Make your own paper crown

The coronation of Charles III and Camilla is almost here! 
We know lots of you will already be planning on celebrating over the weekend so why not be king for the day?
Check out our 9 step guide or watch our video and find out how to make your own paper crown that’s fit for a royal!  


You Will Need:


Download your crown template here: 

Download Here


Step by Step Guide

1. Select your coloured paper from one of our A4 paper pads (we opted for glitter paper) you will also need a pair of scissors and glue dots to make the crown



 2. Using the templates provided above place on the back of the paper and cut out the number of parts stated on the template.


3. Place the two base strip sections together and measure the size of your head. Then glue the two marked base strips to form the round crown base.


 4. Glue the crown arches to the arch support, the printed sides should face upwards.


5. Using your glue dots, glue the arches with the supports onto the hexagonal centre base. Once finished place another hexagonal on top of the current one for a clean top.


6. This step may be a little more difficult… Mounting the 6 arches to the round crown base (but totally worth it!). Apply your glue dots to the longer strip and attach to the bottom of the base of the crown. Then attach the arch support strip to the crown arch strip but this time at the top of the crown. Repeat with the arch on the opposite side and follow with the remainder.


7. Once you have the crown made you can get as creative as you wish with the decorations. There’s a wide range of decorations available at The Works (we used the crystal stickers to decorate the arches of our crown).


8. If you want to add more decoration consider using washi tapes to add borders to the base of your crown.


9. The final step is to add your top to your crown, using a small strip of paper create a loop of your preferred size and attach your crown using glue dots. 


Now your crown is complete you can wear it and be King for the day! 

We hope you enjoy the long weekend, make sure to tag us in any of your Coronation makes or celebrations @theworksstores 

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