The Definitive Order To Read Lucy Score Books

If you're a fan of romance novels, you've likely heard of Lucy Score. Best known for her heartwarming contemporary romances with her signature blend of humour, steam, and small-town charm, Lucy Score's books are utterly irresistible and impossible to put down. The love stories of her quirky heroines and swoon-worthy heroes will keep your toes curling at every turn of the page. Read on to discover the definitive list for reading Lucy Score books in order, and get ready to escape into a world of romance, laughter, and happily-ever-afters.


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The Best Lucy Score Book


Things We Never Got Over - Knockemout Series (2022)

Things We Never Got Over


Why we love it:

- Lucy Score has a knack for creating characters that feel like old friends, and even when they aren’t perfect, we love them anyway.
- It has tonnes of winning tropes that just work, with our favourite as the “forbidden love” of the good girl, Naomi, and bad boy, Knox.


Knox lives his life comfortably solo, accompanied only by his loyal basset hound, Waylon. But when runaway bride Naomi arrives in the town of Knockemout seeking refuge from her tumultuous past, Knox finds himself drawn into her chaotic world. As Naomi struggles to navigate her newfound responsibilities, Knox grapples with his aversion to complicated women. However, when Naomi's troubles escalate into real danger, Knox must decide whether to retreat to his solitary existence or stand by her side through the storm.

Things We Never Got Over is a delightful romp into the world of a pair of star-crossed lovers and their surprising challenges. It’s perfect for tuning out the madness of the modern world and losing yourself in the charming small town of Knockemout. Indulge in its dramatic storylines, outrageous personalities, and unexpected plot twists that has readers worldwide hooked. 


Lucy Score Books In Order


Benevolence Book Series


Pretend You’re Mine (2015)


Why we love it:

- A small-town romance with lovable characters and an emotionally compelling story.
- Filled with wit, charm, and sizzling chemistry between a fake couple turned real.


Harper, a spirited and resilient woman fleeing from betrayal, finds herself in a lively town where she meets local hero, Luke. Their relationship starts out as nothing more than a cover-up to keep meddling family members at bay, but as their connection deepens Harper's tragic past and Luke's struggles with self-worth are revealed. Despite their fears and past traumas, Harper's generosity and Luke's hidden depths draw them together in a poignant tale of love and redemption that captivates readers with its spirited characters and heartfelt exploration of resilience and self-discovery. This novel is a must-read for fans of feel-good love stories.


Finally Mine (2018)


Why we love it:

- A mesmerising journey of love and self-discovery
- It is in the same timeline as the first book in the series, but we get a look into two totally different characters’ lives


This romance follows Gloria, a 27-year-old woman who escapes a decade-long abusive relationship, discovering her path to happiness. While particularly impactful for those seeking hope after similar experiences, Gloria's journey of strength and self-discovery will enchant any reader. With its compelling characters and themes of resilience and love, this book offers a touching and uplifting narrative that celebrates a woman who learns the power of her own capabilities. 


Protecting What's Mine (2020)


Why we love it:

- Another irresistibly charming romance from the town of Benevolence that expands on the story of a previous background character, Lincoln Reed.
- Will leave readers swooning and rooting for love to triumph.


In Benevolence, Fire Chief Lincoln Reed is known as the town's charming ladies' man. That is, until he meets tough doctor Mackenzie, who remains unimpressed by his charms. Their paths continue to cross, and Mack's no-nonsense attitude and resilience captivate Lincoln, leading to a whirlwind of flirtation and unexpected feelings. Their budding romance faces challenges from Mack's past and the complexities of small-town life, becoming an enchanting tale of love, growth, and finding home.


Blue Moon Book Series


No More Secrets (2016)


Why we love it:

- A tender and transformative story about navigating past wounds and unexpected love. 
- A charming small-town setting with compelling characters.


Delve into the lives of Carter and Summer, two individuals grappling with their own demons, whose journey of healing and self-discovery will resonate with readers seeking stories of resilience and redemption. As Carter navigates his scars from Afghanistan and Summer probes into his family's story, their unlikely connection blossoms amidst the backdrop of the picturesque town of Blue Moon Bend.


Fall Into Temptation (2016)


Why we love it:

- A story of sizzling passion, complicated family dramas, and the ever-interfering endeavours of the citizens of Blue Moon. 
- A delightful escape into a world where love and chaos collide.


Beckett Pierce, Bloom Moon’s most eligible bachelor, finds unexpected romance in his backyard with Gianna Decker, a single mother focused on her family and new yoga studio. Readers will be hooked by the charming small-town setting and the sizzling chemistry between Beckett and Gianna while rooting for their journey to overcome obstacles and find love. With its blend of humour, passion, and heartwarming moments, Fall Into Temptation offers a delightful escape and a compelling story of second chances and unexpected connections.


The Last Second Chance (2016)


Why we love it:

- The story has emotional depth and romance, and we are rooting for Joey and Jackson to overcome their past. 
- We get to see Summer & Carter and Gianna & Beckett again.


Joey Greer grapples with forgiving her high school sweetheart, Jackson Pierce, who returns to Blue Moon seeking redemption after abandoning her eight years ago. Despite their undeniable connection, Joey remains wary, keeping him at arm's length as secrets from their past threaten to resurface. 


Not Part of the Plan (2017)


Why we love it:

- A swoon-worthy hero and a strong heroine.
- Can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series.


Emma finds herself drawn to the charming yet troubled Niko, despite her plans for a quiet life in Blue Moon Bend. She is a natural caretaker and feels compelled to assist Niko in finding his path, but is unable to resist the growing attraction simmering between them. Expect sizzling chemistry and emotional depth as their friendship turns into something more exciting.


Holding on to Chaos (2017)


Why we love it:

- Lovable and quirky characters.
- A funny and sexy storyline.


Eva finds herself tangled up in lies as she tries to escape her past, while Sheriff Donovan, the town's perceptive lawman, becomes increasingly intrigued by her mysterious demeanour. As their connection deepens amidst the chaos of a town-wide crisis, Donovan must navigate both Eva's secrets and Blue Moon Bend’s turmoil to unravel the truth and save them all.


The Fine Art of Faking It (2017)


Why we love it:

- A sweet second-chance romantic comedy.
- Lots of outrageous and laugh-out-loud moments.

Eden and Davis navigate their complicated relationship amidst a decades-long feud and a chaotic matchmaking scheme, leading to unexpected feelings and a battle against Blue Moon’s meddling Beautification Committee. As they confront their shared past and growing attraction, they must decide if their playful relationship will turn into something genuine.


Where it All Began (2017)


Why we love it:

- A touching and emotional story that will bring tears of both sadness and joy
- A prequel that connects with the characters you've grown so fond of in previous books


This is a prequel to the Blue Moon stories but should be read in order - even the author insists that you do NOT read Where It All Began until at least after The Last Second Chance.  
John's plans for his farm are upended when he's forced to work alongside Phoebe, a determined grad student with a knack for questioning his every move. As they clash over their visions for the future, both must confront their own desires and priorities, risking their plans and family obligations in the process.


The Mistletoe Kisser (2020)


Why we love it:

- A charming Christmas treat. 
- Each Blue Moon book makes you fall more in love with the town and the characters.


Ryan's plans are thrown off course when he's roped into helping family in the quirky town of Blue Moon Bend. There, he crosses paths with Sammy, and their mismatched personalities end up complementing each other perfectly. Amidst the chaos, their love story unfolds with sweetness, humour, and a touch of steaminess. While it's best enjoyed with prior knowledge of the series, newcomers will still find delight in this festive tale.


Bootleg Springs Book Series


Whiskey Chaser (2018)


Why we love it:

- Opposites attract in this steamy first instalment.
- The supporting characters, especially Scarlett's brothers, tease intriguing future tales.


In a collaboration between Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley, the Bootleg Springs books emerge as a charming small-town romcom series infused with mystery and suspense. Set in a quirky town filled with eccentricities like a roaming town chicken and Friday night bar brawls, expect a delightful blend of family drama, a thrilling missing person's mystery, and steamy, heartfelt romances.

In the first of the Bootleg Springs series, we meet Scarlett, a spirited tomboy raised by three older brothers, and Devlin, a white-collar golden boy turned black sheep. Despite her aversion to love, Scarlett becomes determined to bring Devlin back up from his rock bottom. As they navigate scandal and mystery, Scarlett's fiery determination ignites a surprising connection with Devlin.


Sidecar Crush (2018)


Why we love it:

- Small-town romance with friends-to-lovers trope.
- Hilarious scenes involving food fights, dumpsters, and fireworks.


Jameson Bodine is the quietest and most sensitive of the Bodine brothers with a love for creating, especially metalwork. Leah Mae Larkin lived in Bootleg Springs until her parents split up when she was twelve. Jameson and Leah have been best friends since they were kids, and when she had to move away, it broke her heart. Years later, fate brings them back together in Bootleg Springs in a comforting and heartwarming tale. We also get a few more clues about Callie's disappearance as the mystery that spans all the books in the series continues. 


Moonshine Kiss (2018)


Why we love it:

- Another fun instalment with a whimsical romance story. 
- Filled with highs and lows that lead to a happy ending.


The cold case disappearance of Callie Kendall is heating up, keeping deputy Cassidy Tucker distracted from her not-safe-for-work thoughts about handsome, big-hearted Bowie Bodine, who only sees her as a sister. The investigation is testing their friendship and keeping their distance isn't easy - especially when they live right next door to each other. A chance encounter, a passionate kiss, and a lack of sleepwear have a knack for altering everything.


Bourbon Bliss (2019)


Why we love it:

- We explore June’s story, who we’ve known since the beginning of the series.
- A touching story of two people who were meant to be together.


June Tucker is great with numbers but struggles with understanding people, making her stand out in a town where everyone seems to be paired off. George "GT" Thompson, a former football star seeking solace from a career-ending injury, is intrigued by June's straightforward nature. As they grow closer amidst a local mystery, their relationship blossoms, but both grapple with personal challenges that threaten to pull them apart.


Gin Fling (2019)


Why we love it:

- Full of big reveals, but leaves plenty still to be answered for in the next instalment.
- A fun tale of love with a warm message about the importance of relying on others and learning to share problems.


Personal trainer Jonah Bodine's summer plans are shattered when his matchmaking sister pairs him with adorable nerd Shelby Thompson, who came to Bootleg Springs looking for answers and ends up getting adopted by the town’s nosy elders. As they navigate their unexpected living arrangement, sparks fly between them, but Shelby's secrets threaten their budding romance amidst the dangerous mystery of the Callie Kendall case.


Highball Rush (2019)


Why we love it:

- All the loose ends get tied up and the Bodines (plus a lot of other characters!) get their happily-ever-afters. 
- A red-hot and satisfying final ride in Bootleg Springs.


Gravel-voiced Gibson Bodine is fiercely protective of his lone-wolf persona. A viral video sparks unwanted attention, but his focus remains on family revelations and unresolved memories. Uninterested in fame or romance, he finds himself drawn to a stranger who unexpectedly alters his perspective. As secrets unravel and the truth about Callie Kendall’s fate brings looming danger, Gibson must step up to confront his past and embrace the possibility of finding connection and redemption in the heart of Bootleg Springs.


Knockemout Book Series


Things We Never Got Over (2022)


Why we love it:

- A heartwarming romance between unlikely lovers. 
- Engaging plot twists and a charming small-town setting make it the perfect escapism material.


Knox cherishes his solitary life until runaway bride Naomi disrupts it, leading to a tumultuous journey of self-discovery and unexpected danger. Things We Never Got Over offers a delightful escape into the world of star-crossed lovers amidst the charming chaos of Knockemout, Virginia. As their worlds collide, they face unexpected challenges and real danger, testing their resolve and connection.


Things We Hide from the Light (2023)


Why we love it:

- A gripping storyline with emotional depth and well-developed characters.
- Blends romance, mystery, and drama.


Nash Morgan, once the charming chief of police, now struggles with panic attacks and nightmares after being attacked. Despite his efforts to hide his pain, his neighbour Lina sees through his facade. Their electric connection tempts them both, but Lina harbours secrets that could shatter their budding romance. As they navigate their feelings and Lina's hidden agenda, they realise that Knockemout holds the potential for love and healing, but also for more danger. 


Things We Left Behind (2023)


Why we love it:

- Expands on the stories of Lucian & Sloane, characters we met earlier in the series.
- Lots of spice and an adorable epilogue that wraps up the series well.


Lucian Rollins is driven by vengeance. As he builds his empire to erase his father's legacy, he finds himself drawn to Sloane Walton, the fiery librarian with a vendetta of her own. United by a dark secret and mutual animosity, their one-night-stand ignites an unexpected passion. But with Sloane yearning for a family and Lucian fearing commitment, their love faces a perilous crossroads, testing their resolve to protect each other despite their fractured pasts.


Riley Thorn Book Series


The Dead Guy Next Door (2020)


Why we love it:

- A hilarious romance with some steamy scenes. 
- A great first instalment that introduces lots of unique and fun characters.


A nice, normal life is too much to ask for for Riley Thorn. Divorced, broke, and plagued by hallucinations, her life takes a dark turn when a neighbour is murdered and a charming P.I. arrives on her doorstep. Nick Santiago, a rebel with a taste for variety, reluctantly teams up with Riley to solve the case, all while dodging a suspicious detective and unravelling Riley's mysterious psychic abilities. As danger looms, they must uncover the truth before Riley becomes the next target.


Corpse in the Closet (2021)


Why we love it:

- Entertaining antics, awesome banter, and fantastic humour.
- Lots of silliness amidst chaos and murder mystery. 


As summer heats up, psychic Riley Thorn faces family pressures and a new murder case, while P.I. boyfriend Nick juggles his own investigations and parental expectations. With bodies piling up and tensions rising, they navigate meet-the-parents disasters and a warning from the killer. Racing against time, they must unravel the mystery before Riley becomes the next victim.


Blast from the Past (2022)


Why we love it:

- Funny and memorable characters that you can't help but fall in love with.
- Twists, turns, and laugh-out-loud moments throughout.


Riley and Nick settle into their new home, hoping for peace. Yet, when Riley's psychic powers malfunction and danger looms, their tranquillity is shattered. Nick is consumed by an old case, leaving Mrs Penny in charge - proving to be a chaotic choice! Meanwhile, Riley juggles renovating their home and managing nosy neighbours. But things take a dark turn when Riley is abducted and threats escalate, and they must unravel the mystery of a severed finger. 


The Body in the Backyard (2024)


Why we love it:

- We meet new characters like Riley's ridiculously awful ex-husband. 
- More of our favourites, and Nick & Riley remain sexy and hilarious.


Griffin Gentry's unexpected plea for help throws Riley for a loop, especially when Nick Santiago refuses the case. But when Mrs Penny overrules him and takes charge, the investigation becomes a chaotic and hilarious affair. With danger looming closer, Riley must focus her psychic abilities to save them all from Griffin's troubles.


Sinner and Saint Book Series

Crossing the Line (2016)


Why we love it:

- The romantic chemistry between the characters is palpable.
- Swoon-worthy and protective alpha hero who is flawed yet endearing.


Xavier Saint, a security expert, reluctantly agrees to protect actress Waverly Sinner, expecting a typical Hollywood diva. Instead, he finds himself drawn to her beauty and charm, resisting their undeniable chemistry until a dangerous stalker threatens her life.


Breaking the Rules (2016)


Why we love it:

- Irresistible romantic leads 
- A thriller, a romance, and a second-chance story all rolled into one fabulous read


The suspenseful sequel to Crossing the Line takes place five years later and is a whirlwind of plot twists and character development. After abandonment and a near-death experience, Xavier and Waverly’s attraction to each other lingers, but trust issues threaten any chance of reconciliation. Xavier seeks to prove Waverly's innocence and win her back by uncovering the truth about her mysterious connection to another man before a dangerous plot ensnares them both.


Bluewater Billionaires Book Series


The Price of Scandal (2019)


Why we love it:

- The Bluewater Billionaires are the heroines of the story, with a supporting cast of successful women.
- A sharp, confident, and exceptionally business-minded main character with a devilishly rakish hero.


The Bluewater Billionaires books are a collection of shared-world novels by Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan, and Pippa Grant. The stories focus on the lives and successes of different billionaire ladies and their formidable male partners as supporting characters and are a refreshing spin on traditional gender roles.  

The Price of Scandal sees Emily Stanton's life spiral into chaos between family drama, a public scandal, and a business deal in jeopardy. Until a mysterious man turns up in her bathtub offering to change everything. Derek Price, a charismatic fixer, promises Emily a life of success and pleasure, but failure could cost them both dearly if he can't take down her enemies.


The Mogul and the Muscle (2019)


Why we love it:

- A sensual story filled with witty banter and sexual tension.
- Supportive lady billionaire best friends, funny texts, a daring rescue, and a heart-squishing happy ending.  


Cameron Whitbury faces an unknown threat along with the looming risk of a sex scandal and the aggravation of an entitled colleague. She refuses to have a bodyguard and dismisses the need for a six-foot-five protector despite escalating danger.

Jude Ellis, tired of his career, isn't keen on taking on another client, even one as captivating as Cameron. Despite their attempts at professionalism, their simmering attraction threatens to ignite amidst growing peril.


Wild Open Hearts (2019)


Why we love it:

- Interesting storyline that alternates between the characters’ points of view. 
- The story explores themes of redemption, trust, and unlikely love, offering a fresh and heartwarming take on the romance genre. 


Luna da Rosa, a hippy-go-lucky billionaire with a popular vegan makeup company, faces a reputation crisis when a scandal threatens her company. Meanwhile, Beck Mason, a former outlaw turned dog rescuer, struggles to keep his nonprofit afloat. Luna sees an opportunity to repair her image by working with Beck, but his distrust and their clashing personalities threaten their positions. As they navigate their differences and undeniable attraction, will they learn to trust their hearts?


Crazy for Loving You (2019)

Why we love it:

- Witty dialogue and humorous situations provide a delightful escape into a world of fun and heartwarming moments.
- The collaborative effort of the authors ensures a unique and unforgettable reading experience that fans of romantic comedies will adore.


Crazy For Loving You is the final book in this series and a wild adventure into unexpected parenthood. It stars a carefree billionaire, a tough Marine with a soft side, a mischievous dolphin, an outrageously decadent pool, and all the hilarity, sexiness, heart you'd anticipate from the collaborative genius of Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan, and Pippa Grant.


Standalone Books


Undercover Love (2015)


Why we love it:

- The first novel written by Lucy Score.
- Amazing chemistry between the main characters that builds throughout with an epilogue to leave you with all the warm, fuzzy feelings.


Ashley thought she had the perfect life until a dinner party exposed her fiancé's betrayal with their scheming coworker, Victoria. Enraged and seeking revenge, Ashley agrees to help uncover the deceit surrounding the company, leading to unexpected romance. Initially distrusting Jason, Ashley soon falls for his charm and protective nature, leading to steamy encounters and a heartfelt connection.

This is the first full-length novel written by Lucy Score, and its story is one of secrecy, romance, and justice as the characters navigate a dangerous scheme towards their happily-ever-after. 


Mr. Fixer Upper (2017)


Why we love it:

- Spicy enemies-to-lovers romcom that will have you laughing and fanning your face.
- Entertaining story with easy-to-love characters.


He's a brooding builder reluctantly roped into a home improvement TV show for some much-needed cash, and while he's grateful for the money, he's less than enthused about the spotlight or following orders. She's a diligent, charming executive determined to keep the show running smoothly, all while battling Hollywood's glass ceiling. It has witty exchanges, sizzling chemistry, and an entertaining storyline on the path to a satisfying happily ever after.


The Christmas Fix (2017)


Why we love it:

- Filled with spice and snarky banter. 
- A fun and steamy read wrapped up in festive cheer.


Cat, a home improvement reality TV star, rushes to aid the flood-stricken town of Merry, Connecticut. Town manager Noah struggles with sorting out the damage left behind and raising his daughter amidst the chaos. Despite initial friction, as Cat and Noah clash, they discover mutual understanding and a growing attraction. Lucy Score takes expected festive tropes and turns them into an engaging, heartwarming romance. If you love Christmas romcoms but wish they had a little more spice, this book is for you!


The Worst Best Man (2018)


Why we love it:

- A clever romance that leave you laughing and is steamy, action-packed, and unpredictable.
- An unapologetic, sassy, and hilarious heroine.


The bride and groom are a dream, but the wedding party? Nightmare material. Maid of Honour Franchesca is on a mission to save the day from kidnappings and rude guests. But the Best Man, with his arrogance and charm, proves to be Franchesca's biggest challenge yet. 


Heart of Hope (2018)


Why we love it:

- A shorter story but still with plenty of tension, chemistry, and humour
- Unique and interesting characters with a small-town feel and dual POVs


Bristol is stuck in a rut while everyone around her seems to be moving forward when she meets a charming stranger who shakes things up. Beau, a former pro hockey player with a hidden agenda, offers to teach Bristol the sport while keeping his true intentions under wraps. As their connection deepens, Beau faces a tough choice between his secret motivations and his growing feelings for Bristol.


Rock Bottom Girl (2019)


Why we love it:

- An entertaining, funny, and heartwarming story with spicy scenes to keep you flustered.
- Likeable and relatable characters.


After a series of setbacks in her life, Marley returns to her hometown where not much has changed. Desperate for a fresh start, she takes a teaching job, hoping to redeem her past mistakes. With the help of Jake Weston, they strike a deal: he'll teach her coaching, and she'll teach him relationships. Their arrangement leads to unexpected chemistry and challenges, but can they reach a lasting happily ever after?


By a Thread (2020)

Why we love it:

- Will have you laughing out loud and holding back tears.
- The story is entertaining and immersive with a lot of depth.


Ally Morales is the kickass heroine juggling too many jobs to count, and she doesn’t need some uptight heir to the Label Magazine empire to get her fired from her waitressing gig. Which, of course, is exactly what happens when these two have a fiery hate-at-first-sight encounter that gets a whole lot more complicated when Ally finds herself in Dominic’s employ. Despite their contrasting personalities, their paths converge in unexpected ways, sparking both tension and intrigue.


Forever Never (2021)


Why we love it:

- A sexy, slow burn with lots of building tension.
- Unique characters against the striking background of Mackinac Island.


Beneath Brick Callan's tough exterior lies a soft and loyal heart, scarred by his history with Remi Ford, a woman he's forbidden to love. Despite their complicated past, when Remi returns to Mackinac Island with a secret, Brick is determined to unravel her mysteries and break down the barriers between them. Remi, however, is focused on escaping her troubles and is wary of Brick's interference, fearing it could jeopardise more than just their feelings.


Maggie Moves On (2022)


Why we love it:

- A sweet, funny story that tugs at your heartstrings 
- Lovable characters with a great sense of community in the town 


Renowned house flipper Maggie Nichols arrives in Kinship, Idaho, ready to tackle her next project: restoring a Victorian mansion. However, laid-back landscaper Silas Wright proves to be a distracting temptation with his persistent flirtations and shirtless charm. Despite her reluctance, Maggie finds herself drawn to Silas as their summer romance heats up, forcing her to confront her carefully constructed plans. Will she decide to finally put down roots or chase her career that is built on moving on?


One Night Only (2022)


Why we love it:

- A winter tale with sizzling hot chemistry to keep you warm 
- A short and sweet insta-love rockstar romance


Brooke is a recently divorced empty-nester, trying to set her sights on self-improvement now that her kids are all grown up. As an aspiring writer, she’s been covering the farewell tour of a band she has been crushing on for twenty years, but a violent accident in a mosh pit forces the bass player to come to her rescue. The night they share could be the beginning of much more than a career in music journalism.


Happy Reading!


Lucy Score's books have been heralded on Booktok, and are incredibly popular for good reason. They offer all the suspense, steam, and escapism you’re looking for from witty romcom storylines that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. From strong female leads to dashing heroes and hilarious supporting casts, you can’t help but fall in love with all of her unique characters. 

Score does a great job of writing familiar tropes with a twist to keep your mind guessing and plenty of spicy scenes to keep your toes curling. One of her best books, "Things We Never Got Over," explores themes of redemption and second chances and is a firm fan favourite. Her first full-length novel, "Undercover Love," is a captivating blend of romance and suspense, showcasing her talent for crafting compelling narratives. The "Bootleg Springs" series stands out for its small-town charm, intriguing mysteries, and memorable characters, and each book in the series builds on one another into a deeper narrative, allowing readers to develop a profound connection with the town and all of its quirks. 

Her books will have you hooked from start to finish with an irresistible array of love, humour, and drama, making them a must-read for fans of contemporary romance. Whether you are a curious bookworm eyeing up additions for the “to-be-read” list, or a lifelong fan after your next fireside supplement, this list of the definitive order to read Lucy Score books will satisfy your cravings and keep you turning pages long into the night. 

If you're looking for more light, fun, and saucy romances, then check out our collection of modern romance novels.

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