10 Pocket Money Toys For Your Little Ones

Picture this. You’re out in town, strolling around the shops, you with a coffee in one hand, your little one with their pocket money ready to be spent in the other hand. Then they spot something and immediately start tugging at your clothes, looking to spend their “hard-earned” money, but of course, they are overwhelmed with choice, with toys towering over them from all corners of the shop. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You can easily narrow down their choice for them and pivot their attention to some genuinely good pocket money toys they will surely love. 

We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite pocket money toys for kids. So that the next time they’re looking to spend their hard-earned pocket money and have too many choices, you’ll have a list of some fantastic toys that are all pocket-money friendly.

The Best Pocket Money Toys


#1 ScrunchMiez Surprise

ScrunchMiez Surprise

Your little ones will feel like a fashionista with these adorable ScrunchMiez scrunchies. These cute little guys are pretty versatile, with kids able to wear them in their hair, wrists or a backpack. So when it comes to accessorising, your budding little Coco Chanel will have a lot of options to work with.

Price: £5
Check out ScrunchMiez here for yourself.


#2 25pk Jet Balls

25pk Jet Balls

Bouncy balls make the perfect pocket money toy, and these Jet Balls are no different. Available in a handy dandy drawstring bag, this pack of 25 bouncy balls will give your little one hours of fun indoors or outdoors; they’re perfect for kids of all ages and, of course, pocket-money friendly. 

Price: £4

Check out Jet Balls here.


#3 Loomi-Pals Rainbow Loom: Fairy

Loomi-Pals Rainbow Loom: Fairy

Step into a whimsical world of wonder with Loomipals-Fairy! Your littles can create their own magical fairy companions using loombands. With a price that won't break their piggy bank, Loomipals-Fairy brings endless joy, and before you know it, your little ones will be dressed head to toe in fairy loombands.

Price: £2
Check out Loomi-Pals here for more information.


#4 Loomi-Pals Rainbow Loom: Food

Loomi-Pals Rainbow Loom: Food

For more loom band fun, try these adorable food-themed Loomi-Pals. Your little ones can create fun rainbow loom bands with the cutest food charms, including cupcakes, pizzas, watermelons and more! At a low price, these Loomi-Pals are the ideal toy for pocket money as they can get one or two options. 

Price: £2
Feast your eyes on the Loomi-Pals Rainbow Loom: Food here.


#5 Aphmau Mystery Toy: Assorted

Aphmau Mystery Toy: Assorted

This exciting and adorable collection of plush toys by the popular online personality, Aphmau, is the perfect pocket-money toy. Each plush toy features a different cute and mysterious MeeMeow character, making it a surprise for your little ones. With their soft and huggable design, they quickly become beloved companions and are just the right price for pocket money. 

Price: £10
Check out The Aphmau Mystery Toy for yourself here.


#6 Shakems Unicorn Frozen Egg

Shakems Unicorn Frozen Egg

Shakems Unicorn Frozen Egg is a magical and enchanting pocket money toy that will captivate your child’s imagination. Youngsters will discover a beautiful unicorn figurine inside this wondrous egg, frozen in a mesmerising pose, waiting to be played with. At a price perfect for your little one's budget, they’re sure to love the excitement of this toy.

Price: £3
Uncover the magic for yourself here


#7 Shakems Dinosaur Frozen Egg

Shakems Dinosaur Frozen Egg

Perfect for any young budding Palaeontologist, this delightful toy makes an ideal pocket money toy. Kids crack open the egg to unveil their unique dinosaur companion, who’s been trapped in there since prehistoric times, just waiting to be unleashed on the modern world.

Price: £3
Explore the excitement of this dino egg here.


#8 Large Squish Attack Neon Ball

Large Squish Attack Neon Ball

This squishy neon ball is larger than life, offering endless hours of fun and sensory play. With its vibrant neon colours, the Large Squish Attack Neon Ball is visually striking and immediately captures your kid's attention. Kids can squish, squeeze, and toss the ball, all while relieving stress. Plus, at a budget-friendly price, it is perfect for kids to spend their pocket money on. 

Price: £4
So let your kids enjoy all the relaxation and check out the Squish Attack ball here.


#9 Squish Attack Neon Ball

Squish Attack Neon Ball

Kids will love the satisfying tactile experience as they squeeze, stretch, and squish this fun-sized ball. The soft and flexible texture provides sensory feedback, making it a great stress reliever and fidget toy. So, this colourful toy is a perfect choice, whether for a little bit of stress release or just a way to have fun.

Price: £2
Check out this fun, squishy and satisfying neon ball here.


#10 Fidget Fun Box

 Fidget Fun Box

This exciting collection of sensory toys provides endless fun and relaxation. For kids who have been working hard to save their pocket money, this Fidget Fun Box has some great toys to de-stress and relax, all while providing hours of fun. From pop ‘n’ flip to pea pod popper and many more, your kids will love it all. 

Price: £10
Check more of what’s included in the Fidget Fun Box here.



The days of buying poor-quality pocket-money toys are long gone. From now on, you can refer to this list of great toys at pocket money-friendly prices and be rest assured your child will be buying something that will not only last longer than a day but something they will love so much they won’t want to put down. 

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