How To Make A Heart Shaped Wreath (Valentine's Day Craft)

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. It might sound like a controversial opinion, but a good wreath of hearts is the perfect decoration for this Valentine’s Day.  

In this craft, we’ve skipped the holly and berries and added a few simple sheets of card and twine to make something that is the epitome of love, well, in wreath form, anyway. 

Whether you want to revitalise the vibe of your home, surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift, or simply immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of crafting, our Heart Wreath is perfect for you.

How To Make A Paper Hug





Drawing Lines on the Card:

- Select a piece of cardstock in a colour of your choice.
- Place a ruler on the card and use a pencil to lightly mark every 1 inch along the edge of the card.
- Then, draw straight lines across the card connecting these marks. These lines will create strips that are each 1 inch wide.
- Use a pair of scissors or a craft knife (if you are comfortable and it’s safe to do so) to cut along these lines, creating individual strips.


Repeat with Different Colored Cards:

- Choose additional cardstock colours according to your preference for the wreath.
- Repeat the process of marking, drawing lines, and cutting to create 1-inch strips from each colour.
- The number of colours and strips you need will depend on the size and fullness you want for your wreath.


Folding a Strip into a Heart Shape:

- Take one of the strips and fold it in half to find the midpoint.
- Unfold it and then bring the two ends to the centre crease you just made, forming a 'V' shape at one end.
- Fold the ends down and bring them to meet at the bottom point of the 'V', creating the top curves of a heart.
-Adjust the folds until you are satisfied with the heart shape.


Securing the Heart Shape:

- Once the heart shape is formed, use a stapler to staple at the bottom point where all the ends meet.
- This will secure the heart shape.
- Ensure the staple is firmly in place and not obstructing the overall heart shape.


Arranging the Mini Hearts:

- Lay out all the heart shapes you’ve created in the order you prefer.
- You can create a pattern with the colours or arrange them randomly, depending on your design preference.


Stapling Hearts Together to Form the Wreath:

- Start attaching the hearts together by aligning the edges of two hearts and stapling them where the points meet.
-Continue this process, adding hearts one by one and stapling them together at the points until you form a complete circle or wreath shape.


Cutting the Twine:

- Take a piece of twine and measure a length that’s long enough to hang your wreath.
- Cut the twine with scissors. The length will depend on where and how you plan to hang the wreath.


Attaching Twine to the Wreath:

- Tape one end of the twine to the back of the wreath at the top.
- Stretch the twine across to the opposite side and secure the other end with tape.
- Make sure the twine is tight and secure so that the wreath can hang properly.


Final Touch - Hang the Wreath Up:

- Once the twine is secured, your heart-shaped wreath is ready to be displayed.
- Hang it on a door, wall, or any place of your choosing to add a decorative touch.


There you have it. A really simple but stunning wreath to decorate your home with this Valentine’s day craft. 

With a few simple steps and multiple colourways, this is a great craft to do with your partner or friends to welcome the season of love and get a little creative. 

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