5 Fun And Simple Easter Craft Ideas

We’ve made it, gang! We’ve survived those dark wintery months, and Easter is just around the corner, so we can turn our minds to chocolate, mouth-watering roast dinners and, most importantly, crafts.

There’s always something crafty going on at Easter. Whether that’s bonnet making, decorating eggs or making little decorations, you’ll always find family members hunched around the table working on a project on the day and in the lead-up to it.

So in honour of one of our favourite Easter traditions, we’ve pulled together some fun and simple Easter crafts that you can do at home. These crafts only need a handful of supplies and can be done by people of all ages and skill levels.



Our 5 Easy Easter Craft Ideas


1. Painting Easter Eggs (gathered.how)

Painting Easter Eggs


Painting Easter eggs is the best way to turn ordinary eggs into a vibrant explosion of colour and fun! This craft isn't just about creating egg-straordinary art; it's also great to do with family and friends at an Easter party. With only a few simple supplies and materials, some of which you can find in your cupboard at home, this is the perfect craft to relax and have fun with. 


Supplies & materials:

- Eggs 
- Pin 
- Cocktail stick
- Paint 
- Paintbrush 
- Sponge 



1. Take your pin and poke a hole in the top and bottom of your egg - make sure to start small and apply gentle pressure slowly. 
2. Over a bowl, blow into the holes as hard as possible to blow out the contents of the egg.
3. When all the egg is removed, you can wash it under a tap and leave it to dry.
4. Now you can start to paint!
5. Insert a cocktail stick into either hole so you can easily hold the egg while you paint.
6. To paint, we recommend using thicker paint to ensure maximum pigment. 
7. You can use either a sponge or paintbrush to paint, depending on the design you’re trying to achieve. 
8. Once you're done decorating your egg, leave it to dry.


2. DIY Easter Garland (thesweetdigs.com)

DIY Easter Garland


This easy craft is the perfect addition to your decor this Easter. Gather up some colourful cards, string and other decorating accessories to create a stunning Easter egg garland for any Easter occasion. Think pastel pinks, blues, yellows, and greens – the more, the merrier! Cut out egg shapes from these cards, experimenting with sizes and patterns to add a playful touch.


Supplies & materials:

- String 
- Coloured card 
- Scissors 
- Glitter
- Stickers 
- Paint 
- Paintbrush 
- Tape  
- Glue 


1. Cut out as many egg shapes as required from your coloured card. 
2. Then go ahead and decorate each one in whatever style or colours you please.   
3. You can also use glitter and stickers to decorate your eggs further.
4. Once you’re happy with the eggs, measure out some string for a long you need it to be for the area where you’re hanging the garland. 
5. Then one by one, tape the back of the eggs to the string and then hang up the garland using more tape. 


3. Felt Bunny Ears (bbcgoodfood.com)

Felt Bunny Ears


The ultimate accessory for an eggstra-special Easter look! This easy easter craft is not only simple to create but is the perfect addition to your festivities. With a few simple steps to create your bunny ears, they can be worn during Easter egg hunts, family gatherings, or just around the house to spread some joy.

Supplies & materials:

- A4 sheet of tracing paper
- Hot glue 
- A4 pieces of felt in multiple colours
- Sewing pins
- Plain headband 



1. Start by drawing a bunny ear shape onto the tracing paper, followed by a smaller bunny ear. Make sure to allow for an extra centimetre (cm) at the bottom of the ears so they can be easily attached to the headband.
2. Using your sewing pins, pin together the tracing paper and the felt. 
3. Now cut out two big ears and two little ears.
4. Glue the little ears to the big ears and set them to one side to dry. 
5. For added effect, you can snip a small 1cm slit at the centre base of each ear and then fold over or iron to create a more bent/realistic look to the ears. 
6. Now fold each end of the ears under the headband and glue them down. Leave to dry once more before wearing.


4. Marshmallow Rabbits (bbcgoodfood.com

Marshmallow Rabbits


Never mind Easter eggs, why not try Marshmallow Rabbits? This tasty treat is an adorable addition to any Easter and is perfect as a post-dinner activity or as something to do in the lead-up. All you need for this craft is some icing, a bit of food colouring and some different-sized marshmallows to create some cute little edible bunnies.


Supplies & materials:

- Icing 
- Food colouring (blue and pink)
- Large marshmallows 
- Medium marshmallows
- Small marshmallows



1. Separate the icing into three bowls, one for blue, one for pink and one plain.
2. Add the food colouring to the relevant bowls to make blue and pink icing.
3. Then cut your medium marshmallows in half to make your bunny ears. 
4. Then using the plain icing, stick the ears to the top of the large marshmallows.
5. Then take two small marshmallows and stick to the rabbit's face to make the chubby cheeks. 
6. Now add a small pink blob of icing to make the nose and two blue spots for the eyes. Leave to set.
7. With 4 more small marshmallows, stick them to the large marshmallow to make the body, i.e. two arms and two legs.
8. Don't forget to add a small marshmallow to the back for the tail.
9. Finally, with a large blob of icing, stick the head to the body and leave it to set once again. 


5. Bunny Napkins (countryliving.com)

Bunny Napkins

This craft is for those who like to add a little bit of class to their dinner. With these adorable bunny-shaped napkins, your dining table will go from somewhere you scoff down your dinner to looking like the Easter bunny has just launched a fine dining experience in your house. It’s also an easy easter craft that you can have the kids do as you set up the table for the veritable feast that you’ve prepared. 


Supplies & materials:

- Napkin (cotton works best)
- String or Raffia
- Craft beads 
- Pink paint



1. Start by painting your beads and then set them aside to dry.
2. Then take your napkin and fold it in half. 
3. Now roll up the napkin starting from the point and fold it in half again.
4. Then simply take your pink beads and string/raffia and thread the bead through. 
5. For the finishing touch, tie the string around the napkin, close the base and then fray the string to create little whiskers. 

Happy Easter!


Here are your fantastic five ridiculously easy and delightfully simple Easter crafts. Whether you're jazzing up your table or creating some edible creations, these crafts guarantee a blast of fun. So, no matter your Easter plans, these crafts are your ticket to a hassle-free, joy-filled celebration.

If you’re looking for more inspiration or things to get stuck into this Easter, take a look at our recent blog Beyond An Egg Hunt: 8 Fun Easter Games For Kids, which includes loads of ideas to make your easter party one to remember!

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