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If you adored Michelle Obama's bestselling memoir, then you'll love this stunning journal featuring an intimate and motivating introduction by the former First Lady!With more than 150 inspiring questions and quotations to help you discover... what's your journey of Becoming? Michelle Obama generously shared her ow extraordinary story to help encourage people to feel brave enough to do the same. She is now providing us with this beautiful journal to find value in our own personal journeys of becoming! Detailed with a stunning grosgrain ribbon, a foil-stamped cover, removable half-jacket and thought-provoking prompts to help you reflect on your history, your goals, challenges, dreams and hopes. Feel inspired today and start your adventures into your sense of belonging! 'I hope you'll use this journal to write down your experiences, thoughts, and feelings, in all their imperfections, and without judgement... we don't have to remember everything. But everything we remember has value.' - Michelle Obama. Product Information:• ISBN: 9780241444153• Author: Michelle Obama• Publisher: Viking• Format: Hardback• Pages: 208• Dimensions: 21.6 x 15 x 2cm

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Ever wondered how accurate Casualty, Holby City or E.R really are? Dr Nick Edwards is here to enlighten us on what it is really like to be working in Accident { Emergency! With shocking honesty, Dr Nick Edwards lifts the lid on governmental targets that lead to poor patient care, the level of alcohol-related injuries that bring service to a standstill and how bloody hard it is to look after people. But it isn't all miserable news and events... Edwards shares some very funny and bizarre 'accidents', foreign bodies inserted in unusual places and other peculiar things going on! Delve directly In Stitches for some frequently alarming, often hilarious and sometimes deeply moving drama.A truly unforgettable read. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781905548705• Author: Dr Nick Edwards• Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers• Format: Paperback• Pages: 294• Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 2cm

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Imagine a world where... Everything you ate was monitored by the government. Every step you took was counted. Your children were weighed every day at school. Neighbours reported on neighbours and no one was safe from judgement. Sugar was illegal, and baking was a crime. Imagine if that world was here... What would you do? Toe the line or fight for your freedom... 'A captivating and thought-provoking debut' - Heidi Swain. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781409187745• Author: Claire Wade• Publisher: Orion Books• Format: Paperback• Pages: 400• Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 3.2cm

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The most intimate portrait of a sitting president ever published during the president’s first years in office. With authoritative reporting honed through eight presidencies from Nixon to Obama, author Bob Woodward reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside President Donald Trump’s White House and precisely how he makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies. Woodward draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources, meeting notes, personal diaries, files and documents. The focus is on the explosive debates and the decision-making in the Oval Office, the Situation Room, Air Force One and the White House residence. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781471181290• Author: Bob Woodward• Publisher: Simon { Schuster• Format: Hardback• Pages: 448• Dimensions: 23.5 x 15.5 x 3cm

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Please note this book contains adult content. Laugh-out-loud with this hilarious unofficial Donald Trump Yearbook with some of the funniest and wackiest gags and amusing activities all revolved around the man himself...President Donald John Trump. 'No way' they said, 'he won't last 100 days'! But steaming full-force into his final year of office, Trump has survived until the 2020 election year. Biglier! Boldlier! Betterlier! Including Trumpfulness health { wellness tips, cut-out-and-keep Trump { Putin masks, dazzling Donald pin-ups { pics, chronicles of mel-narnia fake news fiction and quizzes { questionnaires, political puzzles { games. Dive into this outrageous and comical yearbook full of the funniest Trump topics of them all! Product Information:• ISBN: 9781911622321• Author: Adam G Goodwin { Jonathon Parkyn• Publisher: Portico• Format: Hardback• Pages: 80• Dimensions: 29.5 x 22.3 x 1.5cm

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Do you believe in conspiracies? No one can deny there are many strange events that have never been explained. How did the naked body of GCHQ codebreaker Gareth Williams end up in a padlocked holdall in a Pimlico flat? Did Russian leader Vladimir Putin really order the assassination by polonium of double agent Alexander Litvinenko? Was President Trump elected with the help of the Russians? This book gives you the inside track on conspiracies, from the assassination of JFK, through the mysteries of the Illuminati! Product Information:• ISBN: 9781838570965• Author: Charlotte Greig• Publisher: Arcturus• Format: Paperback• Pages: 128• Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 1cm

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Take an incredible journey across the globe with Michael foreman in this beautiful book of illustrations! From the war-torn Vietnam to the vast forests of Siberia, from Mao's China to Japan, the Arctic and much more! Delve into Michael's signature style capturing the sights and sounds of all he encountered. These illustrations are his memoirs. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781783704729• Author: Michael Foreman• Publisher: Templar Publishing• Format: Hardback• Pages: 96• Dimensions: 22.5 x 26 x 1.5cm

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Running the country is a complex operation and with trust in politicians at an all time low, many of us find ourselves ranting at the telly in frustration. So who better than Haynes to produce a 'workshop manual' that explains in plain English how the system works - a 'nuts and bolts' guide to all the big questions that politicians like to dodge. Split into sections covering economics, politics and society, we show how to strip down the machinery of state and give it a good service. Generously illustrated with cartoons and helpful photos throughout, this Haynes manual explains what's gone wrong, and how or fix it. The authors address difficult issues, like the country's enormous debts and rising levels of inequality, arguing that it's not too late to learn the lessons of the 2007-8 crash, which nearly bankrupted Britain. So if you're fed up with squabbling politicians, this clearly written expert guide, with its focus on debunking technical jargon, makes the subjects of politics and economics accessible to all. This hardback book has 194 pages and measures: 27.7 x 21.4 x 1.3cm

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Discover 100 smart hacks to help you understand and remember even the most complex political theories! From the Communist Manifesto to Globalisation or Free Speech, become a political genius with this book full of simple theories. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781788400404• Author: Julia Flanders• Publisher: Cassell• Format: Paperback• Pages: 208• Dimensions: 22.5 x 18 x 2cm

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Here is all the information you really need to successfully fit into modern British society in this day and age! From ordering the right pint, picking the correct football team or surviving through a series of X Factor, comedian Paul Sinha is guiding you through. Dive into this comical and funny guide, from The Chase star himself, as he explains in a more contemporary and relevant fashion how exactly to be British! Product Information:• ISBN: 9781910232293• Author: Paul Sinha• Publisher: Portico• Format: Hardback• Pages: 160• Dimensions: 19 x 14.5 x 2cm

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'I write about being a Black American woman, however, I am always talking about what it's like to be a human being. This is how we are, what makes us laugh, and this is how we fall and how we somehow, amazingly, stand up again' Maya Angelou. In this first volume of her seven books of autobiography, Maya Angelou beautifully evokes her childhood with her grandmother in the American south of the 1930s. Loving the world, she also knows its cruelty. As a Black woman she has known discrimination, violence and extreme poverty, but also hope, joy, achievement and celebration. The international classic and bestseller, Maya Angelou's memoir paints a portrait of 'a brilliant writer, a fierce friend and a truly phenomenal woman' - Barack Obama. Product Information: ISBN: 9780860685111 Author: Maya Angelou Publisher: Virago Format: Paperback Pages: 320 Dimensions: 19.6 x 12.6 x 3cm

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When Candice fell pregnant and stepped into the motherhood playing field, she found her experience bore little resemblance to the glossy magazine photos of women in horizontal stripe tops and the pinned discussions on mumsnet about what pushchair to buy. Leafing through the piles of prenatal paraphernalia, she found herself wondering: "Where are all the black mothers?". Candice started blogging about motherhood in 2016 after making the simple but powerful observation that the way motherhood is portrayed in the British media is wholly unrepresentative of our society at large. The result is this thought-provoking, urgent and inspirational guide to life as a black mother. It explores the various stages in between pregnancy and waving your child off at the gates of primary school, while facing hurdles such as white privilege, racial micro-aggression and unconscious bias at every point. Candice does so with her trademark sense of humour and refreshing straight-talking, and the result is a call-to-arms that will allow mums like her to take control, scrapping the parenting rulebook to mother their own way. Product Information: ISBN: 9781529406276 Author: Candice Brathwaite Publisher: Quercus Format: Paperback Pages: 240 Dimensions: 21.8 x 14 x 3cm

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