Tips For Making Your Own Christmas Cards

Did you know that us Brits send more greetings cards than any other country?  We absolutely love to pop season’s greetings in the post or hand out to loved ones, with an average of one billion Christmas cards  sold every single year! 

So, why not make your Christmas cards extra special this year, with a personalised DIY approach that friends and family are bound to love. But where do you start?

We’ve pulled together a handy list of tips for making your own Christmas cards this year. 

So, clear the table, get supplies at the ready and be prepared to be covered in glitter. Let’s Ho-Ho-Ho…

Tips For Making Your Own Christmas Cards


Glitters, patterns, and shapes, oh my!

No need to stick with bog-standard white card – branch out with a huge range of paper and card stock to make something beautiful from the base up! Opt for classic festive shades with Create Your Own Green and Red Greeting Cards, or perhaps the A4 Glitter Pad: Metallic with gold, silver and bronze would set the tone for your season’s greetings? You could even choose from pretty patterns like this Jolly Christmas Paper Pad to make something really unique to stand out on the mantelpiece. 

Equally, there are a range of pre-cut shapes for novelty cards! Snowmen and trees are waiting for you to add your decorations and bring them to life with all sorts of crafty accessories. These cards are great for kids too – little hands can easily draw funny faces on Snowmen Cards and glitter up a Christmas tree card until it sparkles like a star.


A sleigh-full of colour

Christmas is definitely not the time to hold back when it comes to using colour! Whether you stick to traditional tones or use the whole rainbow, make cards as unique as you are this season. 

Brush pens are ideal for more fine and detailed work, or give the Crawford and Black Calligraphy Pens a try for some fancy Christmas wishes. To get all ages involved, the Christmas Sponge Stampers and some Kids Poster Paint is perfect for creating kid-friendly cards. You can also experiment with Christmas Washi Tape for colourful borders, and of course, we can’t forget the glitter glue!


Little extras and accessories 

Cards don’t have to just stick to the confines of pencils and paint. Nowadays, popular choices for cards include little 3D embellishments, such as these Wooden Snowflakes, or how about a fabulous set of 12 Red Ribbon Bows? Using mini extras give your card a whole new dimension, the perfect way for adding texture and interest to an otherwise single-sided card. 

Accent characters with White Glitter Pom Poms as snowballs, or build a whole scene from the ultimate Christmas Craft Platter – it’s time to get busy with sequins, buttons, and sticky gems! 


Alternative card types

If the thought of yet another paper card is making you yawn, you can branch out with options such as cross stitch cards! The Works has a range of mini kits you can use to sew something special, including a Reindeer card and Christmas Tree card. Spend a few quiet evenings in the run up to the big day stitching messages for friends and family, and you might even find yourself with a new hobby lasting into the New Year!



So those are some of our favourite tips for making your own Christmas cards. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get inspired to make your own Christmas cards this season! Bring the whole family together for a ‘crafternoon’ and send out your one-of-a-kind cards to loved ones near and far this year. 

If you're looking for more crafts to do this Christmas period you can find them in the Christmas Ideas section of our blog or our Arts and Crafts section.


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