Best Father's Day Games For The Whole Family

Psst! We’ve got a secret for you. What your father would really love this Father’s Day is to spend a little bit of time with the person they love the most in the world - you! And here’s another thing, it doesn’t need to be fancy, it can just be some good old-fashioned family time like you used to do before all the Ipads and Netflix and stuff.

So that you really make the most of this special day, we’ve pulled together some of the best Father’s Day games. Ones that will be great for the whole family. 

In our list, we’ve got everything from board games to ones that are a bit more active, but just remember to keep those competitive instincts at bay because there’s nothing your father would like less than another family member tearing up over a game of Monopoly.


Check out some of our favourite Father's Day games


Best Father's Day Games


1. Tin Can Alley Game

Tin Can Alley Game

Father’s Day may be about your father, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little healthy competition with him by shooting down some tin cans. 

A simple concept but one sure to provide some great entertainment for the whole family. You’ll love playing this game as everyone of all ages can get involved with the chance to win. You can even make it part of a Father’s Day Olympics along with some of our other great games if you’re feeling particularly competitive this Father’s Day. 

How It Works:

- Find yourself a flat surface.
- Stack the tins in a pyramid on top of each other, with can no.1 on the top. 
- Grab a bean bag each and start throwing, aim for the tins, of course!


2. Twister Splash

Twister Splash

Don’t get it twisted; this game is sure to be a water-splashing hit this Father’s Day as long as the British Summer plays along. We all know how twister works, you spin the wheel and match the body part with the colour - contorting your body into all sorts of positions until someone falls down. Now add some water into the equation, and you’ve got carnage with drenched bodies rolling around the mat, trying to keep their right-hand red just a little longer than the other person.

How It Works:

- Lay the mat on the ground (make sure you’ve got plenty of room all around).
- Attach your hose and turn it on.
- Spin the wheel for a colour.
- Spin the wheel again for a body part. 
- Take it in turns and keep going.
- The last one standing wins.


3. Giant Draughts and Chess 2-in-1

Giant Chess And Draughts

Have you ever played a giant game of draughts and chess? Well, look no further this Father’s Day with this giant draughts and chess 2-in-1 board game. If you’re a family who loves a good board game after dinner or just want to try something a little out of the box, then this twist on the classic board game will be a great addition to your Father’s Day celebrations, and this one can even be played indoors or outdoors!

How It Works:

- Find a space large enough for the play mat.
- Connect all the squares making sure they alternate colours.
- Layout the counters.
- Begin play.


4. Sticky Ball Targets

Sticky Ball Targets

Try your hand at target practice this Father’s Day with Sticky Ball Targets. It’s the perfect addition to a day of fun activities or just a great game to play on its own with your Father for some quality 1-2-1 time. And there’s no fuss with setting it up, simply hang it up and throw the balls at the target, whoever gets the most points wins! 

How It Works:

- Finding the perfect hanging spot (or the trickiest spot for a bit of a challenge).
- Gather your team. 
- Start throwing.


5. Giant Wooden Tumbling Tower

Giant Wooden Tumbling Tower

A game of control and precision, stillness and poise, this Giant Tumbling Tower will definitely provide some nail-biting entertainment for this Father’s Day. Taking it one by one, or brick by brick, the whole family can get involved with this one as they try to avoid the inevitable collapse of the tower! Perfect for those after-dinner shenanigans and great for those Fathers who love a good problem-solving activity. 

How It Works:

- Stack the blocks on top of each other, making sure each layer of the tower alternates in direction.  
- Gather your players
- One by one, start pulling bricks and placing them back on top of the tower.
- Keep going till the tower tumbles.
- Whoever causes the tower to tumble loses. 


6. Bunch O Balloons 

Bunch O Balloons

This game is perfect for those fathers who are still a child at heart. With 100 water balloons included, you’ll be able to have hours of fun with your father as you go into battle in the ultimate water balloon fight. Simply attach them to a hose and they’re filled in 60 seconds - plus, they’re self-sealing, so no time or water is wasted! So prepare for a soaking with these quick and easy water balloons that make for the ultimate water fight with your father and the whole family. 

How It Works:

- Clip your hose on the water balloon attachment and turn it on.
- We recommend you place a bucket underneath to catch the balloons as they fill up. 
- Once all the balloons are filled…assume the position.
- After 3,  it’s every man for themselves!


Happy Father's Day!

You don’t need to be too flashy this Father’s Day. Family time and playing games can be the best gift of all and we’ve got some great ideas that will make for the perfect Father’s Day, no matter how big your celebrations are. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your father this Father’s Day, then we’ve got some great book recommendations for all types of Fathers.  Check out our blog post 5 Best Books For Father’s Day, to find out more.


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