The Best Mother's Day Gifts Under £5

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. But if you’ve not got a lot of cash to splash, finding a budget-friendly gift that still screams, "I love you" can be tough. 

There’s no need to panic, though, we've hunted down some real gems that won't just make your Mum smile but also keep your wallet happy. Because who says your gift needs a hefty price tag to show some appreciation - not us!

Let's dive into our best Mother’s Day gifts under £5, which will definitely earn you some serious brownie points.


Our Top Mother’s Day Gifts Under £5


#1  Mug Painting Set - For the crafty Mums

 Mug Painting Set


Indulge your mumma bear's artistic side with a Mug Painting Set! Perfect for crafty Mums, this crafting kit has everything they need to satisfy their creative side. It can even be an activity you do together to celebrate the special day and spend some quality time with her while creating something meaningful. 


#2 Spot I Love You Mum - Something for the little ones to show their appreciation 

Spot I Love You Mum


Even the tiniest tots can express love with Spot I Love You, Mum. Filled with charming illustrations and sweet sentiments, this book is a heartwarming Mother's Day gesture straight from the heart. The perfect bedtime story on Mother’s Day and a great opportunity to have a little bonding time between Mum and the kids.


#3 A Scrapbook - For the sentimental Mum 



Take your Mum on a trip down memory lane with a sentimental scrapbook. Perfect for the Mums who cherish every moment, creating a scrapbook that takes them on a tangible journey through their life is a gift that is thoughtful, says “I love you” and one they’ll cherish for years to come.


Father's Day isn't too far away either. Check out our post on How to make a Father's Day scrapbook.


#4 Personalised Jewellery Box - For the glam Mums who do the school run 

Personalised Jewellery Box


If you’ve got a glam Mum who rocks a lot of accessories, then giving her somewhere to store all of them and something that reminds them of how much you love them is a bit of a no-brainer. This personalised jewellery box can be decorated and designed to be as fabulous as they are. So whether they love sparkles and colour or are minimalist and chic, it will make the perfect gift for them.


#5 Jigsaws - For the Mums who like to get cosy. 

Paris Jigsaw


Let your Mum get a little cosy and unwind a bit with a good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect gift for a cosy Sunday afternoon. They can clear a bit of room on the dining table, turn the heating off and just unwind as they work their way through a good puzzle. So by the end of it, you’ve not only given them the gift of a jigsaw but you’ve given them some quiet time and the chance to unwind - which is just about the best gift a mother can get.


#6 Personalised Photo Frame - For the Mums who love a gift with a personal touch.

Personalised Photo Frame


Capture and frame cherished memories with a personalised photo frame. It’s really more than just a frame. This thoughtful gift allows your Mum to showcase her favourite memories in a uniquely personalised way. Perfect for Mums who appreciate the sentimental value and personal touch that comes with a carefully chosen gift.


#7 Colourful Notebook - For the list-loving/organisation queen. 

Colourful Notebook


Help your Mum conquer her to-do list with a vibrant and practical notebook. Tailored for list-loving and organisation queens, this stylish notebook will become her trusted companion in managing tasks, plans, and goals. It's not just a gift; it's a tool that unleashes her organisational prowess. 


#8 Adult Colouring Book - For the mindful Mums

Adult Colouring Book


Indulge your Mum's creative side with an adult colouring book. More than just a pastime, it's a therapeutic escape for mindful Mums who deserve a moment of relaxation. For those evenings when she wants to unwind and rejuvenate, this thoughtful gift is perfect for the Mum who values moments of calm and creativity.


#9 The Libary On Love Heart Lane - For the Mums who love cheesy romance books

The Libary On Love Heart Lane


Sometimes your Mum just wants to get a little soppy. The Library On Love Heart Lane is the best type of romance book, it’s a little cheesy, and it’s mushy in all the right places, making it the perfect book for your Mum to have a bit of escapism this Mother's Day.


If this doesn't quite take your fancy then check out our post on the best chick-lit books to read.


#10 Wooden Heart Craft - For the Mums with the biggest hearts 

Wooden Heart Craft


Why not give your Mum a heart that is as big as hers. With this craft, you are able to personalise or decorate it however you see fit. So you can write a personalised message on it to truly tell her how much she means to you this Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day!

She’s been with you through ups and downs and helped to mend cuts, bruises and even the odd broken heart -  so show your Mum how special she is by spoiling her with the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Whether she's a crafty creator, a sentimental soul, or a glam goddess, there's a perfect present on this list for every type of Mum. Cheers to making this Mother's Day extra special!

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