Make your own Jubilee invitations

 Get ready for the event of the year! 
This year the Queen will be celebrating her Platinum jubilee, that’s 70 years on the throne! 
Thinking of hosting a street party in honor of the Queens Platinum Jubilee? You’ll need to send out invitations! Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this super simple jubilee invitation tutorial. 


You Will Need:


Equipment you will need:

•    Blank cards and envelopes 
•    Coloured paper/card 
•    Washi tape 
•    Embellishments 
•    Pens
•    Glue 


Step 1 – Add your flag 

Using your coloured card cut out strips to create a union flag design to your blank invitation, starting at the top left corner leaving plenty of space for your party details. 

Step 2 – Add your text 

It’s all in the details! Now take a piece of card and use your very neatest handwriting to add in all the details of your event, the date, time and anything you need your guests to bring.
Then stick this down in the blank space you created on the invitation. 

Step 3 – Add embellishments 

It wouldn’t be a platinum jubilee invite without some bling would it? Add some extra embellishments to your invite either using the adhesive already on the back of the embellishments or with some extra PVA glue. We have a variety of gems and crowns for you to choose from online and in-store so now is your time to get creative and make your invite truly unique.  

Step 4 – Add some fun to your envelope 

This step is optional but if you really want to make your invite stand out why not use some washi tape and left-over embellishments to decorate your envelope too! 
And there you have it, a simple but effective invitation to the party of the year! 



Now all you need to do is send your invites out and get ready for an amazing Jubilee weekend you’ll never forget! 
Shop Jubilee must-haves in store and online now. 
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