Games To Play On Christmas Day

Check out our top 6 board games to play on Christmas Day 2018.

lets set the scene… you’re stuffed full of Christmas dinner, the smell of sprouts and turkey is still lingering in the air, mini selection box wrappers litter the floor and you’re all waiting for the moment when someone brings out a classic board game!

It’s a must do Christmas tradition that we can all get involved with!Young or old nothing says Christmas like a getting a high scoring word, a house on Mayfair or, in more recent years, a face full of whipped cream.

We know you all love board games just as much as we do, so we wanted to give you a rundown of our top games to play on Christmas day this year!


Do you have a guest who thinks they’re too cool for monopoly? Although we know that no one is too cool for monopoly we also understand that some kids need a little convincing once they hit a certain age, introducing Game of Thrones Monopoly!

Winter is definitely here so why not stay inside and play this perfect mash up between the beloved board game and the phenomenon that is Game Of Thrones.

Play with your favourite characters from the show, trade and invest in the well-known locations, collect your Monopoly money and take your rightful place on the Iron Throne!



Is it time your family acknowledge your true talent? Maybe it’s time they crowned you, the Voice!

Don’t worry, even the vocally challenged can still come out on top in this game. Based on the hit talent show, this official game requires you to challenge your family to six different types of musical quizzes. All you need to do to select a category is spin the chair!



This monopoly version might just be a new favourite for both young and old.

Fans of the Roald Dahl classic or the new film will go crazy for this splendiferous new version!

Will you choose to be a dreamblower or a snozzcumber as you take a trip to London, Giant country and of course, the Queen’s Palace?



Every family has a Potter Head, but who is the true master of the dark arts and who will be dropping out in their first year?

This Trivial Pursuit bite-size game contains 600 questions based on the Harry Potter films, some of which would challenge even Dumbledore himself! 



Did you catch a family member re-gifting? Did they take more than their share of the Christmas cake? It sounds like you need some whipped cream fuelled revenge! And we have the perfect game to make it happen.

Watch your family squirm as they play to face their fate! Just add whipped cream, jelly or slime to the splatting base have your target rest their face into the template and take it in turns to twist the disc.



The one with friends monopoly at Christmas!

Now we don’t condone fighting over Christmas but we all know that there can only be one Rachel Green in the family!

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Choose from classic items such as Ross’ dinosaur, Chandler’s sweater vest or even Phoebe’s guitar.

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Games To Play On Christmas Day