Free Bunny Vs Monkey Colouring Sheets

Getting children excited about reading can be a hard task, so why not introduce them to the world of Jamie Smart's popular children’s comic series Bunny Vs Monkey through some fun activity sheets? 

Colouring is great for unwinding and keeping kids busy, whilst helping to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, focus, and patience. Sounds like a win-win!

With that said, we’ve got some Bunny Vs Monkey colouring sheets available to download and print right now! These activity sheets are sure to keep your kids entertained whilst introducing them to a world outside of reading 

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Jamie Smart’s Bunny Vs Monkey Colouring Sheets


Bunny Vs Monkey Black Hole Colouring Sheet


Bunny Vs Monkey Black Hole Colouring Sheet















In this fun colouring sheet, Bunny and Monkey face the swirling depths of a black hole, accompanied by other lovable characters from Jamie Smart’s series. So grab crayons and coloured pens and let your kids showcase their creativity as they bring this exciting scene to life.


Bunny Vs Monkey Farm Fun Colouring Sheet

Bunny Vs Monkey Farm Colouring Sheet













Download Here

Your children will love bringing the characters to life in this printable colouring sheet. From Monkey controlling a cow to Bunny, Le Fox, and Weenie crammed in the back of a truck on the way to the farm, there’s a great story for little ones to interpret as they colour. 



So now you have two Bunny Vs Monkey colouring sheets for your kids to enjoy! With an array of fun characters to colour, these printable activities will keep kids busy and their minds stimulated. Simply download, print, and grab those pens and pencils for hours of creative fun. And if they love these and want more activity sheets to get stuck into, we have some fun free printable rainy day activity sheets and even more printable activities to do at home on our site.

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