How To Make Your Own Snowman Card

We know that one of the biggest challenges during Christmas is looking for Christmas cards that feel as fun to give as they are to receive. So, this year, instead of choosing generic cards that are shop-bought, stay at home, and have a go at creating your own!

Personalised cards are the perfect way to say Merry Christmas to your loved ones. They are also the perfect activity for both you and the children to have a lot of festive fun, get creative, and practice their cutting and sticking skills.

By following our simple 8-step guide, you’ll create the most beautiful snowman cards that will put a big smile on everyone’s face. If you want to mix it up a little, we also have another guide for creating Christmas tree cards.

Now put the Christmas songs on, and let’s make this Christmas card!


How To Make Your Own Snowman Card


This card only requires a few materials and some equipment you might have at home.


  • - Big Bag of Christmas Craft
  • - Snowman Cards and Envelopes


  • - Scissors
  • - Sharpie
  • - Large flat paint brush



Step One

First things first, set your pre-cut snowman-shaped card onto a flat surface, and then choose the craft you’d like to decorate it with. For our example, we chose:

  • - Googly eyes
  • - Twine
  • - Black pompoms
  • - Wooden stick
  • - Silver glitter glue
  • - Yellow, black, and red foam sheets
  • - Silver snowflakes


Step Two

It’s time to make your snowman a hat! Start by taking the black foam and creating an outline using the hat shape on the white card. After this, cut out a decorative strip using the red foam, place it on the middle of the hat and then place a silver snowflake on top of the decorative strip.


Step Three

To create the nose and mouth, gently cut these out using yellow and black foam. Set these shapes aside with a pair of medium-sized googly eyes.


Step Four

Next, it’s time to make your snowman sparkle! Take your silver glitter glue and pop some splodges around your snowman (avoiding the hat), then grab your paintbrush and spread it around until your snowman is covered with a thin layer. Leave this for a little while to dry.

Step Five

Once your glitter glue has dried, you can now start sticking the shapes down and bring him to life! Start by constructing the shapes one by one for your hat and stick them in place with craft glue. Then, stick down his nose, mouth, and eyes.


Step Six

Once your snowman has a face, it’s time to give him some arms! Simply take your wooden stick and snap it right down the middle. Then fix them both to the back of the card so they’re pointing out at each side.


Step Seven

Stick your pom poms down the middle of your snowman for buttons and place 2-3 silver snowflakes on his body and 1 on his hat to make him shimmer.


Step Eight

Now the finishing touch – take your twine and wrap it around your snowman to give him a scarf, then use your sharpie to write “Happy Christmas” inside.


Wrapping it up

You’re all done! Your snowman Christmas card is now ready to be filled in and sent off to your loved ones.

There are lots of benefits to getting stuck into some crafts with the kids this Christmas:

  • -       It adds a personal touch that your friends and family will love.
  • -       It lets the kids get creative, practicing their cutting and sticking skills.
  • -       Saves you valuable time running around the shops.
  • -       Gets everyone into the festive spirit.

By following our simple 8-step guide, you’ll have the most beautiful, well-decorated snowman cards that your loved ones will struggle to throw away at the end of Christmas.
Once you’ve made one Christmas craft, you’ll want to make more! That’s why we’ve got plenty of other DIY guides for you to get stuck into:

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