Back to school checklist

Everything you need for going back to school!

Now we know it might feel like the summer holidays just started, but don’t be sad, a new school year brings lots of other new and exciting things, new friendships, a new timetable, new subjects and of course, brand new school essentials from The Works.

So as we knew you’d be far too busy making the most of your summer holidays to be writing things like checklists, we thought we’d put one together for you so you can make sure you’ve got everything you need for going back to school. 

Keep reading for our ultimate back to school checklist!


Of course, how could we even think about creating a checklist without a new uniform as number one. Maybe you’re moving into secondary school and need a completely brand new uniform or maybe you just need to replace some of your tired jumpers and blazers? Whichever it is, make sure you have everything ready for your first day back. We wouldn’t want you to wake up on the Monday morning and remember your school shoes had a huge hole in them, while we're on the subject of footwear with holes, check your socks too!

Now we know this can be a touchy subject, but if we're talking uniform we have to make sure your PR kit is covered. We know some people love PE and some people loathe it but either way, we’ve all got to do it. So make sure you’ve got your new PE kit ready or that you’ve at least got off any grass stains left from last year’s rounder’s practice.


Now below you'll find our ultimate list of back to school stationery as everyone knows this is the most important part of your back to school planning. From diaries to pens and maths sets we've covered everything you need to stay organised and be prepared this school year.


You will need:

Academic Diary

New Year, new diary! This year is your year to get organised and a diary will play a huge part in keeping you on track with your new school work. So go grab yourself one of our amazing academic diaries and get organised!


Now we know this is an obvious one, it should go without saying that you’ll be needing pens, but it wouldn’t be a back to school checklist if we didn’t include them now would it? Whether you need black, blue, green or red we’ve got plenty of sets to suit everyone’s needs.

Gel pens

Let's move on to something a bit more exciting than your standard biro. we all know that no new school stationery set is complete without some brightly coloured, or maybe even glittery, gel pens!


Highlighters, an absolute must if you’re going to be doing any exams this year! make sure to get lots of different colours! 


Another obvious one is, of cours, pencils, but just because they’re an essential doesn’t mean they have to be boring, we've got lots of fun sets available in-store and online that will get you through those first-day blues.


If you’re going to have pencils you’re going to need rubbers, we know most pencils have rubbers on them but we also know those tend to run out before the pencil does. So save yourself the hassle later on and grab yourself a new set of fun and funky rubbers.


Another essential to go along with your new set of pencils is of course, a sharpener. Pick one up on its own or find a set that already has one in.


Yes it's another obvious one, but there are so many different kids to choose from, you could get a long flexible one or a mini one to easily fit in your pencil case either way a ruler definitely needs to be added to your stationery stash. 

Water bottle

Staying hydrated is always a top priority, but so is recycling, so why not ditch the plastic bottle and opt for a reusable one instead. 

Maths set

Not sure what exactly you’ll be needing for maths his year? Just grab one of our mini maths sets with all the essentials you'll need. 

Scientific calculator

Maybe you’ve had a bit more information on what you’ll be needed in maths this year, so if you do need a scientific calculator this year then you’ll be glad to know that we have them for just £2.


Now we all make mistakes, especially on the first day back, but luckily you don’t have to worry about ruining that all-important first page of your workbook. Our great value Tipp-ex will cover any mistakes you make.


Keep all your new and important papers together in one place, an essential if you’re starting university this September.

Pencil case

Well, you can't have new stationery without a brand new pencil case now can you? We’ve got so many to choose from you're bound to find something that fits your personal style!

School bag

And of course, where will all this amazing new stationery go if not in your brand new school bag? We've got a huge range of branded bags available online, perfect for students of all ages!


Thanks for reading and good luck on your first day back!

If you think we’ve missed and off make sure to comment and we’ll add them in!

Remember students get 10% off in-store and online with either an NUS card in-store or code STUDENT10 online.

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