How To Make Your Own Snowflake Decoration

When Christmas day comes around, there’s nothing like sitting around a well-decorated tree. While you might be tempted to fetch the same ornaments out of the attic year after year, why not be a little more creative this year? 

Making your own snowflakes could be the perfect winter tonic, as it’s a cheap and cheerful way to keep your family entertained and lend a frosty Christmas feel to your home. 

These snowflake decorations are super simple to make. All you have to do is put your creative cap on and follow our 8 steps below: 


You will need:

  • - Wooden snowflake 
  • - PVA Glue 
  • - Small paint brush 
  • - Glitter
  • - A pencil 


Step One

You first need to take your wooden snowflake and decide how you want to portion the shape up. In our design, we drew small lines across the base of each snowflake ‘stalk’, sectioning off the central section of the snowflake.


Step Two

Once you’ve got your lines in place, apply your PVA glue and paint liberally straight onto the middle of the wooden shape, being careful not to miss any areas and right up to the lines you’ve pencilled in. 

Step Three

Next, choose which glitter you’d like to cover the centre of your snowflake in. We decided to go with Red to give it that Christmassy feel! 


Step Four

Shake your glitter over the glued area of the snowflake until you can’t see any exposed glue. Give it a little pat down afterwards with your hand to make sure it’s stuck down. Then, shake off the excess glitter to reveal your glittery snowflake centre.


Step Five

You should now have a red snowflake with 8 plain wooden ‘stalks’. It’s now time to decorate the rest of the shape in the same way. Repeat the process by covering the rest of the plain wood in more PVA glue, right up to the shape's edges. 


Step Six

Next, select two more types of glitter from your glitter shaker. We chose Gold and Silver.


Step Seven

Then dust the alternative stalks with each glitter colour until every part of your snowflake is covered in beautiful, shimmering glitter! Remember to shake off the excess glitter again. 


Step Eight 

Finally, leave your snowflake to dry out for a couple of hours before you decorate the other side.

Your beautiful, glimmering snowflake is now ready to be hung on your Christmas tree, on your front door, up at a window or anywhere else you wish to spread Christmas cheer and show off your DIY decoration skills! 



The festive season is more fun when you cover your home with Christmas decorations and even more so when they’re homemade. By following our simple guide on making snowflakes, your home will become merry and bright while saving you a few pounds that can be spent on your loved ones' presents. 

Want to learn how to make more, as well as save more on Christmas decorations? Check out how to fill your own Christmas baubles and make a beautiful star for your Christmas tree.


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