Personalised Bauble Ideas For Your Little Ones

Get ready to sprinkle some magic into your festive season with these Personalised Bauble Ideas designed especially for your little ones! 

The festive season is a really exciting time for your kids, and what better way to get them into the Christmas spirit than by decorating and personalising their own baubles? 

From whimsical Tissue Paper Baubles to dazzling Glitter Ornaments, this blog combines creative ways to decorate your tree with your little ones' unique touch. These delightful crafts will get their creativity flowing and, most importantly, create treasured memories that will sparkle for years to come. 

4 Kids Christmas Bauble Ideas


Snow Globe Baubles 

Let your little one transform your Christmas tree into a winter wonderland with homemade Snow Globe Baubles. This craft has everything you’d want from a kid's Christmas craft; it’s quick and easy to do, has plenty of opportunity to get their hands a little messy with glitter, and the end product looks good enough to put on your tree,

What you’ll need:
- Pack of fillable baubles.
- White glitter pom poms
- Christmas stickers
- Glitter  
- PVA glue

How to make:
1. Fill your clear bauble with a small handful of white glitter pom poms.
2. Then coat the bauble in PVA glue and sprinkle glitter -  you can use other coloured glitter, but the white really adds to the snowglobe effect!
3. Once the glitter has dried, your little ones can stick little Christmas characters all over. 

Name Baubles

Name Baubles are a simple craft that brings so much joy to your kids as they see their names nestled amongst the lights of the Christmas tree. With you only needing a handful of supplies and being able to recycle old baubles, this is a really quick and cheap afternoon activity that is perfect to do in the lead-up to the big day.

What you’ll need:
- A new or old bauble (if old, then just make sure it is plain)
- Paint 
- Glitter 
- Thin paintbrush
- Marker pen

How to make:
1. Take your bauble and trace your child's name using the marker pen.
2. Then, your little ones can paint over their name using a paint colour of their choice. 
3. For even more sparkle, whilst the paint is still wet, sprinkle some glitter of the name, tap off the excess and leave to dry.

Tissue Paper Baubles

If you want something with a bit of colour, then Tissue Paper Baubles are perfect. You can buy and cut up any paper you want, so you can go as traditional or as funky as you like. They’re also a really brilliant and tactile craft to make with smaller children, letting them get glitter, tissue paper and poms poms everywhere as they try to make them.

What you’ll need:
- An old bauble. 
- Tissue paper - a colour of your choice
- PVA glue 
- Paint 
- Stickers 
- Pom poms 
- Glitter

How to make:
1. Cut up strips of tissue paper around 1 inch in width.
2. Apply the tissue paper to the bauble one by one using the PVA glue - make sure it is saturated.
3. Once the whole bauble is covered, leave to dry. 
4. Once dry, your little ones can decorate them however they wish with paints, glitter, pom poms, or stickers.

Glitter Baubles

If there’s one thing kids love when crafting, it is glitter. Honestly, they can’t get enough of spreading it on everything and getting it everywhere. So to give them exactly what they want this Christmas, why not make glitter baubles? These baubles are an incredibly low-effort craft, with you needing only a handful of supplies and an hour or so to make them, making them a really great option for when you just want something quick and easy to do with your kids in the lead-up to Christmas. 

What you’ll need:
- Baubles 
- Glitter 
- PVA glue 

How to make:
1. Coat your bauble in PVA and wait to get tacky.
2. To create less mess, pour some glitter out into a bowl.
3. Then, roll your bauble in the glitter.
4. Then leave to dry. 


This festive season, unwrap the gift of cherished memories by crafting personalised baubles with your little ones. Spark their creativity this Christmas and witness their faces light up with delight as they craft their own baubles, each one a unique reflection of their creative imagination. 

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