Make your own spring box frame with Pretty Paper By B

Create a Spring Box Frame Home Décor Artwork

Hey fellow crafter! Bethan here (founder of Pretty In Paper By B), a world-leading craft influencer from Yorkshire, and today we’re going to create a gorgeous box frame artwork with a spring theme.
Handmade wall decorations are a unique way to bring style to a home, especially when they are made with love, joy and care! So, I’m really pleased to be sharing this craft project with you. It is simple and straightforward to make and is perfect to give as a gift, or to hang in your own home. 
So, gather your tools and supplies, get comfy and let’s get crafting!


What you will need:

  • Silhouette Cameo 4 cutting machine (or similar)
  • Silhouette cutting mat
  • Vinyl cutting tool set
  • White 20cm x 20 cm box frame
  • Silver metallic vinyl
  • A4 Pastel Paper Pad 16 Pack (8 colours, 180GSM)
  • A4 Bright Paper Pad 16 Pack (8 colours, 180GSM)
  • Time for Bloom 6” x 6” paper pad
  • A4 White card
  • Hot glue gun (and extra glue sticks)
  • Double sided tape
  • Transfer tape
  • Optional compass and pencil (to draw a circle)
  • Rolled paper flower and foliage SVG files



  1. Download a selection of floral SVG cut files (I found mine on the Silhouette Design Store). You will need a variety of flowers and leaves.
  2. Using Silhouette Studio arrange your floral SVG cut files on a 21 x 21 cm blank canvas in a circle of 15cm diameter.
  3. Choose a brush font for the Hello Spring text and place this text in the centre of your design. (I used Peony Blush font).
  4. Place a section of metallic vinyl onto a cutting mat large enough for your Hello Spring text.
  5. Cut the text from the vinyl using Silhouette Cameo 4 cutting machine (or alternative)
  6. Peel off excess vinyl and use the weeding tool to remove the excess vinyl from spaces inside letters.
  7. Apply transfer tape over Hello Spring letters. Lift the tape from the cutting mat and set aside for later.
  8. Choose a selection of A4 sheets from the coloured bright and pastel paper pads. I used bright yellow, bright pink and pastel blue.
  9. Place each sheet on the cutting mat and cut out some rolled paper flowers using the Silhouette machine.
  10. Repeat this process using the A4 paper pads and Time for Blue paper pad, to cut the remaining flower and foliage paper pieces in your design.
  11. Now is the time to plug in your hot glue gun to let it warm up.
  12. Using tweezers from the vinyl cutting tool set grasp the end of one of the paper flowers. Roll the paper with color side facing inwards, two or three times with the tweezers. After that you can remove the tweezers and continue rolling using your fingers until the paper strip has been rolled to the end.
  13. Allow the rolled flower coil to loosen to the desired flower size. Apply hot glue to the base of the flower and fix the end of the strip to the base. Repeat this for all your rolled paper flowers.
  14. Cut a piece of A4 with card down to 21cm x 21cm to make a square.
  15. (Optional) Use a compass and pencil to draw a 15cm diameter circle (7.5cm radius) lightly on the card to use as a guide.
  16. Remove board from the back of the box frame.
  17. Stick your square white card to the board using double sided tape.
  18. Place flower and leaf paper pieces around your circle then stick in place using the glue gun.
  19. Place your floral artwork into the box frame.
  20. Take the vinyl letters and peel off the backing paper so the letters remain stuck to the transfer tape. Then place the letters centrally on the glass front of the box frame.
  21. Rub over the transfer tape to ensure your letters are firmly stuck down then peel off transfer tape.
  22. Take a moment to enjoy your completed artwork!

I hope you enjoyed crafting with me today and I can’t wait to see your Spring Box Frame home decor! Follow me on social media @PrettyInPaperByB for more craft inspiration and tutorials!

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