What to Read After A Court of Thorns and Roses

So, you’ve just finished A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR), a fantasy full of spice, romance, magic and war, and now you’re feeling numb. You’re pining for another book, anything that will transport you to another fantasy world with that much drama.

If that sounds like you, then don't worry, we've got a list of books you should read after A Court of Thorns and Roses. 

And if you haven’t read all five books in the series, then we’d urge you to start there. Trust us, book two is where the action truly begins…

Books to Read After ACOTAR

Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass Series

Why we love it:

- Features compelling romantic relationships that have real depth and complexity.
- The series wraps up with a fulfilling and emotionally resonant finale that ties up loose ends while leaving room for interpretation. 

Throne of Glass follows the journey of an infamous assassin, Celaena Sardothien, as she navigates a treacherous world filled with magic, politics, and dark forces. Set in a kingdom where magic has been outlawed and rebellion brews, Celaena finds herself entangled in a deadly competition to become the King’s champion. This series kept us hooked with its twists, turns, and heart-pounding action. Maas’s intricate storytelling and vivid world-building brought the complex characters and gripping plotlines to life, cementing this as another beloved fantasy series by the author of ACOTAR.


Crescent City Series by Sarah J. Maas

House of Flame and Shadow Book

Why we love it:
- A slightly darker, more urban world than what Sarah J. Maas has previously created, proving her credentials as one of the best worldbuilders in fantasy. 
- The balance of emotional depth, sizzling romance, and edge-of-your-seat twists will keep you hooked.

The Crescent City series, made up of House of Earth and Blood, House of Sky and Breath, and House of Flame and Shadow, introduces readers to the captivating world of a bustling metropolis where magic and technology intertwine. We follow Bryce Quinlan, half-human and half-fae, as she’s thrust into a dark conspiracy when her best friend is brutally murdered. Teaming up with the brooding fallen angel, Hunt Athalar, the pair embark on a quest for justice and freedom. Unforgettable characters, passionate romance, and gripping suspense keeps you turning the pages eager for more in this sizzling series by Sarah J Maas


Powerless by Lauren Roberts

Powerless book

Why we love it:
- We love an enemies-to-lovers forbidden romance and this doesn’t disappoint!
- The pure tension and angst between the two main characters.

Powerless is a debut novel from popular BookToker, Lauren Roberts. The story unfolds in a kingdom where Elites hold all power, gifted to them by the Plague, and the Ordinaries, who hold no power, are killed and banished. Paedyn Gray, an Ordinary, poses as a Psychic to survive, but when she saves the Prince she’s thrown into a merciless competition known as the Purging Trials, where she must fight to survive and hide her true identity. This is an epic start to a debut trilogy with a gripping storyline and perfect pace: slow enough to build depth but quick to keep you hooked. And once you've finished that, you'll be sure to reach for the follow up in this fantasy series: Powerful.


Fourth Wing and Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

Fourth Wing book


Why we love it:
- The fast-paced plot and rich worldbuilding will leave you unable to put this book down.
- Well-crafted character arcs leave you feeling like you know them personally. 

If you haven’t heard of Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, where have you been!? The buzz surrounding these books is undeniable, and rightfully so. Fourth Wing is a gripping romantasy that seamlessly weaves together action, angst, and heartfelt love. Following Violet Sorrengail’s quest to become a dragon rider, the story intertwines with that of Xaden Riorson, a wing leader. No spoilers from us but their attraction is immediate, albeit a bit complicated, and the story is a rollercoaster of twists hooking you right from the start. Fourth Wing stands out as one of Yarros's finest works, offering an unforgettable reading experience that continues in Iron Flame

If you’re interested in reading more from this author, then check out our list of which order to read Rebecca Yarros’s books.


Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi


Shatter Me book series


Why we love it:
- Juliette, the compelling protagonist, undergoes significant growth throughout the series, transforming from a fragile and isolated girl to a strong and empowered leader.
- Tahereh Mafi's distinctive writing style, including striking metaphors and crossed-out text, adds a layer of intrigue and intensity to the story.

Shatter Me follows the journey of Juliette Ferrars, a young woman with a lethal touch, living in a dystopian world controlled by a totalitarian regime known as the Reestablishment. Initially imprisoned for her dangerous abilities, Juliette is eventually freed and recruited by Warner, a high-ranking officer, to serve the regime. However, as she becomes entangled in the Reestablishment's schemes, Juliette begins to question her loyalties and discovers the truth about her past. This dystopian series by Tahereh Mafi is a must-read for fans of ACOTAR. The books excel in their portrayal of relationships with the love triangle adding depth and tension to the story, and the series draws you in with its gripping narrative, complex characters, and evocative writing style.


The Stolen Heir and The Prisoner's Throne by Holly Black


Stolen Heir and The Prisoner's Throne


Why we love it:
- Holly Black’s captivating writing and storytelling kept us reading all night.
- The thrilling plot twists in the second book left us reeling with shock and anticipation.

A fleeing queen, a hesitant prince, and a perilous journey that threatens to shatter them both, The Stolen Heir is an expansion of the world in the Folk of the Air Series, but it isn’t necessary to have read The Cruel Prince first. This duology follows Suren, the child queen of the Court of Teeth, seeking refuge in the human realm whilst freeing humans who have made foolish bargains. She believes that she has been forgotten by her icy mother until she is tracked down by a storm hag and runs into the arms of Prince Oak, the heir of Elfhame whom she was supposed to marry but has resented for years. He’s on a mission north and needs Suren’s help, but it means guarding her heart against the boy she once knew and a prince she cannot fully trust. Holly Black’s fantasy series is action packed and full of surprises that left us in suspense. With great character development and a strong female protagonist, this is the perfect next read after ACOTAR. 



So there’s just some of the best books to read after Sarah J Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series. With this list of gripping fantasy and dystopian books, you’ll be sure to find your next obsession after finishing ACOTAR. Whether you’re craving epic adventures, forbidden romance, or intricate worldbuilding, there’s something to satisfy every reader’s appetite. Happy reading!


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