10 Simple World Book Day Costume Ideas For Busy Mums

Mums have a million different hats they have to wear every day. They’re a shoulder to cry on, organiser in chief, full-time entertainer and food provider -  and that’s on top of looking after their own stuff. 

So adding costume maker to the mix is just another thing that they don’t need. 

But with World Book Day just around the corner, Mums are going to have to get creative and pull something together. Because that’s what  Mum’s do!  They suck it up, break out the needle and thread just for the moment their kid’s faces light up when you give them their costume. 

To make life a little easier for all the busy Mum’s out there, we’ve pulled together some simple World Book Day costume ideas. These ideas will only need a few materials and equipment and can pulled together quickly. So if you’re looking for a costume that is a little less time-consuming this World Book Day, then look no further than this post.


Simple and Easy World Book Day Costumes

Peter Pan


Peter Pan Costume
Credit: https://www.brit.co/kids-disney-costumes/


- Green T-shirt
- Green tights
- Shorts 

For the hat:

- Green felt
- Glue 
- Elastic 
- Needle and thread
- Red feather

Transforming your little ones into the mischievous Peter Pan is as easy as a sprinkle of fairy dust. A green T-shirt, matching tights, and shorts form the base, while a simple hat made from green felt completes the look. Simply fold the felt into a cone shape and glue it together. Then using a needle and thread, sew a string of elastic to either side, et voila! For added flair, consider a stick-on feather for the cap. The simplicity lies in the minimalistic approach to costume elements, making it a breeze to assemble. 

The Cat In The Hat


Catin the Hat costume
Credit: https://desertchica.com/


- Black t-shirt
- White felt
- White gloves
- Red bow tie
- Face paint

For the hat:

- White card
- Red card
- Glue 

Bring Dr. Seuss' chaotic cat to life with relative ease. All you need is a black T-shirt, paired with white gloves, a red bow tie, and a touch of face paint to add that feline charm. For the hat measure a sheet of white card (around 315mm in height) around their head and then staple together. Then take 3 strips of red card and wrap and glue them around the tube equal distances apart. Finally, cut out a circular piece of card with a circle cut out middle (this should be the same diameter as the tube) to make the brim. Now cut slits all around the bottom of the tube and fold them outwards so they can be stuck to the brim of the hat with glue, and that's your Cat In The Hat, hat. 


Where’s Wally


Where's Wally Costume
Credit: https://www.creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com/wheres-waldo-group-costume/


- Red and white striped top
- Glasses
- White hat
- Jeans (Black or blue) 

Wally might be tough to find, but you won’t find making this costume tough at all. A red and white striped top, coupled with glasses, a white hat, and black trousers, effortlessly recreates the beloved character. The straightforward design and easily recognisable features make this costume a quick and fun choice. Whether they’re going to school or even a World Book Day party, they'll stand out with this easy yet iconic ensemble.




Pinocchio Kids Costume



- Red shorts
- Blue bow tie 
- Yellow t-shirt

For the hat:

- Yellow felt
- Glue 
- Elastic 
- Needle and thread

This Pinocchio costume is super easy to create. Red shorts, a blue bow tie, and a yellow T-shirt form the foundation, while a jaunty hat made from yellow felt completes the look (follow the same process as the Peter Pan costume to create the hat). This simple ensemble captures the charm of the classic character, making it an easy choice for World Book Day. 


Little Red Riding Hood


Red Riding Hood Costume
Credit: https://www.costume-works.com/little_red_riding_hood.html



- Red cloak
- Wicker basket

Little Red Riding Hood might have a grimm ending, but the process of making this costume is anything but grim for Mums with it just requiring a handful of materials. All you need is a simple red cloak paired with a wicker basket, you’ll have no problem completing the iconic look. The simplicity of this costume allows for a stress-free transformation into the beloved storybook character and is one you can create last minute. 



BFG Costume


- Green trousers
- Brown waistcoat

For the ears:

- White card 
- Tape 
- Headband

Embark on a giant adventure with a BFG costume. Green trousers, a brown waistcoat, and homemade ears crafted from white card and tape complete the fun costume. To create the ears, all you need to do is cut out some ears from the white card and tape them to the headband to create the BFG’s comically large ears. This uncomplicated costume is the perfect representation of Roald Dahl's beloved character, making it an easy and delightful choice for World Book Day.


Dennis The Menace/Minnie The Minx


Dennis The Menace/Minnie The Minx Costume
Credit: https://www.theguardian.com/childrens-books-site/gallery/2015/feb/16/what-to-wear-on-world-book-day-2015


- Black shorts
- Red and black jumper
- Black beret for Minnie

If you’ve got a little troublemaker, then this Minnie the Minx or Dennis the Menace costume is a great option for World Book Day. All you need to create this costume is a red and black striped jumper, some black shorts and a black beret if you’re making Minni. The straightforward elements make this a quick and easy World Book Day costume, perfect for busy Mums.




Tinkerbell Costume
Credit: https://letsdressup.com.au/



- Green leotard
- White/Green tights
- Green tutu

For the wand: 

- Wooden stick
- Card 
- Glitter 

Sprinkle a bit of fairy dust on World Book Day with an enchanting Tinkerbell costume. A green leotard, matching tights, and a green tutu create the perfect base for this fairy-tastic costume. Craft a wand using a wooden stick, a star made out of a card, and a touch of glitter for added charm. The simplicity of this costume means no stress and all smiles as you turn your little fairies into their beloved character. With their tutu and a bow in their hand, you can watch as their imagination takes flight with this magical ensemble.




Matilda Costume
Credit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/nicholefrancois/whats-the-best-book-inspired-halloween-costume-youve-ever


- Blue dress
- Red headband
- Book bag

If you’ve got a little brainbox who goes through books like they are going out of fashion and loves Roald Dahl, then this simple Matilda Costume is perfect for them.  A blue dress, a red headband, and a book bag complete the look. The need for only a couple of materials, a few of which you may already have around the house, makes this a simple, playful and easy World Book Day costume.




Dorothy Costumes
Credit: https://www.newyorkfamily.com/Dorothy-Costume-is-a-Classic-Choice-for-Girls/ 


- Blue gingham dress
- Red shoes
- Blue/Red hair bands

With just a few clicks of your heels and some clothes, you can turn your little one into Dorothy this World Book Day - minus a Toto, Cowardly Lion and a whole load of Munchkins, of course. All you need is a blue gingham dress, red shoes, and a red headband to capture the timeless charm of this iconic character. The simplicity of this costume makes it the perfect choice for any World Book Day. 



There you have it, 10 wonderfully simple and effective World Book Day costume ideas. With an array of costumes from your kid's favourite books, comics and author's stories, this guide has the perfect selection of costumes to keep them happy while making life a little easier for busy Mums.

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