Decorate your own butterfly masks

On the lookout for a super easy and low-cost craft you and your little one can make together? 
Well look no further, our plain white masks come in packs of two for just £1, making them the perfect afternoon craft to make together. 
Check out our simple tutorial below for some inspiration on how you can decorate your own mask. 



You Will Need:


1.    First take your plain mask and add any colour paint you like, we went for purple but with our huge range of ready mixed paints you can choose any colour you like. 

2.    Now once your paint has dried you can move onto the fun stuff… adding your embellishments. Take some PVA glue and cover any space on the mask you would like to have glitter, then sprinkle on the glitter of your choice and shake off any excess. 

3.    Next, we added some feathers to the tops of our mask using some more PVA glue. 

4.    Finally, we added a little more sparkle with some adhesive gems. 

Now all you need to do is tie on your mask string and you have an amazing mask to add to your fancy dress box. What will you make? 


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