Cute Homemade Valentines Cards

Everyone likes to receive a card on Valentine's Day. Whether it's from a thoughtful husband or wife, or a secret crush, when the sound of post hitting the doormat echoes up the hallway, it's hard not to get excited.

But not all cards are created equally.

No, an off the shelf card doesn't say "I love you" quite as much as a homemade Valentine's card that you've spent hours slaving over.

With that in mind, we've pulled together two of our cutest DIY Valentine's day card ideas for a little bit of inspiration.

If you want to go even further, you can combine these with some of our favourite homemade Valentines gifts ideas or our Valentines craft ideas.

Wiggly eyes


If you and your sweetheart are always laughing together, then this card should be perfect for you. It's a really easy Valentine's card to make so if you've never crafted your own cards before, this is a great place to start.

Equipment & supplies you’ll need:

  • -    Kraft card and envelopes
  • -    Glitter pad
  • -    Pastel pad
  • -    Sharpie pen
  • -    Glue stick
  • -    Wiggly eyes
  • -    Scissors

Step 1

Set a card aside and grab a glitter and pastel pads. Choose the colours that best represent you and your Valentine. With ours we went for a light blue pastel and a deep purple glitter.

Step 2

Turn your coloured and glitter paper over, take your sharpie and draw a heart shape on each piece. You can make the hearts any size that you want on the card as long as they fit on it. 

For ours, we made the blue heart a little bigger, because that’s how much we care , and then made the purple glittery heart a tad smaller. 

Once you’ve got your hearts down on the card, cut out your shapes and set them aside.  

Step 3

The next step is to stick the cut out hears to some card. 

Before you apply glue to the back of the hearts, play around with how much you want them to overlap. Once you’re happy with that, apply glue to the back of each of your hearts and secure them in place on the front of your card. 

Now take 4 wiggly eyes and secure a pair on each heart using more glue. 

Step 4

Now it’s time for the most important part – your message!

There’s obviously a lot of pressure on the message, so try not to overcomplicate it. We’ve gone for a simple, slightly cheesy, “I only have eyes for you” message. 

Once you’ve chosen your own message, split it over the top and bottom of the hearts on your page. 

You can play around with the lettering to add a bit of personality to it. If you want it to look ultra-neat then be careful to make sure the letters are in a straight line. But as this is a homemade valentines card and a personal message, we think that if it looks slightly scruffier it feels a little more heartfelt. 

After you’ve added the message, take your sharpie in hand and add some little eyelashes to the smaller heart character.

TOP TIP: As it's freehand writing, we did this in a light pencil first to make sure we could change it if we went wrong.


Scrabble Card


This cute DIY Valentine's day card is perfect for couples that enjoy a good game of scrabble. The idea works particularly well if you share a letter in your names, but if not, you can add another word to link them together. 

Equipment & supplies you’ll need:

  • -    Cards and Envelopes
  • -    Wooden letters
  • -    Wooden hearts
  • -    PVA glue
  • -    Wasi tape

Step 1

Set your white card down and grab your wooden letters. 

Pick out the letters you need for your name and your better half's name, then spell them out on the card, preferably linking them together if you share a letter.

If you don't share a letter, you could add another word to help you make that link. 

Step 2

Once you're happy with the layout, peel off the backing of each letter one-by-one and fix them down in place.

Step 3

With your scrabble letters fixed in place, it's time to add your love heart. 

Take a wooden heart and decorate it. You could paint it, colour it with pen, or cover it with washi tape, which is what we've done in our tutorial. 

If you want to follow our lead, take the decorative tape you like and carefully cover the heart on one side. You can wrap it around the heart and simply snip off any excess. Then all's that's left to do is place the heart on your card in the bottom right corner, using some PVA glue. 

Once your glue is dry, you're ready to add the message to the inside of the card.

We hope your valentine enjoys your homemade card as much as you enjoy making it! If you're looking for more Valentine's Day inspiration then why not check out our post on origami ideas for Valentine's Day.

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