The Ultimate Christmas Party Games

Get ready to jingle and mingle this holiday season because we've got The Ultimate Christmas Party Games lined up for you! 

From festive favourites to creative new twists, these games are the perfect recipe for yuletide fun. Whether you're hosting a family gathering, a virtual office party, or a cosy night with friends, these games will add that extra dash of Christmas cheer to your festivities. 

So, let's get the celebrations started with our collection of Christmas games that are sure to make your holiday gatherings unforgettable. 


Best Christmas Party Games


Christmas Charades


Imagine your loved ones, powered by selection boxes and Bucks Fizz - trying to mime their favourite TV show or film. All while you’re sitting there, scratching your head and trying to work out what that flailing around could be. That’s Christmas Charades in a nutshell, and that’s why we love it. It’s chaotic, a little bit awkward in places, and every so often, there are moments that will have the whole room rolling around on the floor in stitches. It’s also one of the easiest party games to play, requiring little to no equipment and minimal explanation before you start.

How to Play:

1. Create a list of Christmas words, phrases, or actions that each team will act out. These can be written on pieces of paper.
2. Choose a Mime Master. Each team takes turns selecting a Mime Master. This person will act out the clues for their team.
3. The Mime Master from one team selects a word or phrase without showing it to their team. 
4. They then have a minute to use gestures, body movements, and or facial expressions to act out the word or phrase.
5. The other team members then have to try to guess the word or phrase based on the Mime Master's performance. They can shout out their guesses, but the Mime Master cannot respond verbally.
6. If they cannot guess within the time, then a point goes to the other team. 
7. Continue playing until you've had your fill of laughter and entertainment


Candy Cane Hunt 

 A candy cane hunt is like a sugary treasure quest, making your Christmas party a whole lot sweeter! Imagine the ultimate Christmas chaos of hiding these iconic holiday treats around your home or garden and then setting your guests loose to find them. hilarious! Kids and kids-at-heart will adore this fun-filled game that turns your party into a merry adventure.

How to play:

1. Gather your candy canes. These can be found in most supermarkets around the Christmas period. 
2. Before the party, hide the candy canes in various spots within your house and or garden.
3. Start the Hunt. Your guests can look high and low, inside or outside, depending on your chosen hiding spots. You can choose to set a time limit to add even more competition.  
4. The person or team with the most candy canes wins a prize, or you can simply revel in the joy of discovery without a winner.


Ginger Bread Building Competition


A gingerbread building competition is like a delicious DIY extravaganza that'll sweeten up your Christmas party! It's all about getting your hands sticky with frosting and turning gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and gumdrops into edible architectural wonders. Whether you're a culinary genius or a rookie baker, the fun is in the messiness of creating your masterpiece. Your guests will love it because it's a quirky and scrumptious way to ignite some holiday spirit and create unforgettable, tasty memories.

 How to play:

1. You'll need gingerbread house kits or homemade gingerbread pieces, royal icing, a variety of candies, and plenty of creativity. You can also find kits in your local supermarket.
2. Your guests can choose to work solo or in teams.
3. Start assembling. Let their creativity run wild as sprinkles and icing start flying!
4. You can then appoint a judge to pick a winner or simply allow everyone to admire and enjoy each other delicious creations. 


Name That ‘Christmas’ Tune


Nothing says Christmas quite like your tone-deaf aunt belting out a rendition of Frosty the Snowman, with the rest of the family on the edge of their seats trying to guess that tune. Name that ‘Christmas Tune’ is an easy way to liven up the party and get everyone involved as they work their way through the back catalogue of some of their favourite Christmas tunes.

How to play:

1. Create a playlist of classic Christmas songs.
2. One person listens to a snippet of the song and then has to hum it to their team.
3. The rest of the team tries to guess the song based on their rendition.
4. Keep track of who guesses correctly and award points to the winners.
5. Keep playing snippets and tallying points. The person or team with the most points at the end wins the game.


White Elephant


White Elephant is a nice, and relatively cheap way to introduce a little bit of gift-giving and a whole lot of competitiveness into the evening. The premise of the game is that everyone brings a gift, but essentially each time you open the gift, you have the option to keep yours or steal someone else's. This will create all sorts of drama as people team up and make alliances to get the snag the gift they want.

How to play:

1. Ask participants to bring wrapped, quirky, or amusing gifts. Set a budget limit if desired.
2. Assign each participant a number and have them draw numbers to determine the order of gift selection.
3. Starting with the person with the lowest number, they choose a gift and unwrap it or steal an already unwrapped gift from another player.
4. Continue clockwise, and players can either choose a new gift or steal one from someone else. Set a limit on how many times a gift can be stolen.
5. Keep playing until everyone has had their turn. The game ends, leaving everyone with memorable and sometimes hilarious gifts.


Christmas Trivia 


Christmas trivia is the jolliest brain-teaser bonanza that adds a dose of festive fun to your holiday party! It's a giggly, heartwarming test of holiday know-how that is the perfect combo of learning and laughter, a chance to show off your Christmas IQ, and an opportunity to bond with family and friends over some holly jolly competition!

How to play:

1. Gather a list of Christmas-themed trivia questions and answers.
2. Divide your party guests into teams or have individuals participate.
3. Pose the trivia questions to the teams or individuals one by one.
4. Award points for correct answers and keep a tally of scores.
5. The team or individual with the most points at the end wins.


Tacky Christmas Jumper Competition 


Get your guests to dig deep into their wardrobe of festive monstrosities and pull out some of their tackiest and most garish Christmas jumpers for your party. A tacky Christmas jumper competition is an easy way to help people break the ice at a Christmas jumper as they compliment (or critique) another guest's jumper. Even if it is just for your family on Christmas day, it can be a fun and playful way to bring a bit of colour to the proceedings.

How to play:

1. Let everyone know it's a Tacky Christmas Jumper Competition before your party, and encourage participants to wear the most outrageous and tacky holiday sweaters they can find or create.
2. Have a "fashion show" where each participant parades their tacky sweater.
3. Appoint judges or have a voting system to determine the winner based on tackiness, creativity, and crowd reactions.
4. Announce the winner and reward them with a fun prize or a trophy for their tacky fashion triumph.


Pin The Nose On The Reindeer


Pin the Nose on the Reindeer is a game that'll sleigh your Christmas party as they fumble around blindfolded trying to stick the red-nose on Rudolph. It’s a nice interactive game that can be as big or as little a thing as you want it to be and encourages a little bit of interactivity among the guests.

How It Works:

1. Create or purchase a large poster of a reindeer without its nose and a separate red nose cutout.
2. Blindfold the players and have them take turns.
3. Spin each player around a few times to disorient them, then hand them the nose to pin on the reindeer.
4. Each player tries to pin the nose on the reindeer while blindfolded.
5. After everyone has taken a turn, the player who pins the nose closest to the correct spot wins!

Santa Limbo


Your hips and knees won’t thank us for this one, but your guests will. Santa Limbo is a fun and hilarious game that will liven up any Christmas Party. As you ask your guests to bend and flex their way beneath a pole while donning Santa’s big belly, there’ll be spills and tumbles and a whole lot of laughter from everyone involved.

How It Works:

1. Have participants dress up as Santa, complete with Santa's big belly (you can use pillows or costumes).
2. Stretch a long, soft scarf horizontally at an appropriate height.
3. One by one, participants take turns bending backwards and attempting to pass under the scarf without touching it or falling.
4. After each round, lower the scarf slightly to increase the challenge.
5. The game continues, progressively lowering the scarf until only one "Santa" remains unclimbed.


Have a Merry Christmas Party!


Get ready to elevate your Christmas party with these Christmas party games! Whether you're with family, friends, or coworkers, these games are the recipe for yuletide fun. From the laugh-out-loud Christmas Charades to the adventurous Candy Cane Hunt, there's something for everyone.  

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