Decorate your own giraffe mask

if your child loves to get creative and loves animals then we have the perfect easy craft for you! Keep reading to find out how you can recreate this amazing giraffe mask at home. 
You can pick up everything you need from our art and craft section in-store and online.  Then all you’ll need is a little time and some eager little helpers and you’re ready to start creating your very own safari from the comfort of your home. 



You Will Need:


1.    First take your plain giraffe mask and choose your colours, we painted our giraffe's nose in brown and the rest of the giraffe's face in yellow but there are no rules, you can get as creative as you like! 

2.    Next we’re going to get creative with some papier-mâché. Spread a small amount of PVA glue over your giraffe's markings, once the marking is covered in glue you can start to rip up small pieces of tissue paper to stick down over the glue. Repeat this step until all your giraffe's markings are covered. 

3.    Now it’s time to fill in those details to bring your giraffe to life, take your ready-mixed paints and fill in your giraffe's ears and mouth.

4.    Once your paint has dried spread a small amount PVA glue over your giraffe's ears and add some pom poms, we chose pink but you can choose any colour you like. 


There you have it! In just four easy steps you have an amazing giraffe mask to add to your dressing-up box. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there, we have lots of different animal masks available to buy in-store and online so why not keep creating? 


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