What Order To Read Hannah Grace’s Books

Hannah Grace is fast becoming one of the most popular contemporary romance writers around. She’s written two bestsellers which have been devoured by thousands of bookclubs up and down the country.
Her books are like eating a big tub of ice cream; they’re comforting but a little bit naughty at the same time, with swoon-worthy leading men, relatable but complex female protagonists and just the right amount of tropes.

If you haven’t read any of her books yet and that sounds right up your street, then this post is perfect for you. We’ve pulled together the perfect order to read Hannah Grace’s books in. So pull up a chair, dim the lights a little and get ready to discover one of our favourite romance authors.



Hannah Grace Books In Order


Maple Hills Book Series


Icebreaker (2022)

Wildfire (2023)


Why we love it:

- Enemies to lovers trope that makes for a classic romance
- The underlying vulnerability in the characters makes them relatable to the reader

Icebreaker follows Anastasia Allen and Nathan (Nate) Hawkins. She’s a competitive figure skater who has always wanted to be a part of the US figure skating team, and he’s your typical jock who plays ice hockey. They have nothing in common apart from the ice they share at the local rink. There’s a mix-up at the rink that causes Anastasia's partner to get injured, jeopardising an upcoming competition. You can sort of see where this is going; however, this book is so much more than the typical story about enemies to lovers story. It touches on everything from diversity and representation to having therapy. Combine that with great banter between the two leads, a really fun friendship group and some scenes where the dialogue is so saucy that it will make you blush, and you have all the ingredients of an all-time classic.


Wildfire (2023)

Wildfire (2023)

Why we love it:

- The chemistry between the two protagonists is seriously intense.
- An underlying message about the importance of found family, with a really strong supporting group of friends in this book.

This Hannah Grace book follows Russ and Aurora, who hooked up one time and are now stuck together as counsellors at a summer camp. Both took the job this summer because they were trying to escape their family and all the complications that come with them.  The only problem is that if they are caught fraternising, they’ll be immediately sent home. And neither of them wants that. All the sneaking around and forbidden love adds a layer of jeopardy to the romance that makes the chemistry between the two seriously sizzle. But this book isn’t just about them stealing kisses (and the rest) while people aren’t looking, it’s also a touching story about the importance of found family, with the friendship group within the camp being one of the best bits about this book. 


Happy Reading!

With the release of Daydream, the third in the Maple Hills series, just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to read Hannah Grace’s books in order. Her stories are heartwarming, funny, and smutty in parts, with characters who are so well-developed that they are more than just throwaway reads. 

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