and Violet, a confident rookie jockey, blossoms in a small town farm filled with horses and a supportive family, their story unfolds with healing, emotional depth, and romantic tension. As Cole and Violet navigate their past connection, you’ll be immersed in a therapeutic novel that offers moments of heartwarming intimacy and swoon-worthy passion. This novel promises an irresistible blend of healing, romance, and emotional depth that will leave readers eager to explore the next instalment of Silver's series.


The Front Runner (2021)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #3

The Front Runner (2021)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #3


Why we love it:

- A romance that is full of plot twists and heartwarming friendships.
- A complex and brooding lead character that really grows on you as the story unfolds.

This instalment delves into Stefan's past, revealing the complexities of his character. As readers uncover the layers beneath his broody facade, they are drawn into an emotional journey filled with plot twists, beautiful love stories, and heartwarming friendships. The Front Runner gets the perfect balance between pacing and character development. It doesn’t hang about as it works through the various plotlines but also never sacrifices the development of the main characters - making it an essential read for anyone looking to get into reading Elsie Silver’s books.


A False Start (2022)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #4

A False Start (2022)  - Gold Rush Ranch Book #4


Why we love it:

- It is the perfect end to a series, with tears, laughter and an underlying story about family throughout. 
- This book will make you want to reread the whole series again.

Elsie Silver unfolds the compelling tale of a false start-turned-real romance within the picturesque backdrop of Gold Rush Ranch. As the characters navigate misunderstandings and unexpected feelings, you’ll be drawn into a heartfelt journey filled with emotion and tender moments. With its engaging storyline and character development, A False Start captures the essence of small-town romance and the complexities of love. It is the perfect end to the series, but don’t worry—we won’t judge if you reread them all again. 


Chestnut Springs Series


Flawless (2022) - Chestnut Springs Book #1

Flawless (2022)


Why we love it:

- It is an ideal introduction to the series due to the great characters, with a special mention of the endearing dads in the story.
- This story alone will make you have a thing for fictional cowboys, if you don’t already have.

Flawless by Elsie Silver tells the captivating story of Rhett and Summer, whose romance unfolds amidst the picturesque setting of Eaton's Ranch. Filled with heartwarming moments, playful banter, and palpable chemistry, their love story is both sexy and raw, drawing readers into a world of passion and emotion. As the characters navigate conflicts and challenges, their connection deepens, leaving you longing for more. With all the quality writing we know and love from Silver, this first book of the Chestnut Springs series is a must-read for all Elise Silver fans. 


Heartless (2022) - Chestnut Springs Book #2

Heartless (2022)


Why we love it:

- Everything about this book was perfection, from its humour to its romance and chemistry between the characters. 
- Great dialogue between the two main characters, with plenty of back-and-forth banter.

This next read from the Chestnut Springs series follows the romance between Willa, a spirited rich girl seeking summer employment, and Cade, a grumpy farmer and single dad in need of a babysitter for his son. Despite initial reservations, Willa proves to be the perfect match for Cade, challenging his stoic demeanour with her wit and determination. As their banter evolves into undeniable chemistry, readers are treated to a heartwarming tale filled with humour, passion, and tender moments.


Powerless (2023) - Chestnut Springs Book #3

Powerless (2023)


Why we love it:

- A really sweet friends-to-lovers storyline with plenty of tension between the main protagonists.
- We loved the character arc of Sloane and the journey of self-discovery that she goes on.

Powerless by Elsie Silver explores the friends-to-lovers romance between Sloane and Jasper in the small town of Chestnut Springs. Sloane undergoes a journey of self-discovery, learning to prioritise her own needs, while Jasper emerges as her steadfast supporter. Their relationship is filled with tension and scorching chemistry, making for an addictive and heartwarming read. This is the perfect next read in the series as it includes more great storytelling and even juicer romances to be excited about. 


Reckless (2023) - Chestnut Springs Book #4

Reckless (2023)


Why we love it:

- A book that is sweet, sexy and heartwarming all in one. 
- Theo is one of the best male leads Elsie Silver has written.

Reckless tells the compelling romance between Theo and Winter, with a blend of humour, emotion, and steamy passion. As their relationship unfolds, you’ll be drawn into a story that is both heartwarming and captivating. However, this book isn’t just about romance - although there’s plenty of that - it’s a beautiful depiction of family, self-love and self-acceptance, even when you don’t think you deserve it. 


Hopeless (2023) - Chestnut Springs Book #5

Hopeless (2023)


Why we love it:

- It is as emotionally charged a story as Elsie Silver has written.
- The hidden references to other couples from the series added something extra special to the book. 

This final novel follows the romance between Beau and Bailey, featuring an emotionally damaged hero and an outspoken yet insecure heroine. As their relationship develops, you’re drawn into a story of love, healing, and mutual support. With its engaging characters, heartfelt narrative, and a few spicy scenes, Hopeless offers a captivating reading experience that will leave you deeply saddened but immensely satisfied with this exciting end to the Chestnut Springs series. 


Rose Hill Series


Wild Love (2024) - Rose Hill Book #1

Wild Love (2024) - Rose Hill Book #1


Why we love it:

- It strikes the perfect balance between banter and spice.

Elsie Silver is back as she tells the story of an intense and passionate romance between Rosie and Ford, set against the backdrop of the brilliant Rose Hill. Rosie’s life is a bit of a mess and she’s retreated back to her hometown as she figures things out. She meets Ford, her brother's friend, and takes up a job as his assistant.  As they figure out their relationship, they navigate through emotional challenges and obstacles, ultimately finding solace and love in each other's arms. With its vivid setting, compelling characters, and steamy scenes, Wild Love offers a new and immersive reading experience that will leave you chomping at the bit for what Elise Silver has for you next. 


And there you have it. All the Elsie Silver books in one place. Whether you're new to Elsie Silver's novels or a longtime fan, these books promise romance, drama, steam, and unforgettable characters, making them a must-read for any lover of small-town romance. So pour yourself a glass of wine, settle in, and get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride through Silver's captivating worlds.
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