How To Fill Your Own Christmas Baubles

With Christmas just around the corner, time is running out to prepare for the big day. When you’re shopping for your loved ones, planning your food menu and juggling your holiday parties - decorating your home can easily fall through the cracks. 

This year, instead of spending your time running around the shops for decorations, have a go at making your own! Filling your own Christmas baubles is a great way to make your tree stand out and gets the family involved in a fun craft activity. 

It doesn’t take long at all. All you’ll need are these 3 materials that can be delivered the next working day, and then follow our 6 simple steps below:


You will need:

  • - Fillable baubles
  • - Bauble filler
  • - Self-adhesive Red Rhinestone letters


Step One

Your first step is to take both halves of a fillable bauble and set one half aside. 

Step Two

Take one-half of your bauble and your Red Rhinestone letters, and carefully peel off one letter at a time. 


Step Three

You’re ready to start decorating your bauble with what you wish to spell out. You might choose a loved one’s name or a Christmassy word. We decided to decorate our baubles with Elf, Joy and Mum. Once you’ve decided, gently stick down the letters one by one. 


Step Four

Once you’re happy with your bauble’s lettering, it’s time to fill them! Grab your white or silver bauble filler and pour it into one half of the bauble until it’s full. 


Step Five

Next, get your other half of the bauble and push them both together until they click into place. Make sure you line up the top of the bauble so you can thread your string through the eye. Let’s see if you can do this without spilling any of the filler! 


Step Six

You can now take one of your strings from the bauble box and thread it through the eye at the top. Once you’ve threaded it through, finally create a loop so you can hang your baubles on the Christmas tree.

You’re now ready to decorate your tree with your self-made Christmas baubles that have your own special touch! 



Before you know it, it’s only a few weeks till Christmas, and you realise that your home is lacking in festive cheer. No need to worry - creating your own decorations is a quick and simple way to transform your home before the big day. 

Filling your own baubles is quick and easy with our 6 steps. But you don’t have to stop there! We also have simple guides on how to make snowflakes and your very own Christmas star

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